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Dream About Tearing Down One'S Shirt meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

my dream started off as i was in my old school in my gym class with my coach who ive had the biggest crush on since the 8th grade and me an him were in the gym just hanging out i really could hear the conversation of what we talked about then it skipped to me him an some women were walking down the road im not sure were we were going we just kept walking down this road and i looked at her she looked just like him but a girl version she smiled at me i spoke to her you know you look just like him but a girl version she smiled we laughed an then i walked over to my coach's side i started talking to him i could hear anything i saw we were talking but just no sound and then the ground underneath us collapsed in we scrambled to the other side and i picked myself off the ground and we were fine we continued to walk then we took a break my coach he sat down and he started crying he was crying his eyes out i felt a deep pain in my chest an i ran to him i held onto him tears ran down my face an stained his shirt an i woke up crying why is that ?

I think it means you're working through some childhood insecurities (old school, old gym class, etc.). It's interesting that this all centers around your coach. When you dream of someone you know in real life it usually reflects one of two things:

A. your waking feelings toward them or
B. aspects of their personality that you need to incorporate into your own.

I think it's "B" in this case. I say that because you saw a female version of him. Is there anything about his presonality that you could adopt and use to improve your life?

The ground opened up. "Ground" is usually a representation of the barrier between your subconscious and conscious. When the ground is collapsing it's a "break through" between those barriers.

Which makes sense because directly after you cried...

Crying... In dreams it's the release of negative emotions. It's more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. Your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and to safely let out your fears and frustrations. In your daily lives, you tend to ignore, deny, or repress your feelings.

To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. If you do not cry in your waking life, then seeing someone else cry may be a little easier to deal with then seeing yourself cry.

Hope this helps.


Example: Can someone help tell me the meaning of this dream i had last night?

My name is Justin and I am 16 years old. Last night/this morning I had an awful dream where I awoke in tears, but I am very confused about the meaning of it. I will start off from as early as i can remember.

I was walking down a city block in the middle of the day when suddenly, I heard gunshots. Even more surprising, they were coming at me, so I took cover behind a car and pulled out my revolver (I don't actually own a gun) and looked around the front end to see who it was that was firing at me. There was only one man in the street. He looked like he was my age. He was about 6' tall, skinny, white, with curly orange hair cut short. He was wearing a normal set of clothes, jeans, a shirt with a flannel over it, and a pair of skate shoes. He continued to fire at me so i tried to return fire. All 6 of my shots missed and I had no more bullets. He had multiple clips so he continued to shoot towards me and eventually one got me in the leg. I couldn't move and he knew that too. He began to approach me and I accepted the fact that I was going to die here. He stood at the rear end of the car and I could see in his face that he had gone crazy after years of distress. He said to me, "Finally, you will die and I will have my revenge." Obviously whatever caused him to go crazy was because of me, but I don't know what it was that I did. I didn't even recognize him. Then he said, "And after I kill you, I'm going to kill your family, starting with your brothers. (My brothers are older than me. Chris is 22, and Nick is 19.) Now, tell me why I shouldn't." Scared out of my mind, I started to talk about the first thing that came to mind, so I began to say, "Because they haven't had a chance to live their life to the fullest. They are each others only friends. My oldest brother has been depressed and suicidal for months now." As I began to say that I burst out into tears because I imagined him hanging from a noose in the middle of his room. My brother is actually depressed, but he's never attempted to commit suicide. I explained this to the boy as I was bursting into tears. He replied with a simple and cold, "Oh". At that moment I realized he was just toying with me and wanted to see me hurt mentally, so then that's when I yelled at him, "Just kill me! Do it already!" He pointed the gun, stared me in the eyes, and then my phone went off. I woke up in a puddle of tears thanking God to be alive.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so I woke up, and I remember my dream vividly, down to the littlelest detail... But I woke up in tears...why?

Ok, so my dream was I was in a play and it was about teenagers, like in high school. And at intermition all the actors (including me) sat on the stage and answered other actors questions about ourselfs and audience questions. (the thing is I can remember every question every answer and every person who was on stage) and at the end of the play I hurt my ankle. So I got a crutch. Still in my acting clothes (a long sleeve shirt and athletic shorts) we (my parents and i) go and sit in a church, after a while some old man comes up to us an tells us the service is about to start. My dad sprints while my mom stays with me as I limp. We get to where the service is and my dad is already sitting next to my grandpa. And there's only one empty seat between him and my cousin. So I go and sit by what looks like a little me and a younger version of my mom. There's people at the back getting cake for some reason, all young kids (I can even tell you what they were wearing). And I look up where the alter belongs, and is my uncle (dads brother) in a coffin. (my uncle died almost 10 years ago) an my mom says to the younger her that she's glad I wasn't the age I was then (of little me) and I looked at the younger me and we both started crying our eyes out. And I woke up crying... Can you explain why?

Example: What could these reoccurring dreams mean?

The first dream is always centered around my ears. I got a second piercing on each ear a few months ago, and in the dream what keeps happening is I'll be walking down an empty hospital. It'll have the usually horrid hospital smell and I'll walk by the receptionist desk. On the desk is a picture frame, but it's blank (just a white piece of paper in it.) I'll notice my reflection and on my ears I only have my earrings in on the first hole, but the studs I usually wear in my second holes are both gone. But my lobes look a little swollen. So I'll reach up and feel my ear and there's a HUGE bump where my second piercings are. It then dawns on me that the skin of my ears have grown completely over both of my second piercings and I'll claw at them and have to rip them out. When I finally get them out, I notice that the frame of the earring is there, but then diamond in both of them is missing, and then I start sobbing.

The second dream is I go up these winding stairs to a room, which I suppose is mine (it's all very castle-y like. It kind of reminds me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter but I know it isn't.) I'll push open the door and on my bed, right on the pillow, there will be a dead white rabbit. It's completely slashed open, blood splattered all over my white room. (The room is always white. So is the rabbit's fur. The only color is the blood.) I run to my bed, grab the rabbit and tuck it under my shirt (which also happens to be white.) I run down the stairs, past people, not wanting them to see the rabbit. I find a bathroom and I dump the rabbit in the trash can. (Everything in the bathroom is white as well). I take all these paper towels from the dispenser and throw it over the rabbit but I can still see the blood. I got to wash my hands and on the edge of the sink there's a blood knife with a white handle. I grab it and look up in the mirror. Always, my face and all my white clothes are covered in blood, although it would be impossible to get that much blood on me if I just carried the rabbit under my shirt. I then realize, as I look at my reflection as I hold the knife, that I am the one who killed the rabbit. I just forgot that I did it, or wasn't conscious when I did kill it.

What could these dreams mean? Anything is appreciated.

Example: Heart Surgery Dream?Tell me what it means?

In my dream I had found out I had to have my entire heart replaced because it was a bad heart. I was worried that I would have to suffer through a lot of pain especially during the process of when they opened up my chest. I didn't want to go get the surgery. The first dream ended there.

The next night I picked up right where I left off, I was visibly shaken and crying because I didn't want to go though the pain. The doctor told me it was the only thing they could do to save my life. I go to the operating room and they put me to sleep. Now the doctor who operated on me, was really forceful. I could see her even when knocked out tearing my shirt off. And then taking the saw and cutting down my sternum to open up my chest and then using a device to keep my ribs open to do the surgery. I woke up and freaked out especially about her dropping something in my chest but then they sedated me again and I awoke to them stapling my chest shut. I woke up again in no pain, could see the staples.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in this dark secluded room with three of my friends.My friend Brianna had blood all over their shirt. My friend Alexis had a steak knife stabbed on her left wrist, while there was a scissor stabbed on her right eye and her body was just twitching. And my friend Selena had spikes through her neck and her throat was cut open and it was bleeding. I looked at my hands and saw blood all over it.

There was a gun on next to me and I saw blood stains all over the floor. I tried to stand up, and saw that one of my legs had been cut off, and I saw that my decapitated leg was on the other side of the room. I tried to crawl, but then I saw a door appearing. There was this person with a smiley face mask, but it had blood covered on one of the eye holes. The person was breathing heavily and it looked like they didn't see me, even though if I was next to them.

They went over Brianna and reached out a pocket knife out of their pockets and slit her throat and stabbed her multiple times. As the person was done I saw that Brianna's lip was torn out. The person then grabbed Alexis's hair and dragged her twitching body next to Selena. They cut Alexis's head off and then started beating Selena's body with it. After that, they got a camera out of their pocket and took a picture of what they did. They then cut all of my friend's eye balls and bloody splattered all over them and the walls, plus.

The person then went over to this other person's body. I didn't know how that body appeared since I only saw my friend's body. The person cut the other body's stomach out, then took the organs out, and opened their mask a little and ate the kidneys. Then they cut the body's throat out and started cutting little bits of pieces of skin and ate it.Then they ate the hands and the other leg Then after they were done, they started throwing up all over the room and I saw that they body was actually my body.

After the person left, and was still throwing up while going out of the room, they dropped a mirror. I picked up the mirror and saw that my throat was cut, and I was the person whose body was last to be beaten. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you are wearing someone else's clothes?

i had this dream last night where i was wearing clothes (baggy jeans, a printed t-shirt) which was exactly like the one a guy in my dream was wearing.i can actually remember buying the clothes in the dream and putting them on.
what does this mean?
and does the fact that i know the guy from my dream mean anything significant?
hellp xx

Example: What does this dream mean?

Dream interpertation please?
I had had lots of dreams last night, but only one really stuck out in my memory. It was of a women named Beverley, and she and her daughter, were in a forest filled with different colored flowers, mostly in the violet and red family, and the Beverly's imagination was VERY active almost too active.
She was imagining many things, and we could see everything she was talking about, on a count of, she had that power to project her imagination onto real life, she was saying a poem like thing while she was showing her daughter and I what she was imagining. While we were walking, I looked at her and complimented her vivid imagination, she smiled and said thank you. She was tall, black hair, VERY skinny, wearing a white shirt and a sweater and jeans, and her daughter was about 8 or 9, and her daughter didn't really like her mother which tore her apart, I remember her grabbing her daughter, crying, and saying this could be fun or something to that affect. And I especially remember us all looking for a specific male, and while we were looking, Beverly said "He was here" Or "He is around here" or something like that, and I said apparently, and pointed to a small path in the flowers like someone did live there, and they had taken that path on a daily basis, we followed it, but then my mom woke me up for the morning.

What could this dream mean?

Additional Details
The last thing I watched before bed, was the suite life of Zack and Cody, so ya nothing scary.

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

Last night I dreamed I was some duke in Europe, wearing period costume (like the one that Romeo wears in Romeo & Juliet). And in my dream, there's this duchess I'm supposed to marry. But she doesn't love me and keeps avoiding me. She's afraid of me. Terrified. I try to seduce her and charm her but to no effect. Then one night, she runs from her father's castle (she still lived there) and I follow her into the woods. There, she finally gives in to my advances (and her desires) and we kiss (French in fact). She goes lower and kisses my jawline. Then my neck. I'm enjoying it when I suddenly feel a sharp, stabbing pain in my neck. I fall to the ground and the last image I see before I black out is of her, shocked expression on her face, tears on her cheeks and blood-red eyes.
The heck?

Example: What does this dream mean?

If dreams mean anything, I've been having odd ones lately. The most indifferent one I recall was about a week ago. I was in a foreign country, Jerusalem I believe, on a mission trip with my mother and sister. We were in a crouded area, a ginormoous room, and my mother and sister left to use the public restroom. I had a feeling that their were terrorists in the area, and somehow I just knew. A terrorist appeared out of nowhere and was chasing me, stupidly I ran to the restroom where my mother and sister were, and he cornered me, had this huge gun pointed to my face. Then, some official looking men ran into the restroom with guns of their own, and I assumed they were going to help me, but the main guy looked at me and said, "What is your name?" "Traci," I answered painstakingly. The terrorist looked like he felt sorry for me and lowered his gun. Then, the officer shot me carelessly, so quickly I had no time to react. And then I was alone.

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