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Dream About Tea House meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at my nan's house and she was hosting Queen Elizabeth II there. She stayed there for I think two nights, and I made her tea and I called her "your majesty" and she said "call me Lizzy, I insist" what does this dream mean? It was really cool but very strange!

i think it might show you that people are not the same as you expected

maybe you recently had a talk with an enemy or someone with great power and they turned out to be surprisingly nice and kind

also, you probably didnt expect someone like queen elizabeth to stay at YOUR house for two nights. this is just like maybe an enemy of yours showed extreme kindness or someone you wouldnt expect

margaret H is wrong
but yes all dreams do mean something if you ever studied or learned about how the brain work

Example: What Might this Dream Mean?

Me and my mom are out one cold Saturday at a tea place...for some reason i leave.

I'm walking, trying to get home. Its nighttime, a truck pulls beside me...and a man tells me to get in. I do and he says he's gonna take me home.

Then he says something about sheets and says something vulgar about his plans for me.

I tell him " Hey man, i don't wanna do that...I'm only 14 and i'm not ready."

I get out of the truck and walk away into a neghborhood. My old friends house is there and thats where i go.

They have a screen door that i look out of, the guy and his truck is there. I feel something touch my ankle.

I think it is the mans hand...I start yelling for him to go away, and i stomp his hand away...but when i look down, it is not his hand touching me, but a baby's foot. I was stomping on its back!

It looks up at me, unnaware...i grab him and carry him away from the door.

The next day, I try again to go home. Just over a hill is my home. But there is a bus station with a vending machine to the left of me.

I'm not very hungry but I stop anyways...I'm gonna check the prices and what they have...and i might buy something if i have enough.

Just then the man appears the the right of me. He talks to me.

A voice in my mind cries out, 'will he never go away and leave me alone!?'

Then i see him buying tickets to go somewhere away from me and I have hope...I turn to leave and thats when i wake up.

I'm 14 years old...I havn't had a dream in a whille so this was special...what does it mean?

Example: What did this dream mean?

I don't remember all of it, but here is what I do remember. I never remember anything in a dream unless it seems important to me somehow.

I was sitting in a room with this band I listen to. This guy with long curly brown hair that I have never met but tends to show up in my dreams a lot was sitting across from me with a red headed girl and brunette guy on both sides of him. And, I was sitting in between the blonde bassist and brunette guitarist that were talking about guitars then when the blonde, Jeremy, saw I had a confused look on my face and began explaining them to me. In real life I know more about guitars then in the dream.

Suddenly, the scene changed and I was against a wall kissing the curly haired guy. But, the kissing didn't last long because the two brunette boys opened the door to the room to take us back to the room with the couches. The boy I was sitting next to earlier pulled me down beside him never removing his arm from around my waist. Beside us a tea like liquid was brewing in test tubes with a monitor saying things like 20% and 45%. He took one and tried to force
me to drink it causing the curly headed guy to jump up and grabbed my wrist while yelling "Run!" to me. The other boys began chasing after us. Then, I forget the rest of that part of the dream.

Next, I was dressed in a band tee and dark wash jeans with T.U.K sneakers. A large suitcase was in my hand and I was walking down the stairs heading towards the front door of my home. A voice called me from the living room. I turned my head and saw a brunette boy that was either my older brother or the boy that tried to make me drink the tea. He asked me where I was going to which I replied "I'm going to find myself.". He began yelling at me but I just walked out the door. Not even a block away he yelled from the door and threw a wooden rocking horse that belonged to my late grandfather that I never got to meet. I ducked causing it to miss me and hit the driveway of a neighbor. It now looked like a dinosaur instead of a horse. The boy ran past me and hugged the dinosaur.

Now, I was af my cousin Tori's house going through things before we got into my old family jeep that we sold to her mother on the cheap. She just turned sixteen yesterday though we seemed to be somewhere from seventeen to nineteen in the dream.

We began driving around a city or town that I have never been to in search of a CVS to buy condoms. She has not told me that she has lost her virginity to a seventeen year old guy that she met on Muspace two years ago that is staying with her for the summer. I had to learn from our grandmother. Then, we just walk around the store picking out junk food and making fun of people that look nervous buying condoms. Then, my mom woke me up asking to borrow my boots.

Example: I had a dream that I had green tea with a mountain goat on the roof of my house ...?

I kept asking him questions, and all I remember is that his answers always satisfied me. He seemed to know the answer to everything. At the end of the dream, the goat dropped the cup of tea and we sat there crying for hours about the poor cup that would never be drunk from again.

What do you think this means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a lot of nightmares where i'm stresses and afraid.
One night (I don't remember most of the dream)
I dreamt that my home was a big haunted house that had something trapped in the garage. I didn't know what it was but I knew that it wasn't human by the sounds it was making. And I panicked and ran around the yard not knowing what i wanted to do or what i was looking for. Then another part of the dream I was getting followed by a girl that i identified as a class mate. And as I was trying to get away from her I ended up at her house and then she invited me for tea and she had an evil mother that we were both really scared of and The whole nightmare I was confused frustrated , stressed and scared. I kept breaking down and crying and I woke up crying and clenching my teeth together. I've never had a dream in my life and the nightmares are always like this. What does it mean and how can I make it stop?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

(Note, this is long)
Dream 1: (Almost a year ago)
The world had been taken over by zombies (Like in "Resident Evil"), but the difference was that these zombies actually thought like a person. They had all the memories of before they died. Well, I was trapped in my house, and I was getting the tea pitcher out of the fridge, and these two zombies bust the door down (a feat in itself. Heavy wood here.), and start ransacking the place. Now, the zombies are between me, and my only escape, so I hide in a spinning rack that holds pans, but in this case, it had nothing in it. I spin it closed, and with all the noise I'm making, I'm surprised they didn't hear me. The leave the house, and I leave my refuge. I run upstairs and the whole floor is intact. They were looking for something on the first floor. I ran back downstairs, and carefully sidestepped the area in front of the steps, as it was covered in broken glass now. I look out of the window, and zombies are marching up and down the streets. For some reason I wish that the MPs (military police) and the Polezei (German police) would show up. Well, what do you know. The blue and silver cars the Mps are in pull in, and then the Polezei in their green and white VANS show up. The step out of the vehicles, and start shooting the zombies. I, being frightened, lock myself in my bathroom, and wait for the shooting to stop. Then a zombie comes up the stairs, and there's nowhere to hide in my bathroom, unless you can tear out the boards in a "inwall" cabinet, and hide there, but I had no time. The zombie kicked the door down, and I woke up.

Dream 2: (Last night)
I was looking out of my door, and then I walked onto the pathway. I just watched in horror as a huge bird the color of fire was blowing up my town. I ran like a mad woman to fetch of all things a camera. I turned around and kept running until I reached my house again. I slammed the door, and heard a voice from the other side. I don't remember what it said, but I do remember that it wasn't nice. I remained quiet, and then I felt something burning on me, and I woke up.

Dream 3: (This actually happened when I was five or six)
I was running up a "hill" and this man was chasing me. I reached the top, and it turned out to be a dormant volcano. The man grinned evilly and the launched a punch at me. (Oddly enough for a dream from a five or six year old, possibly even four, I had the body of a ten year old) I jumped up, kicked him in the face, and then the volcano began to explode. I ran all the way down the hill, and then I woke up. (I was really scared for some reason. To this day, I never understood why I was so scared of that dream. I think it's a little weird. Only a little compared to my most recent dreams. Only a little weird compared to being strapped into a roller coster that goes off the tracks and you survive.)

Dream 4: (Don't remember when)
I was trapped in a ship, and these Koreans were forcing me to learn their language against my will. I would either have to learn Korean, or I'd die. Well, I learned it, and they let me go. (Note, I don't know any Korean) I was walking down this dirt path, and this Asiatic black bear comes out of nowhere and starts attacking me. I ran, and ran, until I lost it, but then I lost my balance, and fell, right on my tailbone (OUCH. I've done it before. Roller skating, could barely walk afterwards. Crying like crazy.) and I thought I felt pain, but I woke up, and then the pain was gone.

Dream 5 (Last one)
This dream was really vivid, and it still is. I had it three and a half or more years back.)
I was running into my house (House I lived in three and a half years ago) being followed by a swarm of bees. I slammed the storm door shut. Then the heavier door. I walked up to my room, and the bees were there. I ran down the stairs, out of the doors, and down the street. I ran for like five minutes then the bay came into view (Chesapeake bay). I dove in. I remember that the water was so warm, and the sand so soft. I held my breath until I burst, and came out. I got out of the water, and the bees were gone. I walked slowly back to my house. When I approached the duplex (Been living in duplexes for the last five years. Three different ones though.) the bees attacked again, and I got stung. I woke up, and the first thing I did was look at the side I got stung in my dream. I slid out of bed, and spent the rest of the night with my parents. (I was only 9 or ten at the time).

I'd appreciate any body telling me what these dreams mean. My dreams have been so bizzare lately, they seem to come out of the SciFi channel or something.

Example: Lately ive dreamt of large houses. whats it mean?

Ive been dreaming of large houses lately, (ive had about 3) in my most recent one, i know my way to the outside very easliy, in the other 2, its as if i am just venturing off...in the second one, im walking around the house, when i get upstairs, everything seems abandoned, almost scary, a piano is covered and there is glass chandaler. in the thrid one, i follow this girl and she fits into this tiny door way (i felt surprised i went it so easily) it was a room filled with pink and blue (almost neon) she was a young kid, she had a tea party set and played with another friend...

whats this mean? whats with the houses?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so last night. i had a dream that first, i was with my mom and my brother. we all stole 3 vehicles my brother was driving a porsche, i was driving a motorcycle and i dont know what my mom was driving. but we were all at a intersection then when i started to go a cop yelled to stop the vehicle. when i slammed the breakes, the cop shot me 2 times in my leg. then all i remember was laying there in pain.

right after that, i remember being fine walking through a store with my brother. i reminded him to get drinks so he got 2 teas and stuck them in his pocket then he bought a couple sodas and chips.
just before we were about to check out,my dream changed.

my last dream was that i was sitting at this one girls house that i really like (im a female and im bi), but she lives in California and i live in New Mexico. well anyway i was sitting on her couch but she was sitting in a different room in her house. we were online instant messaging but we couldnt be in the same room with eachother and see eachother.

so my main quesiton is what do these dreams mean? getting shot, shoplifting, and being so close yet so far away from somebody i love...

thanks in advance

Example: What do these dreams mean?

1 I had a dream when I was about six that I was outside a house, having tea and this giant boulder started rolling down the hill about to crush me and I kept running and running but it just kept following me..

#2 I was being chased by a man down an alley, the roads began to lift up (like that one bridge when boats cross over) and I kept trying to run up but I kept slipping.. and I finally make it over and I hide in this room.. and there's smoke everywhere suffocating me. And the man was still trying to look for me.

Example: Re-occuring dream. Could it have meaning?

I've had this dream for two years now. It's always the same, but I have yet to figure out what, if anything it means.

In the dream, I am walking along a lonely road. I'm backpacking, but I'm also hungry. As I move up the road I come to this squat house. It's a Japanese home, with small garden. I pause at this house, taking a moment to clean some leaves from a shrine out front of it. The dream skips here, with me finding myself inside. There's a young woman there fixing me tea, but I'm unable to hear what she says. It's not that I can't understand it, but I can't hear anything. In fact through the whole dream there is no sound. The dream always ends the same way. The woman reaches to hand me a scrap of paper, and then it flashes again. Now, the house is apparently abandoned, and has been that way for some time. The paper is still in my hand, but as I go to open it I wake up. Nine times out of ten, in a cold sweat.

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