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Dream About Taxi meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i'm not sure if i remembered it properly but here goes...

I found some dog and then took it on a taxi to london. i took the train back to where i live and when i was there this security guard is like you're not meant to take animals on the train. so he took this dog and i think thats the second pet of mine he's taken as in the dreams past my cat must have been taken. So i go home and invite friends round or something. Then we see the cat out the window and i'm like "she must have found her way home" so we're trying to be quiet so she'll come in but my friend goes and screams. it scares my cat. Then i'm sad and miss my cat even though she was taken before or something... Then something else happened but i cant remember. i think something/something died.

Any ideas?

I have a lot of experience in this area of life, which really is all life, when you realize it.

Most of the interpretations in those dream dictionaries are sheer C R A P and totally not true.

The dream clearly indicates you are a loving and compassionate person. You are a special person and very intuitive, you will be a great person one day, keep working on yourself by giving to others and to animals. Giving to others is giving to all of us. Only those who do this ever realize it. If everyone gave and were kind, it would be a giving kind world and everyone would receive as well.

There are so few people like you who understand the connection to animals, and each and every one of you who respects animals and loves animals is an addition to this world full of many uncaring and unsympathetic people. You actually care, you see and sense the connection.

Keep being who you are, because we need more people like that.

Example: What does this dream mean?

A couple of times, I have had this dream, and I am starting to wonder about it. Here it is: I am riding in the back of a taxi cab with nothing but a pillow, the driver up front is unknown. I am driving through the desert towards sunset. After driving in the hot desert for a while, there's a fork in the road, one heading towards the blinding light of the sunset, the other heading to the dark of the night. both roads are going in opposite directions. in in front of me going neither way is a big, giant mechanical building, stretching far into the horizon, in front of the building is a gas station. I enter the gas station for some food, then sleep in the hotel. The taxi asks where i want to go, then the dream ends. What could this possibly mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had the strangest dream last night.

I dreamt that i was at the park with my crush and my ex. My ex ditched us to go home at 10:30pm and got a taxi so my crush walked me home. We talked about a lot of stuff but in the dream i wasn't really paying attention because i was looking at his eyes, they are so beautiful ANYWAY before i come of track.
when we reached his house (he lives round the corner from me) he gave me a goodbye hug (squeezed me like he normal does in reality (: =D) and then went home.

then in my dream i skipped the whole day :/ and went to night again, i duno where i was coming from but i was walking down the street when i saw my crush with HIS EX, arm around her walking her home. I dug into my pocket to find my ipod so then if he did say anything i could pretend to not hear :/ don't ask why i did that it was my dream but anyways and i heard her say "do you wanna come in and watch a movie or something?" but i didn't hear his reply anyways I reached the shop and there was this jerk of a guy called Paul who goes to our school stood outside with his mates and saying "hello dweeb" & calling me names like slag and whore and all that. I just shouted back calling him a Tw*t and sh*t and told him to f*ck off :/ walked in shop bought a chocolate bar walked out and there was Paul wrapped in some sort of metal to a lampost asking me to help him i was like No P*ss off you didn't tell your mates to shut the f*ck up why should i help you? Then he just all of a sudden got a lot of strength and broke out then walked me across the road and said well see you at that moment my crush appeared and said "Hi" then...

I WOKE UP :o what does it mean? :/ its really buggin me =/

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

So iklms itting with my brother(in reeal i dont have one) so he telks me he works for some bad dude in this place and he didnt tell me what his job is so i wanted to help him so i went to his job and that made him mad the this short guy called the brother their boss cae and pushed me down so i got up and punched him as hard as fu*k so all the people there ran after me with knives and some without then i got to run away and the boss's right hand man almost got me an i took a taxi home andmy face was cut up and bruised so i had dinner with my family and unckles so the bosses right hand dude was at my door and waiting outside and then we were goin to this party at school and i didnt know what to wear there was a yellow jersy and a hoodie at the end i went to the party and a bunch of people with british accrlwnts were threre so i talked to a bunch of freinds about what was happening i found a snartphone with samsung galaxy g written on it and my freind found one to but he found it before me so i see one of my freinds in real life with two girls that turn out to be guys becuz they had hoods on so he started talking and laughing and i dont remeber what he said so im were the gate of the school is and i saw the boss' s right hand man was there in a rusty wight truck then suddenly eminem my favourite rapper jumps up with two shots.in the air and tells everybody to get down everybody starts running back and he had a silver revolver and in the handl there were big holes like a tactical pocket knife and he he aimed at the man the brothers bit*h and he said something like im with da brother so **** u and what da **** now and emibem took a shot and it misfired so he was going to take another shot but then i woke up

please help me i know it very long and complicated but pleaaaz help me

peace out

Example: What does my friends dream mean?

The place is basically a sandy street home outside thing idk maybe a movie set...there's like only 1 bed and t.v. and a very tiny playground near the sand so I guess its like a field trip because there's like so many people i don't know near me and we're all sitting on the bed or anything that's near the t.v. and then some kid comes and starts pushing everyone to sit somewhere and my friends like "What the heck? What's up with you pushing girls? You could go to jail or something?" (she thinks that was dumb to say) and then he turns around and he's like " Ugh. Okay I'm sorry... But only to you not them."(she thinks wth) and then the dream kinda forwards and goes to when everyone was not near the t.v. then that weird kid says " them are kewl shoes. ( he basically says that because i think he liked the color suggesting he was wearing ALL grey? O_e)
He goes askin " how much did they cost an can i try em?" Then shes silent then says" $125" haha and he goes "wow you have alot of money for someone who's kinda on the low payment ya know?" (she has no idea wth that means since she doesn't get paid for anything) Then, she says"WELL... I payed less for some reason by doing something...*whispers* like trying to change the cost" ..." "Mhmmm." Well then she takes off her shoes and goes checkin out the place. near this kind of beach (like for 40 mins. considering the dream forwarded) then came back and saw her shoes totally sandy on a balance beam knowin he took her shoes... but she kinda allowed him.most people left so she found the nearest stairs although she has no idea y they were there. Well she went up saw her mom and a taxi and suspected thats' where she suppose to go. inside that crazy kid like 2 yrs older was there and shes like"How come he's here!? ... who is he?" then he gives her a CD saying that she owned it and that he broke it and he's sorry and he'll repay. My sister was in the taxi there thinking it was weird he was usin my stuff... Then the dream ended kinda...

++++plus not accurate details cuase this dream was messed up++++++ (she also had no idea how a taxi got on a roof)

Example: What does my dream mean?

(Yes I do like finding out what my dreams mean... Don't like it? To bad lol)

WELL It was really awkward. Me and my best guy friend were at school, like every mon - fri but he had his arms holding my waist (like what you do in a relationship) and we were talking blah blah blah. And then my friends came up and said are you two dating? And he said yea. Then they said CUTE kiss kiss kiss. So we looked at each other and I kissed him. I don't remember what happened after that but then the whole scene changed lol. It was some weird kind of taxi-bus thing. It looked like a bus but it said taxi. So anyway he was sitting next to my best friend and I was sitting behind them on another chair. And my friend knew that i used to like him lol. So anyway she pushed him off the seat and said for him to sit next to me (i don't think in this part we were dating.. idk) And so awkwardly he was sitting next to me looking at me. I looked back and said whats wrong and he looked the other way. Then he put arm on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. I was blushing and like woah. So I kissed him on the lips saying how much I liked him. Then we were pretty much holding hands and kissing .__.

Yea... What does this mean? Does it mean I have feelings for my best guy friend AGAIN? Or is it just a coincidence. lol Serious answers please I like knowing what my dreams mean cuz I dont dream often

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream a while ago,
I'm in this taxi with 3 other ppl i dont kno and, were passing whet i believe are dorms, we pass by 2 and on the 3rd one its our dorm, its name Holocaust something and, it looked lik a dark version of the disney contemporary. The others and, i go to the 2nd floor and the 2 other girls in the group find their dorms and, open them with these werid keys and, we all go inside. Their dorm lead to other rooms and, went deeper and deeper, it getting darker and more maze like as i tread further. Eventually i find my way back to them and, i find out that my door is on the fourth floor and, im like fml but they accompany me. As we go up the stairs from the interior of the building that looked like it was surrounded in trees, some of my family members appear and, as i go up i see these black wolves. But they do not bother us, their more like guardians, i make i constact and they keep at bay... but then i sense something is wrong and i notice one tries to attack and bite one of my family members so i get in front of them and take the bite. I then- with the wolfe still latched to my arm smack it against the railing and it falls down to its death.its werid cuz the wolf is not only my spirit animal but my fav.

Example: In my dream i saw a little girl hit by a taxi, what does this mean?

I dreamt night before last that i saw a 3 year old little girl be put down by her mother while walking in front of me and run out into the road into the path of an oncoming taxi driven by an asian man. She bumped up over the bonnet and onto the opposite side of the car. Her mother ran over and bent down out of sight, i woke up but had not seen the girl after she landed or know how she was, just remember the taxi driver looking shaken and worried, but not getting out of taxi.
Can anyone help me decipher this dream?

Example: Dream Meaning?

I hardly ever rememeber my dreams but i remember them this morning!

The first one was about my house and my friends flat bad men were breaking in through our skirting boards and stealing all our things. It really freaked me out and i woke up scared.

Then the next dream i remember i was starting a new job as a taxi driver and i didnt have a clue what i was doing just got given some keys to a taxi and told my first fare was outside! I didnt know where i was going or how much to charge people or any thing! Any ideas? Weird i know! Im just curious!

Example: Dream: A nightmare of taxi/cab ride, any thoughts on meaning?

Got into the second taxi/cab, as the first had a small pet dog in the front seat, and it drove off when I wanted to sit in the front seat.

This second taxi/cab driver seemed friendly but went off the main road, onto a dirt road, driving fast like a mad man, and then drove into unpaved rocky areas & going through green heavy weeded scrubland/bush-land and just making the crossing of the first deep wide gully, nearly slipping back into it, but somehow making it across. (The green heavy weeded scrubland/bush-land was in sight of city buildings.)

However the second of third gully we didn't make it across, I woke up.

BTW He had a nice toothy smile for an evil taxi/cab driver, and was also giving the impression that he would get me to my destination however he could!

(The background before catching the taxi/cab was I late & somewhat lost and not sure where to go for an appointment, I had misplaced my mobile phone for short while, and had weird lift/elevator problems that all had delayed me, and other stuff I can't remember, so hence I needed a taxi/cab ride, as I don't drive in real life.)

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