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Dream About Tanning Bed meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What oes this dream mean?!?

i dont remember exactly what happednd, i had woken up and fell back asleep continueing the dream befor it which ran over to this dream.

we had just came back from camping(dont ask i dont even know)and i walked over into my room. something seemed off, it was like a feeling dejavou and allmost fear. i scaned the room, my normally allmost shut eyes went the size of a does. there between my bed and my bookcase, that i kept every thing but a book on, which is beside my bed, was a dissembodied elf head(picture dobbys the house elf from harry potters hed w/out a body). i froze in fear, even though i knew i was asleep my mind new what it men, HE was comeing for me agien, it was like last time, except i knew what to do, sort of anny way.
I ran into the bathroom that connected my twin's(yes ive got an identical twin) and i bed rooms. allthough for somereason there was annother door that led into a diffrent bed room with every thing was a tan color thats normally nothere, so i locked all three doors and sat in the corner.
but then i rememberd that my stupid door that led into the bathroom from my room's door lock didnt work properly, so me being stupid me ran into my room to TRY to lock my bed room door as well. but when i got in my room the door was open and HE was walking into my room, looking at me.
(okay heres the thing in both dreams with HIM [not the band] in it hes looked similar to a knight but with purple armor. hes never shown his face, and i cant remembor his voice, which wouldbe helpfull but i cant so yea use your imagenation in the future.)
i looked at HIM, my eyes wide as a doe's agien, but my body didt freeze in place as i expected it too so i jumped up on to my medium sized bed that creeks with every movement made.(its over 100 yearold or close at least, my great grandmother had it be for I, its made out of bronze or copper meatle and my comforter has a dragon and a rooster circling eachother, with two jap. or chinese symbols at each end) i crwaled over to the far side, the farthest away from HIM at leeast.he said something along the lines of " come with me (incert name i cant remember that is long and starts with a P)" or something else ive gota horrable memory at times. the more HE neared my bed, the more I was scared.I mean this dude has tried to kidnapp me twice over the past few years, what do you exspect? Happyness, no if you do then your an idout. HE sat on me=y bed and threw som plate onto my lap(DONT ASK M<Y MIND IS AWKWARD AT TIMES!) Then He tried to through some pouch with some odd looking pink liquid twords my agape mouth. I quickly shut it befor it could enter.
He tried time after time untill i couldnt help but laugh at his futile attempts. BIG misstake. i didnt noteus that hed just trown one. It landed anburst in my mouth, un willingly sliding down my throat. i became dizzy and could barely keep my sself sitting up strate. but then HE grabbed my shoulders and forced me to lay down, i could do nothing, was helpless, because of what ever that liquid was that was put in my system.
HE then started to make me swallow the pouches. (hey it was either swallow or choke, to be honest i preferd choke but my body preferd other wise.) the dizzy ness soon be came drousy ness as it became slight ly blurry. as he continued force feeding me the vile pouches he started talking, reading the worry and sleepyness on my face, alond as answering my un voiced questions.
" dont worry", he said, "the liquid wont hurt you. but you will sleep."(not exatly what he said but some of it, i wrote the whole dream down but i cant find it, youd think id be able to find a few pices of paper with green ink onit. oh well maybe its at me mos, thats where i last saw it.)Suddenly it was dark, i had blacked out...

i woke up on an odd room with more than one bed in it, they were like old time hospital beds, a simple twin bed with metal rails. there was a cold wrag on my forehead and i felt tired, physically and mentally. i got out of the bed and walked through the door into what appeared to be a small kitchen with a round table in it. two of the seats were occupied, one by HIM and the other by a,young, blond woman with long messy braded hair and glasses. i sat down in one of the unoccupied seats.
as soon as i had sat down i looked twords the woman. "this isnt the first time hes tried to take me is it?" i asked allready knowing the answer. she shook her head. HE looked twords me. "you should go lay down, the liquid is still takeing its effect. go back to bed."He said. i did as i was told, for somee reason i felt as if i could trust him. so i walked back twords the room where i had awoken...
and thats it, i left out a few things cuz they were blurry and i cant remamber what they said...but it was only between me talking to the lady and HIM talling me to go back to bed. i dont think it was immportant.
ok so the first tim i had this dream was about a year or two ago. im13 now so yea. well the firs

Wt i think there is not a meaning of your dream... I mean it could your imagination or u saw something in your life similar like your dream. For example, in a movie, game or a story. It may had a impact on your dream that now u had that dream

wT I ANALISE is, that it can have another meaning. I mean the concept of your deam was ! fight!... U have to deafeat the guy and the guy was even hurting u...

so if u saw a fight, or figthing , it has a meaning.
To dream that you participate in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

To see others fighting in your dream, suggests that you are unwilling to acknowledge your own problems and turmoil. You are not taking any responsibility or initiative in trying to resolve issues in your waking life.

To dream that you are fighting to the death, indicates that you are unwilling to acknowledge a waking conflict or your own inner turmoil. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

anyway, thats wt u thing and plus u r just 13, so your brain r still developping.

Example: What could this crazy dream possibly mean?

Its not crazy, I just wanted people to read it. I haven't had a dream in what seems like years lol. I'm bored and was just wondering if it means anything, so here it is from what I remember.

I woke up and was just leaving my house for school. A really really hot girl with black hair and a dark tan(looked sort of like Megan Fox from transformers) walked up and said she was going to shadow me for the day (go to my classes with me). The next thing I remembered was me and this girl were in my room and I had a bunk bed. We were arguing who wanted top or bottom, then my alarm clock rang and I woke up. Thats all I remember.

Random dream I know but any thoughts?

Example: Does anyone know what my dreams mean?

i was getting married to my new boyfriend
i put on the dress, it was a big white gown wit puffy sleeves and i loved it...but it was a skirt and belly top so my whole stomach was visible

but before i went to the church i panicked because i realized i had no tan my legs wernt waxed and my hair wasnt nice so i cancelled the wedding

another dream i had when i was about 10 (im 22 now) but i always
remember it because it was terrifying...i was upstairs in bed and could hear my family in the living room laughing and watching telly...its was dark upstairs an something scared me and was chasing me down stairs (i never saw it) but just as i got to the living room door i fell and something caught me by the ankles and dragged me back upstairs into the dark...then i woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

The dream started out pretty normal. I was in an old Victorian-style building with a large glass greenhouse attached to the mansion. It felt like one of those Nancy Drew games actually. At least, the layout and feel to it did.
I can’t really remember how long I wandered around, I don’t really remember much except the looking into the greenhouse, but sometime around then, the house started to change. It didn’t feel as warn or welcoming as it initially did. The halls were longer and poorly lit. And everything felt old, but not in a good way. The carpet looked worn out and almost unrecognizable from its previous glory. The walls were faded shades of brown or tan.
I started walking down the hall. Come to think of it… The hall felt as if it was the only piece of the house still in existence. It was really quiet. There was a large cast iron gate in the middle of the hall that I had to go through. Beyond that gate, was a square room. Except instead of walls, there were other iron gates. Beyond those gates were people that looked as if they hadn’t seen the sun in years. Their bodies were only sheltered from the cold drafts by dirty white night gowns that looked more like they were grey. They were all lying around, some of them moaning or lying motionless on the moldy wooden bunk beds that seemed to go on forever. It was the same on both the right and left side from where I came in from.
I don’t know why, but I knew it was some sort of old, possibly abandoned, mental hospital. In front on me, was an old wooden door on rusty hinges. I slowly opened the door; it only leads left down a torch-lit tunnel with dirt covering the floor. Suddenly I had the urge to leave that tunnel. I felt as if something would come and get me if I stayed.
I ran through the wooden door and the first Iron Gate I entered and ran back into the hall. It opened up now, the hall also lead to a better lit large room that you could reach if you walked up a few stairs.
Throughout the rest of that dream I always felt as if I was being pulled back to that wooden door. I don’t remember much after that, but I did know that there was a man somewhere in the house trying to figure out what happened there that I wanted to find. I felt as if as long with him I’d be safe. And there was another man who wanted to leave, but didn’t want me to be alone. I told him it was ok and he had a kid he needed to think about. He needed to be with his kid, even if I didn't really want him to go.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a snake in your bed?

I had a dream that woke me up out of my sleep crying that there was a snake in my bed. I had 3 kittens and one of them had a snake head in there mouth and when I looked down there was a big yellow and tan snake in my lap still moving with no head. What do you think it could mean about my life? I did some googling and seen it had things to do with romantic relationships and I;ve been having alot issues in mine , could this be why?

Example: The meaning of my dream?

Ok so i had a dream a couple nights ago and its stuck with me for a while.And i cant really figure it out. so the dream will make at least some sense ill fill you in with some background info
Dorian in the guy i like
Elton in his brother
I don't know who the person in fixing the stair step thing with Dorian's dad, i thought it was elton at first. but it wasn't
Wileshia is one of my best friends
The lady in the shower im pretty sure is their mom
The place is a hotel i think... they live in a house and the way the things are set cant be a house, plus it has a pool
Thiers gold EVERYWHERE! not like gold gold but gold looking paint and designs on the walls, and the bathrooms are half baths and then the shower is all the way near the back of the hotel in glass and gold. I think that's all the background info youll need for now(:

Ok so the dreams starts out with me and wileshia and my mom in my moms car. we drive past this place... (the hotel) that i don't know what it is at the time. Theres a big blue beautiful pool with a gate around it in the front so everyone driving by can see. As i look at the pool i see cooley, pg, 2 other guys and dorian. (cooley and pg ar his best friends nicknames) their all looking at the cars go by and they had just gotten out of the pool and we getting ready to sit down at the chairs.
The next day or a couple hours later, im not sure its a dream, im in the pool, but i have clothes on and im with welishia, i still see all 5 guys at the pool but this time their coming in. from dorians hotel room.. and me and wileshia are still in the pool. so dorian hollers "aye! he likes you! pg right here, likes you!" and i look around and see that me and welishia are the only 2 people other than them. so then dorian goes "you, genesis!" (my name) so then i get out of the pool, go over to pg who's still at the entrance with dorian and them and walk around him. then i say : you like me?" and he goes "yeah," and i say "join the club" (which sounds conceited and in fact... i wouldn't even go over to him, in real life id just say "oh yeah? cool. whatever" or something like that.and go on with my day) so then Dorian's all like " he thinks you have a nice bod, and if you were his hw hes do you errrnight!" and im like " oh , really? then you had better wait to get an a... cus you ain't gettin near me at all" so then i walk past dorian , and touch his arm and weleshia follows.

next thing i know im in this big hotel/apartment thing ... in this room, that looks like my friend welishias. it has a bunk bed, a tv, and the closets in the back and its a walk in... then the windows on the side. so me and her are talking about the pool thing. then all of a sudden dorian knocks on the door and says "aye me and elton are going to the pool later y'all comin?" and welishias like :yeah: and i just look down at this magazine and say mmmhmm.
then Dorian's all like " in an hour kay?" so then i walk out of the room and see Dorian's dad and some dude fixing this step , vent thing. its like a door less coat closet that has a step down.
i then walk back in the room to talk to welishia. so i say " i dint got a bathing suit, imma wear my gym shorts." so shes like yeah ok and then im like oh no those are semi see through ish... so then i ask her if shes got any thing and she points to the closet. before i go in i look out the window and i see pg and cooley and the 2 other guys out in the pool, which almost makes me not want to go out with dorian and elton later. and then i see this NAKED LADY ( unknown why) on a table tanning, cooley and pg and them are all looking at her... so then i just close the blinds and walk in to the closet.
welishia then seem to be like ready... for swimming .and dorians running around looking for stuff i guess. so i walk out and dorian runs past me and into his room on the right of the hall. i still see dorians dad and the stranger on the ledge thing. fixing stuff. so then i walk back into the room. and welishia says she going out and sheel meet me later. so then i like run around the closet tryna find somthing that fits. so i end up wearing her yellow spageti strap shirt and shorts. so after some time in here. i go back out and still see the people fixing the thing so then i walk out into the living room and see elton on the couch watching tv.. all of a sudden dorian comes from somehwere and so i go where he came from and i see the kitchen. and all the way in the back of the house i see their mom showering. so i walk backto the living room and then back into the kitchen but got nothing then i walk back out to the living room and see dorian going into the half bathroom. and elton still on the couch. so i then walk back to my room and then i walk back out...
dorians then done with using the bathroom and calls out :tahnks mom: and then im about to go out the door but decide better and i just wait for dorian, but then i woke up.

please help me try to make sense of this dream

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream/nightmare... I think. I was at a tanning salon and was about to get into the bed. It was really blurry so I couldn't really see. When I turned towards the bed there was this creepy/ dead looking women sitting in the bed. I started screaming and I opened my eyes but I was still sleeping and saw her next to my bed and screamed again. Then it all went away and I was at my old locker in my high school. I was reading a journal I had with my ex and the last thing I heard before I woke up was me reading "dear john, I love you." I woke up really disturbed. What does all this mean?

Example: Lastnight I had a nightmare. What does this dream mean? ECLIPSE!?

I not too long ago started hanging out with a kid named Tanner..
Lastnight I had a vivid dream of him hugging my legs and refusing to let go.
We were pushing eachothers hands and arms away from my legs
he was almost thrashing and it was very scary for some reason.
Finally i got to the point where I just raised my fist and yelled "I'm gunna f***ing hit you Tanner"
I don't remember getting away but as I was walking away from him back turned he wispered in another persons voice "eclipse, eclipse"

I woke up fast and afraid just like anybody does from a nightmare.
What might this dream mean?

Example: How many sessions in a tanning bed does it take to get tan?

Are the cheap beds JUST AS GOOD as the more expensive ones? How many times should one visit the tanning salon in order to get a nice dark tan? What outcome will be if I visit it once a week every week? What tanning products are good for a nice dark...yet natural looking (I DONT WANT TO BE ORANGE, THATS WHAT I MEAN BY NATURAL!) TAN? I have always used baby oil mixed with water when tanning outside.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was in a weird tanning salon with my friend and we couldn't find two empty beds. then i was in a parking lot trying to move my car. my brakes would not work and i came very close to hitting other cars. i would try to put my car in park but it would not stop.

the part of me not being able to stop my car has been reoccurring but not the tanning salon part.

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