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Dream About Tan Lines meanings

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Example: What oes this dream mean?!?

i dont remember exactly what happednd, i had woken up and fell back asleep continueing the dream befor it which ran over to this dream.

we had just came back from camping(dont ask i dont even know)and i walked over into my room. something seemed off, it was like a feeling dejavou and allmost fear. i scaned the room, my normally allmost shut eyes went the size of a does. there between my bed and my bookcase, that i kept every thing but a book on, which is beside my bed, was a dissembodied elf head(picture dobbys the house elf from harry potters hed w/out a body). i froze in fear, even though i knew i was asleep my mind new what it men, HE was comeing for me agien, it was like last time, except i knew what to do, sort of anny way.
I ran into the bathroom that connected my twin's(yes ive got an identical twin) and i bed rooms. allthough for somereason there was annother door that led into a diffrent bed room with every thing was a tan color thats normally nothere, so i locked all three doors and sat in the corner.
but then i rememberd that my stupid door that led into the bathroom from my room's door lock didnt work properly, so me being stupid me ran into my room to TRY to lock my bed room door as well. but when i got in my room the door was open and HE was walking into my room, looking at me.
(okay heres the thing in both dreams with HIM [not the band] in it hes looked similar to a knight but with purple armor. hes never shown his face, and i cant remembor his voice, which wouldbe helpfull but i cant so yea use your imagenation in the future.)
i looked at HIM, my eyes wide as a doe's agien, but my body didt freeze in place as i expected it too so i jumped up on to my medium sized bed that creeks with every movement made.(its over 100 yearold or close at least, my great grandmother had it be for I, its made out of bronze or copper meatle and my comforter has a dragon and a rooster circling eachother, with two jap. or chinese symbols at each end) i crwaled over to the far side, the farthest away from HIM at leeast.he said something along the lines of " come with me (incert name i cant remember that is long and starts with a P)" or something else ive gota horrable memory at times. the more HE neared my bed, the more I was scared.I mean this dude has tried to kidnapp me twice over the past few years, what do you exspect? Happyness, no if you do then your an idout. HE sat on me=y bed and threw som plate onto my lap(DONT ASK M<Y MIND IS AWKWARD AT TIMES!) Then He tried to through some pouch with some odd looking pink liquid twords my agape mouth. I quickly shut it befor it could enter.
He tried time after time untill i couldnt help but laugh at his futile attempts. BIG misstake. i didnt noteus that hed just trown one. It landed anburst in my mouth, un willingly sliding down my throat. i became dizzy and could barely keep my sself sitting up strate. but then HE grabbed my shoulders and forced me to lay down, i could do nothing, was helpless, because of what ever that liquid was that was put in my system.
HE then started to make me swallow the pouches. (hey it was either swallow or choke, to be honest i preferd choke but my body preferd other wise.) the dizzy ness soon be came drousy ness as it became slight ly blurry. as he continued force feeding me the vile pouches he started talking, reading the worry and sleepyness on my face, alond as answering my un voiced questions.
" dont worry", he said, "the liquid wont hurt you. but you will sleep."(not exatly what he said but some of it, i wrote the whole dream down but i cant find it, youd think id be able to find a few pices of paper with green ink onit. oh well maybe its at me mos, thats where i last saw it.)Suddenly it was dark, i had blacked out...

i woke up on an odd room with more than one bed in it, they were like old time hospital beds, a simple twin bed with metal rails. there was a cold wrag on my forehead and i felt tired, physically and mentally. i got out of the bed and walked through the door into what appeared to be a small kitchen with a round table in it. two of the seats were occupied, one by HIM and the other by a,young, blond woman with long messy braded hair and glasses. i sat down in one of the unoccupied seats.
as soon as i had sat down i looked twords the woman. "this isnt the first time hes tried to take me is it?" i asked allready knowing the answer. she shook her head. HE looked twords me. "you should go lay down, the liquid is still takeing its effect. go back to bed."He said. i did as i was told, for somee reason i felt as if i could trust him. so i walked back twords the room where i had awoken...
and thats it, i left out a few things cuz they were blurry and i cant remamber what they said...but it was only between me talking to the lady and HIM talling me to go back to bed. i dont think it was immportant.
ok so the first tim i had this dream was about a year or two ago. im13 now so yea. well the firs

Wt i think there is not a meaning of your dream... I mean it could your imagination or u saw something in your life similar like your dream. For example, in a movie, game or a story. It may had a impact on your dream that now u had that dream

wT I ANALISE is, that it can have another meaning. I mean the concept of your deam was ! fight!... U have to deafeat the guy and the guy was even hurting u...

so if u saw a fight, or figthing , it has a meaning.
To dream that you participate in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

To see others fighting in your dream, suggests that you are unwilling to acknowledge your own problems and turmoil. You are not taking any responsibility or initiative in trying to resolve issues in your waking life.

To dream that you are fighting to the death, indicates that you are unwilling to acknowledge a waking conflict or your own inner turmoil. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

anyway, thats wt u thing and plus u r just 13, so your brain r still developping.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Basically let me give u the background information about the people in this dream. lyk a year ago i was in a 2 year relationship with someone that i really cared about but i was stupid and young and i thought it would work out well it didn't for many reason. one was that i live in london and he lives in iran..how did we meet? well i visit iran in the summer and he's a really close family friend so i see him practically everyday and the last time i saw him which was nearly 3 years ago i spent the whole summer at his house. 2. i don't trust him one little bit and 3rd my parents found out lyk a couple of times and murdered me- so they're totally against it. i stopped talking to him a year ago but then he contacted me lyk 3 months later and now we're just friends and we talk occasionally via email cause i cnt talk to him on the phone or my parents will think something is up..btw i'm seeing him in 4 weeks ..owww joyyy!

now for the dream... i dreamt that we were going to the same university.. i dnt know were is was but it was beautiful and there were mountains covered in shrubs and flowers..it was a really weird uni. i somehow saw him there and then i was trying to meet up with him ...i don't remember exactly but i think i called him ..but there was a misinterpretation in the meeting place and i ended up on a mountain top whilst he was in the university hall..i went to the university hall and i saw him standing with my mum, dad and his mum, i call her auntie . i sneaked a peak at them and my dad saw me both times and followed my as i walked away then he told me i know what yr up to..dnt think i don't know but he had a smile plastered onto his face ,so he looked really happy. As he was saying this my ex walked up behind him and he had his phone to his ear but a blank expression; he walk back and joined everyone else before i went to see my auntie and my mum.. i went to see them and my mum hugged me and when i went to hug my auntie she was a dwarf..i mean its lyk she had shrunk.. i had to pick her up like a 3yr old, so i could huge her but everyone was really happy to see me and then my ex joined us and he turned his back on me and was talking to my mum ..i could see the the tan line on his neck. he looked great and was wearing a grey shirt and he had muscles...he was skinny the last time i saw him ..anyways his mum was wearing a purple top and my mum was wearing green which is her favourite colour..the whole dream was really weird

Example: What Is This Dream Meaning? (Love!) Please Read (:?

I Dreamt That I Fell In Love With This Boy From My School. We Flirted And Everything. It Was Snowing So We Threw Snowballs At Each Other, Etc. But My Mum Was There, So We Couldn't Flirt Too Much. I Went To Hug Him, But, Then I Realised It Wasn't Him I Was Hugging :/ It Was This Girl I Never Even Talk To At School And She's A Grade Older Than Me :/ He Thought I Intended To Hug Her :S. Then We Had To Go So I Waved Bye But Then From Afar He Shouted To Me 'Sex Bomb' And 'Nice Bum'! This Is How He Is For Real At School, But I Don't Have A Crush On Him. He Doesn't Like Me- He's A Player!

So What Did The Dream Mean?

AND ALSO, What Does It Mean To Dream Of Fake Tan?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this same dream 2 nights in a row. I woke up in a hospital with them telling me my babies were fine. I insisted I wasnt pregnant as they rolled in 3 babies. 2 tan smaller sized little girls and 1 pale bigger sized boy with big green eyes. Well I accepted the babies and then my boyfriends whole family comes in 2 see them and hold the babies passing them around. They then start 2 question as 2 why the boy has green eyes as me and my bf both have brown lol so i started balling and telling them i swear ive only been with him and its probly from me because i have green flecks in my eyes and no 1 would listen 2 me or look at my eyes closely...and then i wake up...wierdest dream ever

Example: Dreaming of a girl I've never meant before.?

I had this dream that I was in a relationship with a girl ive never met before in fact we were married. And I don't know how we got into this relationship but we were madly in love. (I feel like this is a romeo and Juliet kind of thing because all of this was happening so fast. I'll explain shortly). She has long brown hair but I never saw her face in the light so I couldn't make that out. She has small lips and always wears this light pink sparkly lipstick. She also has tan skin. The whole dream took place with her and I moving into a place behind this indoor skate place..? idk why it was there but it was. (The reason I said its like a Romeo and Juliet thing is because inside our apartment there was a poster on the wall that was basically a time-line of our relationship. We met and married all within like 5 days). I'm only 15 so I don't have a car yet. I felt like I had just graduated high school. And I was using my brothers mazda to move all my stuff. Everything I pulled out that seemed sort of embarrassing she was fine with, she didn't judge me for what I liked or had which is a desirable quality in a girl which i'm sure all people can relate to. I'm usually pretty shy around girls but I felt so comfortable with her, I felt like I could say anything and not feel embarrassed. After I finished packing and we moved into this tiny apartment. We went out for dinner at this very classy nice place that i've never seen before and she was wearing this very revealing dress but everyone thought she was beautiful. For some reason there was a bouncer at the restaurant and he said "wow" and was wondering why she was with me and not some other guy. (I'm not an unattractive guy but i'm not a very handsome guy by any means). After that we just sat down at a table and that's when I woke up.

What does this mean? am I just foreshadowing into the future? because i've done that a few times.

Example: What does my dream mean regarding three snakes?

I know that snake dreams can symbolize both negative and positive characteristics but this particular dream I do not feel threatened by. Let me explain the dream; I dreamt that I walked to an area behind a rental car building that was surrounded with trees, as I walked further into the tree line I noticed that the ground was covered in leaves and I stepped over a piece of land that was not sturdy. Immediately two snakes with rattles at the end of their tails came out of nowhere I began to feel fear and as I turned to run I was met by a Black snake with a rattle on the end of its tail. All three of the snakes were regular size snakes but long. As the black snake began to slide closer to me I reached for the end of the tails of the two snakes behind me and threw them to the Black snake. The Black snake attacked and at the first snake that had black and yellow designs on it and then the black snake and turned and ate the second snake which was a light tan color. The black snake was stiffly stretched out in a straight line and could not move because it was too full from eating the other two snakes. I briskly ran and kept a safe distant from the Black snake. It did not try to attack me or bite me it just laid there. Keep in mind that I am going through a transformation in both my personal and professional life that has been triggered from both negative and positive circumstances that has occurred in my life from the past two years.

Please give me an honest interpretation of my dream and not what you got off of any dream websites.

I am really trying to figure out what this dream symbolizes because I really know that God is giving me a sign about something positive and major is about to happen in my life.

Please no idiotic comments this is my life and I really want to know the meaning of my dream.

Example: What do these dreams mean? haunted house and cancelled show?

theres three dreams see if you can help me with any doesnt neeed to be all and btw i had the first two dreams on the same night

dream 1: there was this live show going on and me and my friend each had an act in it and we were backstage and the host came up to my friend and told her that they cancelled her act for someone else who was better to take her spot and she like burst into tears and then went running to her mom who was randomly there all of a sudden and her mom tried to talk to the host to let her back in thats basically it and my part in the dream i guess i was just there somewhat trying to comfort my friend and being somewhat concerned

dream 2: i was at my grandparents house and they said there house was haunted (in what way i dunno) but i think there was like a ghost from some of the mario games (i dunno if you know but hes a cartoon kinda guy) and then i remember putting like these giant gel pens by their door for some reason (maybe to help protect?) and then i asked my granpa why they dont move and he was like because i have lived here for a long time or this is my house and its im,portant (along those lines cant remember)

dream 3: i was super tan and a lot darker than normal and all of my friends were really pale (thats pretty much it for this one)
and i have had other dreams about being tan or getting a tan and stuff just a little different


Example: What does my dream mean? Please help?

So I'm having trouble trying to discover what my dream really means. Before I explain the dream, I'll tell you a little about the characters in my dream and their meaning.

Savanna: My best friend for over a year now
David: My fiance
Brittney: My fiances mother who dislikes me because of her daughter Kat
Kat: My old best friend who dislikes me because I'm marrying her half brother David
Savanna's parents: Their like a second set of parents to me

So, here is my relationship with David:
We met through his little sister Kat. We started dating and we fell in love with each other right away. He asked me to marry him before he left. Of course, I said yes. Ever since he left, I haven't had a right sleeping pattern. Of course this isn't the first weird dream I had about him, but it was one that set me back a few. He's been in Afghanistan for a little over 6 months so far, and will be home hopefully in a little over 2 months. For some reason, the closer it gets to him coming home, the weirder dreams I get. Anyways, Here's the dream.
"I was first at some sort of dorm and I was rooming with two girls and Savanna. One girl had short almost boy cut blonde hair and didn't quit have a figure, while the other girl had a perfect figure, perfect face and beautiful long brown hair, but dressed girlie. Their was a bunk bed and me and Savanna were on the top bunk and the other two girls were on the bottom. Savanna had her headphones in listening to her iPod and reading. (She does that in real life when she is upset about something). The beautiful girl was complaining and yelling over something but we all ignored it, and the other girl tried hitting on me. (Yes, I'm bisexual). I kept telling the girl how David was in Afghanistan and how much I loved/missed him. But she kept insisting. I thought about it for a second and then immediately declined her. Next, there's a Military officer and waking every girl up in the dorm and telling them to leave with a demanding voice. He walked up to our dorm and pointed at me and said, "Prepare for battle Sargent." Confused I looked around the room and the two girls were gone (almost as if they were never there) and Savanna was out the door running with the rest of the girls from the dorm trying to escape. I walked out still dressed in civilian clothes but carrying Military firearms. Funny enough, when I stepped outside, there was a zombie attack. I start shooting and killing them and even saved a few people's lives. But then one thought crossed my mind, 'David'. I ran as fast as I could back to the dorm which at that point I thought was safety. And then the scene changed. I'm sitting with Kat helping her with homework at a blue-gray counter top in what seemed to be "MY" house and we were sitting on the same tan and white stools that I use to have when I was a little kid. Kat is complaining and of course, very upset with me but I'm smiling and I mean, really smiling. She gets more confused and upset with me watching me smile. The doorbell rings (we weren't that far from the door) and we both run out it. I'm waiting outside on the sidewalk up to the house, just in front of a flower garden. I was jumping up and down with excitement. It was as if a perfect line, first Kat walks by (still upset with me) facing forward. Brittney follows doing the same and of course, upset with me. But before she could walk past, I shove past her and meet the face of David. He's wearing exactly what he wore when I first met him. The same patterned shirt that fit him so perfectly, and the same blue jeans. Only problem, he didn't notice me. I looked up at him, in front of him, glowing with a big smile on my face, same blank expression, looking forward. I get upset and jump into his arms, he's carrying me 'just got married style' and I kiss him. He doesn't seem to mind, but doesn't budge. The scene changes again and I'm in the passenger's seat of a car. David is driving. The car is unfamiliar but I still feel comfortable, being in the car and being with him. I go to grab his hand of he accepts, but it's the same blank expression. I try to tell him "I Love You" but he squeezes my hand as if knowing what I was going to say and I look down at my hand and see an engagement ring followed by a silver band. I look up and he still has the same expression. The scene changes and I'm outside of Savanna's house. They live in a trailer court which I find is weird considering how we were in a forest, looking for my old dog Hauns. I hear their dog bark and then I hear Hauns'. It's dark and foggy but I'm persistent. I ran after the barking and I finally see Hauns. I call him and he runs into my arms. I'm happy and I see Savanna's father standing outside their house, opening his car door. He said to me," Let's go home Sargent." Then I awo

Example: What do these things in my dreams mean?

I'll just list a few small things that really stood out for me. I'll be interested to see what they supposedly mean.

1. After some minor arguments with a friend I saw him in my dream. We were both holding guns and firing mercilessly at each other, obviously aiming to kill. Even though it was graphic, neither of us died or felt regret in the dream.

2. In this dream, our family adopted a young Husky pup. I adore these dogs so I thought I would be thrilled in the dream. However, I found out that our real dog (who isn't as 'magnificent' as a Husky) had been replaced and thrown out to another family. In the dream I was devastated, even though I'm not terribly close to the dog in real life.

3. (This one is a bit strange) I dreamt I was in our school library and for some reason I was holding a slim yet sharp knife. I swiftly flicked the knife down my tongue until it drew blood. Letting it run down the blade, I turned to my friend without any disgust or shame and showed her the bloody knife. She was of course appalled. In response, I said something, telling her that nothing was wrong with what it did. It was kinda like a line of a poem or song lyrics. (I can't exactly remember, but it was rather poetic at the time)

Example: I had 2 troubling dreams one night after another, what do these dreams mean?


On night one, I can't remember all of the dream but it was somewhat sexual in nature so please read at your discretion:

There were three girls. One was dressed in a shiny black PVC jacket. All three girls were attractive like singers or actresses and the leader of the three stood in front of the other two. This main girl had wavy blonde hair and a face that was attractive but kinda mean looking.

For some reason, my pants and boxers were down and the main girl was touching me down there and she was saying something but I can't remember what she said but this whole thing was not a pleasurable experience as one might expect. I felt fear as she did this to me because something was telling me that these three were not really girls, but demons. As the main girl continued to touch me, she gave me the feeling along the lines of, "There is nothing you can do to resist us and you are going to die with us. We are not what we look like."

At that point I could almost see them start to transform into what they really are and it was so greatly terrifying that I woke up. (Believe me you do not want to see the real image of a demon)


On night two, I had an even more terrifying dream:

I dreamed about my life at work. Everything is more or less fine in real life and was fine too at the beginning of the dream. Then something mysterious began to happen within the company and everyone became uptight. My boss who is one of the nicest people you can meet on Earth began to become like a dictator while still holding the nice person image on the outside. Something was very wrong within the company and one of the best people, the coworker of mine who I truly admire, and everyone liked, was in trouble and was told that he was fired. The expression of hurt on his face was more than I can bear and I was afraid, very afraid that this evil that was happening in the company would give him an evil inspiration to come back with a gun or something.

People started disappearing from the company left and right and unreasonable deadlines were being imposed on each of us left behind. One day, everyone had known to prepare for something I wasn't aware of and everyone had something to hand in except for myself. I wasn't allowed to follow the people who were ready and they walked into the lobby for a meeting while I found myself sitting in the desk alone in the middle of a classroom.

There was a TV screen which started to show a video of this strange looking spacecraft with tentacles and two big eyes like that of a fly. The spaceship was tan in color. One of it's tentacles grabbed a poor guy and proceeded to put the guy in it's "mouth" like an octopus would. The video showed the view of what the guy saw as he helplessly got sucked into the internals of the ship. There was water or some kind of fluid in the tunnel he was going through.

Between when the coworkers were led to a meeting and this terrifying video, there was a scene where I found myself in my old house where I grew up. I remember there was a room where my mom would store all of the sewing supplies and clothes. The door to this room was partially open and I wanted to enter. I tried pushing the door back but something (or someone) behind it was in the way and I couldn't open it all the way. Then the door closed on me and I began to leave. Suddenly, this girl (hideous looking) popped out from behind the door. She had a black gothy dress on and a scary face that looked pale and very similar to Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. When she surprised me, I felt a funny kind of fear like even though her outer image was a monster, inside she is a really sweet girl. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling at the same time as being scared the crap out of. She approached me and embraced me. Then I kissed her on the lips and we began to make out. Her kiss was indescribably awesome. She used tongue in a way I've never experienced before and I really liked it.

So how are these two dreams tied and what do they mean?

Why in dream one, there are demons disguised as girls and in dream two, there is a girl dressed up as a demon?

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