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Dream About Tamarisk Tree meanings

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Dreaming with Tamarisk Tree may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: Beauty?

Why is it that people find peace in the beauty of their surroundings? why is it that people find rejuvenation in the tranquil beauty of their surroundings? For example, when depressed and miserable go out on a relaxing vacation...when they go there they internally change by the beauty of their surroundings? they let their mind slipp and let their hearts change by the suprise of beauty...by beautyy i mean being surrounded by fig and olive trees, plum blossoms and Tamarisk daphnes, and the scents of fortune's yellow rose and blooming acacia and the sea.

When you go somewhere to relax, you choose somewhere that is pleasing to your senses, somewhere that is conducive to relaxation. When you choose your vacation destination, you generally choose a place that you've "dreamed of". At the very least, it's somewhere you don't usually get to spend much time but you would like to. I take in my environment and savor every detail I can when I'm on vacation.

Example: Why did the Prophet need to start a new religion? Why not just fix Judaism?

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