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Dream About Tallow meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? It is a dream that involved scent/taste/feel more than sight/hearing... not the usual?

I had a dream that I could smell blood, and even taste it, this coppery taste. I also smelled game meat and just "death" in general in my dream. I was covered in mutton/sheep fat/tallow, it's really waxy, kind of like how babies are when they're born. It smelled terrible, the tallow.

In most of my dreams I dream through my sight and hearing, but in this dream everything was silent and it was almost completely dark. It was as if I dreamt with only my sense of scent, taste and touch.

A nose for Intuition. A sense of smell as animals do to learn about the world. The dream could be telling you - you need to learn more about something by nosing around or that you are being too nosy. If u smell something fishy or smell a rat you may need to raise a stink about an issue.
In Freudian terms, the nose is a symbol for the penis,it can also relate to 1 of the senses and represent a sensual experience or reflect a need for sensual stimulation/gratification.
Odor is related to the sense of smell and can signal a sensual/sexual dream. It can refer to genital/excremental odors;secrets;curiosity. Musty/stale= some aspect of your life/personality that is old,ignored,or not used very much,possibly hidden wisdom or a special truth. Sense it smells bad it could be the bad smell of failure.

Example: Have you ever took some time to just think?

i mean like sit around and think about everything but nothing at the same time?/

Example: Skip Beat Ps2 Game, story/Summary, translated to english?

well i used an online translator to translate..so some parts dont make that much sence..-_-...but at least its something

Childhood friend's [sho-taro-] was loved small ..hero.. uppermost [kyo-ko].
The junior high school dashes out from the country simultaneously aiming at the spectacle society debut ..graduation.., and [kyo-ko] also follows from in the childhood to the dream such [sho-taro-].
[Kyo-ko] kept working not to go to the high school, and to support [sho-taro-] every day, working, and working.

[Sho-taro-] is wished after a while, fulfilled, and it to a popular singer.
Afterwards, [kyo-ko] tried to support [sho-taro-] secretly.
However, the revengeful ghost who turned out the fact thought to be only a convenient housekeeper for [sho-taro-], and had been sleeping in [kyo-ko] awoke.

[Kyo-ko] that vowed vengeance to [sho-taro-] received the audition of the LME production that it was popular and both actor Tsuruga lotuses of spectacle society 1 belong to ability.
However, the audition is defeated without dressing. It is not possible to finish giving up by all means however, and the result and [kyo-ko] : to belonging of ..LME president Raleigh.. Takarada to newly established [rabumi-].
[Kyo-ko] came to enjoy the play purely gradually, and began to have the zeal to acting while handling the work of [rabumi-].
Afterwards, [kyo-ko] was greatly selected for Hongo un[oyaku] of drama "DARK MOON" through some processes.

And, the request of new work comes to [kyo-ko] when it goes well also taking a picture of popular drama "DARK MOON".
Moreover, even three also : at the same time. However, does being possible to choose in that : only by one?



しかしオーディションはあえなく落選。だがどうしても諦めきれず、結果、キョーコ... 宝田が新設したラブミー部に所属することに。
その後いくつかの過程を経て、キョーコはドラマ「DARK MOON」の本郷 未緒役に大抜擢された。

そして人気ドラマ「DARK MOON」の撮影も順調な頃、キョーコに新たな仕事の依頼がくる。
maybe if someone can translate it better pleas do so

Example: In Romeo and Juliet, how is the relationship of Juliet and her father PRESENTED?

i need some help thankyou

Example: I need a conclusion sentence! Please help!?

Any ideas? I need a strong concluding sentence!
Here is the essay thus far...

Cassidy Celeste
English 1 Honors
R. Johnson
14 Dec. 2009

In the city of Verona, chaos is unfolding. Juliet, a fair young Capulet, lies in a tomb in a forged coma. She is thought dead by all but the Friar. This is her plot to evade marrying the County Paris. Meanwhile, in the city of Mantua, a desperate and distraught Romeo, a Montague, Juliet’s true love, banished from Verona, is on his way to meet his death. He, unaware of Juliet’s plan, purchases a vile of poison and plots to drink it and lie with his love forevermore. Neither set of parents have the slightest idea of what is going on right under their noses; they are completely in the dark. This woeful tale is the story of Romeo and Juliet. The entire catastrophe could have been avoided with communication and understanding in the families. Despite the titles of “mother” and “father”, Romeo and Juliet’s parents are practically strangers to their children.

Neither Romeo nor Juliet shares his or her thoughts and feelings with his or her parents. In fact, they work to do just the opposite. They do their best to try to hide how they feel and what they think. Juliet is especially tense with her “lady mother”. You can see this in the story when Juliet is constantly watching her body language and what she says when in her mother’s presence. An example of this would be when her mother asks her if she wants to get married. Instead of the “no” she is thinking, she says, “It is an honor that I dream not of” Shakespeare.1.3.66). It is not a surprise Juliet is cautious around her parents. In Act I Scene III, her father yells at her, throwing her to the floor, calling her a “Mistress Minion”, a “greensickness carrion” and “tallow-face” just because she expressed the fact that she did not want to be married to Paris (Shakespeare.3.5.150-158). Romeo’s parents are hardly mentioned at all throughout the course of the play. As I’m sure you can imagine, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet came as quite a shock to the families.

Not only do they not share his or her feelings with his or her parents, they go behind their backs to seek help and love from other external sources. Juliet has her Nurse. The Nurse has raised her and cared for her since birth. Not only is she Juliet’s caretaker, she is her companion and trusted confidant. You can tell how comfortable Juliet feels with her Nurse when she sends her Nurse to be her and Romeo’s messenger in Act II Scene IV. The Nurse is the only other person aware of the love between Juliet and Romeo. She tells the Nurse of her joys and sorrows. The Nurse is the motherly figure in Juliet’s life. Romeo does the same and seeks guidance from Friar Lawrence. He does not even consider involving his parents in his life. You can tell this when he runs immediately to the Friar’s after his meeting with Juliet (Shakespeare.2.3). The Friar is both Romeo and Juliet’s fatherly figure who offers his wisdom, compassion, and assistance, even when it means risking his job and his life. He knows he could be put to death for marrying the two without parental consent, but does it regardless (Shakespeare.2.6). Romeo and Juliet must seek these outside sources because neither Romeo nor Juliet’s parents are able to unwrap themselves from their own lives long enough to shed some light on the lives of their children.

“Mother” and “father” are just simple titles. Anyone can go off and have a child; it’s what you do from then on that defines a true parent. Clearly, without communication, there was to be no relationship beyond a biological coincidence. Romeo and Juliet had no problem denying his or her name. Moreover, there is fear, suspicion, and resentment between the parents and children which certainly does not encourage the star-crossed lovers to open up about his or her inner feelings. It’s sad to think a story like this, full of so much love, could be full of so much hate.

Example: In act 3 scene 5 - is capulet a concerned father or a cruel tyrant in this scene ? Please help me?

I need it by tomorrow so if anyone who could help please help

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