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Dream About Talkative meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I met a woman that was once a very inspirational coach to me,when I met her after 8 years she was rude, and had a total los of energy and life. She use to be ammazing, talkative,and energetic. Than I began to run because my coach made me, and I had so much energy but my legs couldn't run as well as normal. This really bothered me so I stoped running with the the group and hopped a fence to get back to school,as I got off the fence I fell down the hill and choked on sand that I swallowed. I could still breath through my nose but soon woke up after choking on it.
This is all a dream and I am curious if any "dream experts" could help me out.
Thank you

I analyse dreams and can tell you that this has quite a powerful meaning for you. Your subconcsious is telling you to be careful what you put in your mouth or you will choke. Perhaps you are gay and don't know it yet?

Example: What does this dream mean?

my friend has been having dreams. what does having dreams about piercings on the ears, tongue, and lips(bottom) or under the lips mean.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I'm a 15 year old boy and i like this girl. In the dream, she lived in a house in my neighborhood (which she doesn't) and I was walking past her house to mine. I could hear her talking to someone, probably her younger sister, about how she likes me and wants to get my number. When she finally came up to me she was really talkative, flirty and seemed nervous. When I talked i seemed to be a little nervous too. Then she left and i really wanted to see her again. When I woke up I thought it was real but then i remembered that it wasn't. In reality i haven't talked to her once and i only have a little hunch that she may like me back. So i don't know what she's like in person really except what i can grasp from reading her social media. Based on FB, Twitter and instagram, she is in what you may know as a white girl. (Urban Dictionary it) And in my dream i feel like my mind made up the personality of a girl i would like to date one day or the type that I'm hoping this girl i like to be. Can someone please tell me the deeper meaning of this dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so my dream was that I was at a restaurant for a girl's birthday party , there were about 7 of us, and the waiter kept coming over and asking if we were ready to order. We sent him away 2 times saying we were still looking at the menu. The third time he came over (apparently this was AFTER dinner) we ordered cheesecake. Then suddenly I'm sitting on the ground talking about how I'm an Aries and petting my pet dog, and we're all a little bit drunk and Whitney (the birthday girl) is sitting on a chair and going on about how sweet her boyfriend is and making kissy faces. Then I woke up.

What does my dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm walking down the street in south yarra with my crush (who has admitted he likes me too)
and I'm really talkative and loud becaues thats how I get when I like someone.
Except he doesn't look like Jacob he looks like my friend but for some reason I know its him.
We see my friends and I call out to them and he doesn't wait for me he just keeps walking and he looks kind of embarrassed so me and one of my friends run to catch up with him. Me and Hilary are talking and for some reason I put down my cardigan and bag and we run to catch up with Jacob and the next shop we go past is a jewellry store.

It starts to get crowded and I lose Jacob in the crowd and I'm not sure what happened to hilary. So I start looking for my bag and cardigan and I go against the crowd and its really hard. I see my parents and I call out to them my dad looks at me and then they keep going and they look really tall even though they're actually short. I scream out that I'm going to find my bag and cardigan...so I go back to the jewerlly store and retrace my steps whilst in the crowd and I wake up without finding my stuff.

Example: What do you think this dream could mean?

to cut a long story short, I kind of have a crush on my
boss, I'll call him Luke, actually he's my manager's manager
and he has been hot and cold towards me since I've been
here, mostly cold, but there have been days
when he's really nice and friendly. I used to think maybe he
liked me but now I don't think he likes me at all BUT I might
just be being over sensitive and taking his behaviour too
anyway, yesterday he was not very friendly and couldn't
even look at me (he often avoids me and blanks me)
and I was so upset coming to the conclusion that he really
must not like me and seeing him being nice and talking to
my "perfect" colleague who's naturally beautiful, has a
lovely and friendly talkative personality and is the best
employee,and EVERYBODY loves her, I just couldn't stop
crying because I felt so
worthless, boring, annoying etc

then last night I had this dream:
I was at work and Luke was talking to me alot about work
stuff, he was standing really close to me and putting his
head on my shoulder and his face was touching my cheek
and I felt like we getting close & had a connection, then he
later he was beingp really nice to me and not that nice to
the "perfect" one
I think it was wishful thinking lol but I wonder what it meant..
it's a short draft of the long dream but it left me feeling
happy with a lovely affectionate feeling. but I know next
time I see him I'll be thrown back to reality with a painful bump

Example: What does my dream mean?

The dream itself is a little confusing, so I ask that you help me understand what it can possibly mean.

The dream started out in a familiar gym, most likely my high school gym. I couldn't really see anyone but I recognized two people. A friend and my ex boyfriend who I recently broke up with. My ex boyfriend comes up to me and hugs me for a considerably long time, about five to ten seconds, which got me thinking in my dream that maybe we got back together (although I kind of don't want to). When he lets go all his normal and I believe he has his arm around me (I'm not so sure) but then I have a feeling like someone I know is there, and he lets go and walks away. I realize that this is another boy who I had the biggest crush on last year but unfortunately he moved away after our 8th grade graduation. I won't get into detail, but I think it's safe to say I was literally almost in love with the guy. I haven't seen him in four months and my feelings for him are still pretty strong, even though I had a boyfriend. I didn't think I see him again but I noticed the closer I got to my ex boyfriend, the closer I got to this boy in my dreams. I stopped dreaming about the boy a few weeks ago. Back to the dream, the next transition is a bit odd. I'm in a bus, not the public bus, but like a bus you take when you're going on a trip to another state. It was the same bus I took when I went to Washington in March (the boy didn't go and I was upset). It was dark, night time I assume but there was a white light sort of like a television, and I was alone in the back. My two friends were in the front of my seat and the boy in front of theirs. One of my friends noticed him and called him out, when he turned around she pointed towards me and asked him if he remembered me. He stared at me, with those wide doe eyes I loved, before curling his lips into a smile. He did. However, he looked a little different. His hair was straighter and styled differently, and he was more talkative than before. (My friend saw him and confirmed it so I got a little spooked). The scene changes again and it's just me and him, and we're talking face to face. But he seemed strange, I should say. We talked, but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say, his words didn't make sense to me. He was saying something about being along, I think, and he was playing a weird game on his iPad that involved swimming.

It could mean nothing, but I don't know. I'm also fourteen, by the way. I never talked to this boy, only a few times saying hi and nothing more, only having my first conversation with him before graduation. My friends said he liked me because he looked at me a lot, but he was shy and bullied so they thought that's why he never talked to me.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Example: Meaning of my seemingly normal dream?

i was eating at McDonalds with my new lover and my best friend with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend in real life is nice, normal looking, un-talkative, but in my dream he was fat and loud. My best friend, my lover, and me were fine and talking about the food. what does this mean?
is it completely useless?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream that one man was treating me really niece but very talkative, and offered to take my bags to my car. I unlocked my car door, but when I got there it wasn't my car there was a SUV with a older women in the driver's seat. But, just before I got to the SUV there was another man talking to the man that was helping me, and this man was starring at me as I was walked up. When I got to the SUV the man that was helping me said that the older woman will take me home. She took me to my mom's house and he was there to unload the bags carried them into the house. It was a lot of products and food I do not remember purchasing it, I think he gave it to me. I saw some body wash and shampoo, I took those items upstairs to try them out. As I was undressing I noticed something was under my skin starting from my stomach and went down my right leg and wrapped around my knee then went down towards my feet. It looked like some twisted rope under my skin and it began to tighten up. When I took a shower with the body wash it immediately went away.

Example: Do you think this dream means anything..?

My bf has an older brother who lives in england, and my bf has not seen him for a year. He is very close to his brother, and gets very emotional when he talks to him on the phone and facebook. Family is very important to my bf and he would absolutely love to see his brother soon.

Anyway..I had a dream that my bf's brother came with me and family out for dinner. He was smiling and singing the whole time, just very happy and talkative.

Could it mean that his brother will come back to our town or something?

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