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Dream About Tailor meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream about shoes mean?

I am in a shoe shop trying on some white trainers. They fit but they are a bit 'urban' for me and I am unsure about buying them. The assistant comes over and says how good the trainers look but I am stil unsure.

She says she has some special shoes - totally one of a kind and onyl one other person in the world has them and if the shoe doesnt fit perfectly then they are not for me. She comes back with the shoes and they are absolutly gorgous and I fall in love with them (a very tailored brown boot). As I tried them on I woke up so I dont know if they fit!

Shoes deal with preparation and being ready. Shoes *can* also deal with 'service' and 'serving others' depending on context of dream. Changing shoes *can* also mean making decision or being unsure ... that can be tied to moving, changing jobs, or a career path, relationships, or other things.

Are you planning to move any time soon? OR perhaps changing a job that is in a different location than you are used to?

I would say that the shoes represent either a new house/home, job/career OR (as a long stretch, a relationship) but something along those lines. (I'm not 100% certain, but this is my sense). I'm thinking it's either new home, or new job. (something major)

What strikes me as stand-out, is the choice of shoes you are given to wear. "Urban white trainers" OR a tailored brown boot" ... these are about as opposite as you can get. Perhaps the sneaker represents the city (or inner-city) hence, "Urban" and the Boot, represents the 'country' (or suburbs etc) hence it's appearance.

I think that in being uncertain about an issue (moving/new career) is what caused you to dream this. The shoes definitely represent a major decision in your life right now. So, psychologically/ subconsciously - you are already knowing what the "right" decision is, (or rather, what you would be happier with doing) i.e., the different shoes, but there is pressure on you from others, hence why you are unsettled and in the dream are trying on different shoes.

Does this make sense? This is just my opinion, and what i am getting from this dream. Take it with a grain of salt.

xoxo ♥

PS: dreammods CAN be helpful but PLEASE do not take that site as the ultimate source on how to interpret dreams. There is NO textbook way of doing it. Each dream/dreamer is different, and though there are "basic" guides to symbolism they are not the standard. To each his own, and to each symbol it's own proper representation, within the context of dream.
I do not use dreammods *sighs* but i think that *some* of their assignments are basic psychology textbook definitions, which are helpful (absolutely) but are not accurate for everyone in every context. No two dreams have the same interpretation *even if* two people dreamt verbatim the exact same thing. Because we are unique, the symbolism differs. Anyways, i just wanted to add that. Hope this helps! xoxo

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a relatives house?

Just about every night I dream about my grandparents house or the shore house they had.It's like I am this age and they are the age when I was a teenager.My grandpa died in 1987,my mom in 2000,my grandma in 2006~by the way i never knew my dads parents so my moms are the only grandparents I had.

Example: Whats this dream mean?

So I was hanging out with these 2 brothers I know in real life. I talk to them but only at school not outside of it, nor do i really want to. So anyways i was walking with one of them it started raining and i went home. All of a sudden it was the next day and I was just randomly flying. (it didnt surprise my dream self though as if ive done it for years) however I didnt have great control over my flight but I did have control it was difficult but possible. I flew over to my school and everyone was getting out and going home. I saw the 2 brothers again I also saw my old close friend who i dont talk to all that much any more (we still do talk, just not as much) I also saw my ex's moms boyfriends (her parents divorced in rl) truck. I landed over by my old friend to say hi and did then saw the brothers and started walking with them. I asked what was up and then my old friend said "your going to there house too cool" and she was happy about that. (idk when it happened, it was sometime after i landed but I asked my ex where she was going because her moms bf was at the school to pick her up. So all help would be appreciated :D TY

Example: Do dreams really mean something?

I had a dream about about 2 young panthers playing with each other. They were black and actually quite cute. The intensity of their playing grew they got angry with each other. Soon their playfulness became aggressive and as a result one of them died. It layed there while the other one moaned. What does this mean? If anyone knows please tell me. thanks

Example: What does this bizarre dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that doesn't make a bit of sense to me! My dream was about my bed mattress being stuffed with cats, and then I removed the cats with a spoon... I AM SO CONFUSED! HELP!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where there was a nuclear winter or some terrible weather event where there was too much snow to get around. I was stuck in an oil tanker. Inside the oil tanker was a tailor and all I was concerned with is getting my slacks tailored properly. How could this possibly be interpreted?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok. The dream started that me a my stepbrother were going to the same high school. i was entroducing him to some people. then in the dream this girl that i think is really pretty and way out of my league comes up to me and in the dream we are dating. so then i see all these girls and they give me this like a "i think hes sexy look". then my bestfriend shows up in the story and we hangout and chill exactly like we always do. then my head just saw like images of just time passing by. and i had a new girlfriend and i couldnt see her face then i saw my bestfriend again and he tells me that "hes always got my back and that he'll always be there for me". then it skips some parts again and it shows that i have a baby. and in the dream he was the cutiest baby i had ever seen. so my dad calls my cell phone and im talking to him and then i tell him "wanna talk to the baby" and then i put the phone to the babys ear and he smiles and says "Grandpa". but in a baby languge haha but yea wat does it all mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Last night I had a really weird dream.
First I was in my room and I had my fan on. But there was two fans one was old and kept catching on fire and one was a tall thin rotating one. The one on fire would barely catch, then I'd blow it out.
Then i had
A whole buch of pictures of the blonde girl from 30 Rock's ex boyfriend (the transvestite one) dressed like her in an Asian setting. The same setting that I then got to by crawling under my bed and walking there. Then there was 6 koi fish. 3 black, 3 white. And they were seperated by a plank of wood, and the white ones were on my side and the black ones were on a black guys side who was playing a conga drum. One koi fish on each side was plain with blue spots. one on each side was plain with orange spots. And one on each side was plain with gray on the sides, but this one had an air bubble around its face ( like what the girl in HP 4 has underwater in the lake) so I couldn't see it.
Then, my little brothers grandma came and was trying to talk to me but the conga drum couldn't stop playing soo never got to hear what she said. And it was raining outside.
I woke up then because someone knocked o my window;P

Example: What do it mean to dream about a lot of boys.?

Ok so I had this dream about a LOT of boys. I went into my old car and a lot of boy followed. Some I knew and others not so much. The next day my friends tell me to go out with a guy. And to day a guy ( not the same one texted me for no reason but just to talk. Taking note I haven't taked to this guy since July. More things can happen who knows.
I really want an ancer to that dream. Or what you think. . . .

Thanks- <3

Example: What does it mean when you dream someone is trying to kill you?

OK, so I'm a teenage girl. I dreamt that my stepfather was chasing me, trying to kill me. We were arguing and then he started laughing maniacally and yelling he was going to kill me. I was running and crying. I think he meant to strangle me, because he had no weapon. He was chasing me and laughing. (Also, I ran into my room in the dream and my favorite Youtuber was there... I don't know if that's relevent, Haha) What does this mean?

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