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Dream About Tacky meanings

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Example: Dream interpretation meaning?

I had a dream that me and my current boyfriend of only 5 months, proposed to me with four silver rings, they were cheap and looked very tacky but I said yes anyways and he insisted I wore all four on the one finger. Then we went to dinner to celebrate and he had to go home but left his car parked to get fixed or something, I can't quite remember but I bumped into his best friend on the way home and we drove around and hung out and decided to keep it a secret from my boyfriend cause he'd get mad. I've never had any intentions of getting with his best friend, not too sure what this means?

Dreams are skewed, representations of our subconscious thoughts and desires. Most of the time, our minds take random thoughts and just string them together, but sometimes we encounter a dream with some intent to bring us to an awareness. For instance, maybe the dream was dreamed because you want to get married, and want him to propose soon. the rings might symbolize something important in your life, and you had hanged out with his friend without your boyfriend knowing because you like that person in real life and desire to be close with him. Maybe just as friends? You know your boyfriend would get mad so you kept it a secret. That's just a theory. Like I said though, dreams are a window into the mind, how you feel, desire, and think about things.


a few nights ago I WAS DREAMING: i found myself running, rushing someone to safety when we came to a warehouse filled with a garden..it seemed the like the garden area or a wal-mart or something. i had hidden the person i was trying to save and then found myself back in the room of the garden being gravitated toward the head of a picnic table. around the table were 3 devils all in suits. colorful suits. their skin all red and each had horns of a ram,large lengthy hands with nails like claws. they were all talking to me with smiles, as if to seem friendly and persuasive. as i looked to the devil on my left who was wearing a violet suit with a green necktie,there was a woman standing behind him in a white shirt massaging his shoulders and grinning at me.i still had stregnth of who i was in my mind and what i am set out to do but i looked at them all once more and then it seemed as if they were trying to convince me that they will stop chasing whom it is that i am trying to protect if i do some sort of bidding?...i was thinking no, I'll let them think so but i will do what I intend, then i look down to see a very large, heavy silver gun in my hand and im uncontrollably loading bullets into it. all 3 are telling me i must go on a rampage... and so i tried to shoot each one and the room filled with a deep demonic laughter coming out of them. they just laughed and laughed at me so loudly with such evil grins and continued to try and convince me to do what they asked because i was silly to think the weapon they had given me would destroy them. i woke up and i could hear the laughter as if it were in my own room and fading away. >>>>what does this mean?

Example: I had a dream that I stole cheese...what the heck does that mean ?

...and no silly answers...serious cheese interpreters only ;-}

Example: What Does This Dream Mean? Why Am I So Confident In My Dreams? (10 Points)?

OK So i had this dream last night were I was with some friends in a place (maybe a restaurant) and we were sitting at a table and across from us was this table and this really hot girl was sitting there with some dude. Now i found some pizza coupons on my table then i got up and walked over to her table and sat next to her and pretended i needed help with the coupons after she explained how to use the coupons i said something like "I can't eat all this pizza by myself" and got her to eat with me. (NOTE: across from her table there was a retarded guy, I don't know if that means anything?)

Well thats basically it, what i find strange is that in real life I'm shy around girls and can't even hold a conversation with one. I would probably never do what i did in that dream because its totaly not like me to make a first move, in fact i never made a first move on any girl I'm always to scared.

So what does this dream mean? 10 points to any one who can help..

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I live south and there was this big storm and i couldn't find my parents (I'm 13) me, my sister and my three friends (Leonie: my bff, Austin: my best guy friend, and Tyler: my other best guy friend) we had to take my parents car b/c they died and we had to move north away from the storm first we went to a cheap tacky motel and in the middle of the night there was a big storm and then the roof started to come in so we had to go farther north and we went to a better hotel and then we got jobs and we had to pay bills and buy house hold products (like soap, shampoo, dish washing liquid tooth paste, plates, forks, toilet paper) and when we first got our pay check we were like wow we have money but then we all had to put our money together and buy the list of stuff above and it was like after we had bought that we had to pay for the hotel and buy my little sister (she is 4) clothes we had very little for gas and food to the fact we all made minimum wage and had to buy food and supplies for 5 people so we tryed and after a year or so I guess we got financially settle (we had been saving for a good while) and we got a beautiful house wher we all got our own room (but my little sister slept in my room because I am just so protective over her she had a twin bed in my room and i had a twin as well )and finally got stuff like new clothes (because we packed like 4 outfits per person so we had to buy a lot of washing detergent) but we were getting new clothes then we got phones because we couldn't afford them at first and we just lived there and by the time I was 15 I had a family and pretty nice house

Example: What does it mean to dream of a white elephant?

Meaing of dreaming of an elephant? And then finding one the next day?
I found a small toy elephant the very next day. Any significance? Does that mean perhaps the building I was looking to buy will become a reality as I described it as a white elephant to my partner? Maybe the loan will come through? All thoughts, inputs, suggestions welcome. and thank you.
26 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

Example: Wedding dream meaning? ?

I had a dream last night that it was the day of my wedding and I was getting dressed and my dress was really ugly and big and bright blue so I started crying because it was ugly and my mom got reallyyyyy mad at me. Then my shoes were black with a bunch of tacky jewels on them and the heels were tall, about 5 inches. So my mom an I went to the mall in search of a new dress and there was a section in the mall dedicated to weddings but my mom refused to go in that section. She brought me to all of these tacky stores and I eventually found a dress. In my dream I liked it but now that I think of it, it was really ugly. It wasn't form fitting and it was all lace. I eventually got to my wedding and got up to the alter and saw my (in dream) future husband(it was a guy I go to school with) but after we hugged I woke up.
What on earth does it mean? Lol. I've never had a dream about a wedding before which is why I'm confused hahaha

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I was given a big, fat white chicken to take care of for the day, so I tried putting it into the empty rabbit hutch in my garden, but the chicken kept escaping.
Then I was at a really tacky Indian-style rip-off wedding where everyone was wearing horrible pink sari's and the guys had horrible fake tans. There was a bunch of celebrities there as well, and it turned out I was best friends with Jo Brand, and I was having an affair with her best friend Rufus Hound (who she was secretly in love with).
Random. Yes.
Just curious what the chicken was about?

Example: Do you know what this dream means?

Okay I had a dream that I was walking around the store like Happy Harry's and my friend walks in and sits in a chair in front of the silly bands and he was acting like he was the coolest and he was being mean to everyone because he was wearing a fake leather jacket and everyone's name was Matt in my dream except for myself.

Example: Does tacky,insane,devil dreams surrounds you?

Do you think it because of your last birth? Please genuine replies here.

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