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Dream About Tacks meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Horse dream? what does it mean?

I had a dream that me and my friends were riding our horses and we found an abandoned horse barn with white fenced paddocks and everything. In the tack room there was all sorts of saddles and bridles and I found a dressage saddle that was in bran new condition and there was a tag on it that said " Whoever fits this saddle and has a horse who the saddle fits perfectly on ( without adjusting it ) is the chosen one. " the saddle was the right size for me and my horse so I was the chosen one.

What does this dream mean?

I am not sure if it helps to describe my horse or the saddle but here it is.
my horse is a flea-bitten grey arabian mare.
the saddle was a black dressage saddle.

according to indian culture, horse shows progress, movement...so dreams of horse says, something nice in way of your life...but dont stop for dreaming, keep moving...

Example: What does it mean to dream of a tack up your nose?

Example: What does my friends dream mean ?

She dreamed her mechanic ripped out her boyfriends plant from its original soil , trying to plant it into another pot of soil and then the plant started to die and wither away and she said to him " your killing my plant " and he said ( mechanic ) " Well I guess I shouldn't have removed it from its original soil ." what does this dream mean ?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

What does this dream mean...?
I only had this dream twice in entire life,but i wanna interpet it.Me(at 6 years old) and some childhood friend(usually a girl named maddie).
Theres this mineshaft(the one with rails like a train track) that is only on the walls going down like a tunnnel(except goin' down).On the said tracks are mattresses that we bounce on,jungle gyms,typical kid stuff.We keep goin' downwards,bouncing around joyfulluy.But then we reach an area that's in shadow.Maddie goes in first,then screams,then theres this maniacal laugh,clown-like(i saw or heard the clown,i can't explain it).I'm not scared of real-life clowns,but the nightmarish,tv traumatic ones.I somehow bounce into safety,trying to reach back to her.Actually I don't bounce back safely, fall down off the tacks,going down until infinity,then infinity ends(i can't explain it).Then theres some consoling person who is some friend of my parents when i was very young(i can't remember exactly).We wait,mady appears,trmbl

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, I'm grooming and tacking my Arabian named Miss Châtelaine. I'm in the indoor arena and theres a bunch of other people riding in a circle and I do not know who they are. I get to the part where Miss Châtelaine is ready to go for a ride but I wake up! I woke up a couple times and each time I went back to sleep I had the same dream! Its so weird. Why am I dreaming of this? I've never done it before. :( I haven't ridden for 2 weeks cause I have school and all that crap so theres another girl who rides my horses for me when I'm gone.

Example: What does these dreams mean?

I had a dream where I was going to take a shower. Now normally I hate looking at myself naked in the mirror and I just quickly jump in the shower. But in the dream, I wasn't embarrassed and I was in a way accepting my nakedness. What could this mean?

In another dream, I was going on a field trip to a musuem of some sort. But I got left behind from the group and one friend that I did recognize from real life. So I walked around and then I seemed to walk into like a very large crowd in a street of like fashion stores. Then I was in a neighborhood of apartments and my mom was there with a stroller, but I have no young siblings who use strollers. Then I walked by a school and a sort of empty playground space and there was a person sitting there all alone but I didn't recognize the person. So then I was lost and just kept walking in circles around the same places. I tried calling my friend but I got text message saying that she couldn't receive phone calls or messages. None of these places were familiar to me expect the school which looked a bit like my elementary school. Then the dreamed ended and that was it. What does this mean?

Example: What does this wierd dream mean?

I dont remember the beginning but the first thing i remember was i was watching this video on the internet about how diverse Canada was and it showed pop ups of their provinces with chinese texts on them it said some interesting facts about canada and then it also talked about how canada has the most invested ants and gave an example that ants invested a guy on a toilet for a day and then it showed this guy with an axe, while i was watching i was bit or sharp poked by this strange spider on my back foot it was just a tiny bite the equivelent of sticking a tum tack in ur foot but it felt a lil pain and i saw the spider walk away but it had a strait hook not a typical mouth of spider but it looked like that hangman thing like thing on his mouth which was wut it bit me on..then i realized my womb was this wierd gray thing then i woke up and i was at my friends house who suddenly moved to the town i live in now (not in real life) and we talked and his brother was there but i forgot the whole scene of dream was, anyways i tried telling him about the canada dream but he was people were calling his name and then he told me to follow him to this place as i was doing so this girl was in my way i think she was cateriing and i said move woman and shes all did u just call me woman like i was disrespecting her then she dropped something n i said oh sorry mam and put this hankerchief baclk on her plate, she then offered me to do a number 2 on the plate but she was sarcastically joking, i then proceeded to follow my friend in this place was the boys restroom and showerroom but i went to the girls one next and there was this asian lady security guard and she chased me down to the end room within the restroom/showerroom and arrested me and then i convinced her its ok and the. She smiled looking at another direction thrn i woke up. Really wierd dream, and that was jist some parts i remembered that wasnt thewhole thing

Example: WEIRD Dream, what does it mean.?

A week or so ago i started having a reoccurring dream. Im sitting up in bed, there is an irritation on my arm, kinda itchy. I start scratching it and the skin splits just enough for me to see something in my arm. I dig it out, its a push pin. It leaves a perfect circle bruise on my arm. In my dream im not scared or upset, just a little unsettled, heavy hearted. After a few dreams about this, the thumb tack turned into a stubby screwdriver. Every thing else is the same, just the bruise is bigger.
What the heck is wrong with me? What does this dream mean?

Example: What do u think my dream means?

I my dream I was hanging out with this boy, I have a crush on, we was tacking about things we like. For a moment I thought it was real

Example: Whats does my fighting dream mean?

I am having a reaccuring dream that I keep getting into fights with girls, but when I go to punch them I miss or my hand moves VERY slow or when I hit them it doens't hurt them at all. Its like I'm just tapping them. And they laugh at me and there is nothing I can do because my punches dont hurt. What does this mean?!?!?!?!

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