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Dream About Tablet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

right,there was this girl she is cute as hell.but only lived near me for about 2 weeks and only spoke the odd time.then she went to england we talk on bebo sumtimes.but last night i had a dream about her.this is the dream.well.we were at the same college and i liked her,and at lunch time i stood up to go out a room but then she walked in.(we were havin love troble)"i said alright,u made up ur mind?" she said "yes mark,look a dont want a guy thats going to not treat me rite and use me." then i just stormed off.but later we went pass each other she didnt look at me till the we nearly passed each other.i said hi but she didnt relpy. weird dream. does that dream mean enyhting? xxxx im quite upset about it lol.

A dream is a symbolic occurrence and it must not be taken literally, the images, sounds and sensations in a dream are not quite what they seem and when one tries to interpret a dream it is very important that he or she remembers not to take it literally, at least in most cases. A dream interpretation does not follow a set pattern and the meaning of a dream is unique for each person!

Dream interpretations started almost as soon as the first people realized that something was happening to them at night and did not know what, so they started probing into the dream domain.

Dream interpretation started a very long time ago dating as far as 3000-4000 B.C. , something that is proved by the archeological find of clay tablets with dreams recorded onto them.

Example: What do dreams of demons mean?

i had this dream about some demons coming out of the ground and they had this tablet things on their hands and each time they blew on it fire would burst out. they were killing alot of people and one started chasing me. he was fast and jumped all crazy like what you would see on t.v then i went threw an alley and at the end of it it as a dead en then the demon blew the fire on my but before it hit me i woke up

i woke up sweating. what would that dream mean?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean ? Please help me!?

This time last year i was pregnant with my first child but i lost it on 13th june 2008. A couple of days ago i had a dream that i was heavily pregnant and in a baby shop with my mum, In my dream i could feel the baby's feet pushing against my stomach i could also feel the baby physically kicking me inside, it felt so real like i could actually feel it. I woke up in a shock but there was nothing there obviously. This has really confused me and i want to know what it means, please help me

Example: What does my dream mean!?

i was in the city and it was really dark and i was trying to walk to the train station

i walked really quietly and i saw this guy like having sex with this girl i dno if he was raping her or wateva but it was dodgy so i walked past and i was really happy he didnt see me, then i thought i saw a short cut so i went in there
and there was a bunch of guys there and they laughed that i walked into their trap

there was 2 guys there they wer kinda mean but i fell in love with one of them and he was hot / bad guy

then he became my boyfriend and we were walking the next day holding hands and we went into a deli and he bought a ecstasy tablet for 22 dollars. i remember it was pink and a chinese lady at the deli gave it to him

then he started going crazy and got on this bus and started hitting the driver i was really embarresed and i remember the drugs kicked in quick. i still loved him though which is weird because i hate guys that are bad boys and do drugs. wat dus this mean!

Example: What does it this odd dream mean? My mom telling me that...?

In my dream my mom told me that shes making me go on some sort of anti depressant tablets to fight my depression and she said 'i know you've always had it and i cant stand it anymore'..
Real life i'd say i have mild depression, also im not on any prescription at all..

So what could this dream mean?
Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was performing in front of a huge group of people, including my brother that does not speak to me. I was just reading the Billboard Charts from a tablet, but I choked and failed miserably. Later on in the dream I almost drowned, but somehow only went unconscious. When regained consciousness I found my son in the same state, and did CPR and saved him.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

For the past 2 months, I have been dreaming about love. I dream that I fall in love with this guy but it always ends differently. The guy looks different in every dream but I know, when I'm sleeping, that it is the same guy in every dream. In the current dream, I felt like the guy took advantage of me and used me for 1 reason only. What does this mean? I know what dreaming of love means, I just don't know why I have dreamed these dreams for so long and why I felt taken advantage of during the last dream I had.Help?Thanks!:)

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Last night i dreamt something weird. My brother had been abusing me and i went for a walk, it was very windy and i was hit in the head by a falling tree, this was close to my school and it was around five so most of the teachers were just leaving, i was lying in the middle of the road and my geography teacher found me, i was taken to hospital and was in a coma for three days, when i awoke it was my geography teacher there not my family and there was a woman in a suit. She was a social worker and due to my bruises and my family not being there she was worried about my welfare, i was taken into care and was later adopted by the teacher who found me, i became pregnant and had twins, i went back into school to show off my babies, and was beaten up really bad because the father was in a relationship at the time and his girlfriend was a really tough person, i ended up in hospital again and had to move school. All this happened and my family never even tried to see me.

I don't think i'll ever be able to look at my teacher the same again.

Does the dream mean anything?

Example: Dreams? Does it mean something?

Do you all believe dreams mean anything? Last night, I had a dream that I went outside to talk to my best friend and neighbor. But, she was still inside so, I sat down on the hood of my car and I started crying. Well, all of a sudden an angel appeared carrying a baby wrapped in a white blanket. I was looking at the baby and as the angel spoke another angel identical to the other came up beside me with a baby wrapped in a white blanket. One angel said this is your baby. I was scared to hold it because I was afraid I'd die. But, she spoke again and said THIS IS YOUR BABY, NOT MINE and she handed it to me. I was looking at it. Both babies were identical. They had blonde hair and blue eyes. The other angel never offered the other baby to me. I woke up gasping for air and thought I was going to need to call an ambulance. I found out yesterday that I was losing twins. So, that may be why. But, in the dream I was thinking of a baby that I lost a year ago. PLEASE HELP!

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does this mea ive had it 3 days in a row?

I was skateboarding with my friend and I had a serious fall and banged my head so hard i fell unconscious. When i woke up i was in my friends bottom bunk of bunk beds. (he's a dude and i'm a girl) his step mum gave my some medicine but i had all the tablets attempting suicide i went unconscious again and this time i woke up in hospital with a life sport attached my friend was sitting there i asked him to flick the switch not telling him what the switch did and i died. I seen him walk into music and sat with our group of friends and said "i killed (name)"

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