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Dream About Tablecloth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had the strangest dream; will you help me interpret it?

I'm a novice at dream interpretation, so any experienced help would be great! I usually remember my dreams, but not in as much detail as this one.


I am bodiless, watching hundreds of thousands of people walk down the highway, their faces expressionless. There are scattered, abandoned cars. There are so many people walking that they're shoulder-to-shoulder on the road, and I can't even see where the crowd ends--it just goes on forever. It's breezy; the slight chill of early autumn is in the air. The sky above is blue, with pearly-white clouds moving so fast across it they look like they're on fast forward.

I float along over the throng until we approach an overpass, in front of which a man in white linen with waist-length white dreadlocks stands on a wheelbarrow, eyes closed, arms outstretched in a T, hands in meditative pose, chanting in a language I don't recognize. (He says something like, "Dvek Moshe, Avarishka," or "Avek Moshe, Habarista." What could this mean?) Even though I am bodiless, he snaps his face towards me and opens his eyes. His gaze is so piercing it hurts and he says, "Be at peace, my child," without any change in bodily stance or facial expression. Then, like nothing had happened, he snaps back to facing forward, closes his eyes and resumes chanting.

I start to float upwards, hovering over the overpass. I can see that two people are dining in elegance by the guardrail, looking down at the migration. One looks like a scientist, the other like a politician. They are seated at a two-person table with a white tablecloth and a single rose centerpiece, accompanied by two body guards and a chef. My view zooms in:

"..but has proven this much," says the scientist. The politician's mouth is hidden behind his napkin. "It's changing. We tested on ants first. Observe." He removes a glass bell jar from the table, under which is a fat, red ant. He pulls a vial from his pocket and drops clear liquid onto the ant, which shudders, twitches and begins to emit steam. The politician looks horrified. "It's moving on to more complex life forms, so, really, who knows how long we have."

It is then I notice that the ground around is littered with THOUSANDS of eyeless, dead pigeons. I float away.


Thanks for your help. I don't understand why it's so detail-heavy; sorry if it's hard to plod through.

Dreaming is a unique display, usually visual, that occurs during the night to assess the impact of recent events in our lives. A dream is a remembered residue-in the form of creatively assembled visual metaphors. ---Montague Ullman & Nan Zimmerman

I always break my dreams up into sections or symbols as I have done for your dream. Stay with me...it's going to get detailed.

FLOATING: A state of passivity and calm in the waters of the unconscious; respite. Floating dreams also are common during pregnancy. Other meanings 1) Hopefulness. 2) Buoyancy
CROWD: Collective action, opinion, beliefs. Pressure, stress, confusion, chaos, emotions running out of control. The individual is at risk in crowds, especially angry ones. One can become lost in a crowd, carried along or manipulated by a crowd or trampled by a crowd.
ABANDONED CARS: Abandonment-feeling of being left behind; sense of betrayal; fear of being alone; losing touch with the purpose of life. Abandonment dreams mirror unresolved grief, anger, resentment and despair. These dreams may help make one aware of emotional blockages.
WHITE: (clouds, man in WHITE linen, White dreadlocks, WHITE tablecloth) Colors represent the forces of light and darkness. The essential division between the forces of light and dark is expressed in white, the combination of all colors of the spectrum and black, the absence of color. White represents purity, holiness, sacredness, redemption, mystical illumination, timelessness, ecstasy, innocence, joy, light and life. White is transcendent perfection, the brilliance of the Godhead. White signifies marriage (the union of opposites to form a whole) and death (transformation and renewal).
CHANTING: Changing utilizes the mystical power of sound to bring body and spirit into attunement. Chanting a word or phrase may be a means of calling ones attention to a matter that needs addressing (reattunement). Chanting by protesters is a way of calling attention to a problem.
SCIENTIST: The intellect; rational, logical thought processes. Scientists are thinkers and experimenters.
VEHICLES: A vehicle is what carries us on our journey through life, or into the unconscious or spirit realm. It may symbolize ones physical body or ones ego. May be a warning that something is amiss; lack of control, too much control, traveling too fast or slow (in your case abandoned cars may mean you have abandoned yourself)
MOUTH: Breath thus spirit and creativity. Dreams involving the mouth also may relate to constructive or destructive words spoken to others; the ability or inability to keep silent; gossiping, spreading the truth, etc. The Hidden Mouth on the Politician may be you suppressing the diplomatic part of your ego. You have something to say or do but can't or won't.
INSECTS: (the fat red ant) Fear, revulsion and dirt. Insect dreams are "PAY ATTENTION" dreams. In dreams insects often are associated with emotional and sexual matters.
EYES: (eyeless pigeons) The eye is the soul, the heart center, a symbol of the consciousness that resides within the unconscious. In dreams eyes may also indicate how one sees things. Eyes that are blind, half-shut, crossed or vision impaired may symbolize an inaccurate or partial view of ones world.
BIRDS: The soul; higher states of consciousness; transcendence; the embodiment of immaterial things. Birds also symbolize freedom. They also symbolize the fear of physical death that comes during serious or life-threatening illness.

I would be interested to see if this helps you at all. Let me know. My email is masilva05@yahoo

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream of two of my friends sitting at a table with me, one I see often and have feelings for, the other I adore but don't see very often. The second one is very involved in her school work, so in the dream she was working on her homework while the other one was reading a book and silent the whole time. I remember the friend doing work reading one of the questions out loud ten times or so then going back to filling in answers. Meanwhile I was drawing gears and bolts on the tablecloth and part of the dream was like a drawing program I use often, so I deleted some of the drawing layers.
I accidentally deleted my working friend's blanket or something, so I clicked undo and it returned but her homework was gone. She got really upset, the other friend was still silent, so I left.
Pretty soon it shifted into this panicked feeling like I was going to cry and I was running down the stairs into a basement with lots of doors and light switches, I turned off all the light switches then at the last one by the last door I suddenly found it hard to breathe and I was struggling more and more to breathe when my mom woke me up. She said I was breathing normally, and that I don't snore so it couldn't have been that.
Any meanings for this? I feel like the chanting of the question was significant, I can't remember the question though. I couldn't find a single dream meaning for gears and bolts...

Example: What does my dream mean, if anything?

I had a two-part dream that is strongly linked with things going on in my personal life. First off, do dreams ever mean anything in the first place (like spiritual messages) or are they just leftover thoughts from the day that get used up in your sleep?

Okay, here's the first part of my dream. I was sitting at a small table (square-shaped I believe) that had a clean white tablecloth and a nice centerpiece. Sitting at the table with me were two of my female friends (I'm a guy) and another guy I didn't recognize. There were many other tables in the distance as if we were in a nice restaurant or banquet hall. The guy I didn't recognize was giving one of my friends a lot of attention and she seemed to be fairly unhappy. I looked over at my other friend and she seemed to notice the same thing, giving me a concerned look like "Are you going to do anything?"
Then my unhappy friend changed her mood, began smiling, and said "If we are going to be together..." and then trailed off. She was saying it either to me or to the other guy, I'm not sure which. I know for sure she wasn't saying it to the other friend because they don't know each other very well in reality.

Part Two of dream: I was walking around the town I used to live in. It seemed kind of run down and the grass was tall/uncut everywhere. A cop car went by and was being chased by a civilian car, not the other way around. I got into the cop car and called 911 (which on the caller ID said I called Canada) for the cops being chased by this other car. I heard the operator on the other line, then I woke up. I didn't get to say anything to the operator.

Both of these dreams happened in the same night. I can't exactly remember if they happened in succession or if I woke up in between them. I am more interested about Part One of my dreams. Answers from anyone with professional expertise in dream interpretation are preferred. Thanks

Example: What does a cobra and lion mean in my dream?

I dreamed I was walking towards this house. I noticed the in the front, left side of the house was a lion behind a fence walking around. I walked past the lion and into the house. When I got in the house, I laid down and rested. Then it felt like there was something slithering up and down my spine and my back. I slowly turned around and noticed a cobra behind me. The cobra stood up and stared then lunged forward, but I grabbed it by its head and mouth. I then took a tablecloth and wrapped it around the cobra to protect myself from it. I walked to carry the tablecloth out of the house, but as I was walking through the house, I noticed different rooms and eventually walking into a large kitchen where a chef stood looking a bit bothered. There was food all over the kitchen, but for some reason the chef felt he was short handed and I was demanding me that he needs help. The chef then said, "I'm not going to say it again." I walked through the kitchen and out the back door of the house. As I stood outside, I noticed holes on the ground made what looked like by explosives. I walked to one the holes and dropped the tablecloth inside. Then I noticed from around the corner of the house, the lion walking around on the other side/ front of the house looking at me from a distance.

Then I woke up.

Example: Always missing clothes - dream means what?

Ok-I dream often, very often of being in a mall-usually a beautiful, big mall with fancy stores & lots of open air escalators.( I don't often go to the mall) In the store there are back hidden passages that I know of -but that are restricted. Most of the time I'm missing some article of clothing-I'm topless or my pants are gone. I'm trying to find something to fit me-but even with all the clothes, I can't. There seems to be a time constraint-some urgency-something I have to get to or do. Sometimes the dream is in a hotel or resort-always beautiful location. I'm looking for a towel or tablecloth to wrap around me. Sometimes in frustration I just say screw it & walk around without a top or bottom. I'm always trying to get together people, figure out where they are. Last night I was in a store as it opened, no pants and grabbed a pair of shorts.They were too small--& then they turned into several items of clothing that were a gift for my son that I had misplaced in his room. Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Me and this boy I like started passionately kissing we bumped into some friends and hid under a tablecloth we started kissing again and the friends pulled off the tablecloth but we didnt care then when we stopped and they promised not to tell so we kept kissing.
What does this mean

Example: Mom dreamt of gold, money and snakes. What does it mean?


When my mom on Tuesday (9th) night, when she slept she dreamed of my Grandma (who has passed away).

My mom had two dreams that night and she told us the next day (Wednesday morning).

In my mom's dream my grandma was telling this elder lady (family friend who is still alive) that her "fake teeth" that was made out of diamonds will not go missing because she had gold chain attached to her finger to it so her diamond false teeth won't be missing. She kept on showing the lady how it works. LOL.

The second dream that followed after the first one was me and my mom had money. And we were in this jewelry store full of gold. My mom chose what she liked and didn't care. Then I found a piece of jewelery I liked.

When my mom was about to pay, the jewelery turned into red snakes. My mom was so scared that she backed off. But I wasn't scared at all and still wanted it and headed to pay for it like it was nothing.

Is this a bad sign that we should be aware of? Cuz lately we've been hit (financially) badly.

1) Dad cuz got pain so he can't work.
2) Mom's income can't be compared to my dad's. so it gets us by...
3) I'm a college kid and I have no job cuz its hard to find

And before, (during the spring time) my mom and I were shopping and this psyche lady told me randomly to buy lottery tickets in December. I don't believe in that kind of stuff and I'm not one of those "lucky" ppl that can go on winning streaks. But my mom thinks I win so she just buys it here and there. does that have any element to my mom's dream?

Or it's just my mom thinks we're gonna hi big on jackpot (she's a lottery fanatic unfortunately...)

Example: Please, if you know anything about dreams, will you help me?

My mother passed away last November. Last night I dreamed I called her on a video phone. I could see her and her surroundings very vividly. She was outside, beautiful hilly scenery, lots of greenery, it was sunny, yet, there was a nice breeze blowing. There was a huge, long table covered in a white tablecloth. The table was full of plants. She was watering them. I told her I had a huge box for her and she said don't worry about it, I have 3 small ones. There at the end of the table I saw her boxes. I started crying because I was actually talking to her and I could see her. She looked so happy and healthy, but I missed her so much. I remember thinking, Oh, that's where she is in Nashville. She never took her attention away from what she was doing. Then I woke up, still crying. I've been crying and so sad all day. If you can help me to analyze this dream I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Example: I had a dream about a snake...?

all i saw was its tail nd it was leaving my bookbag nd it was red yellow and black? wut does this mean? im 15

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