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Dream About T Shirt meanings

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Example: What does dreaming of a black t-shirt mean?

A month ago my boy friend dreamt of his late father giving him a red t-shirt to wear and he put it away and wore a black one instead. Twice this week I dreamt of my late father wearing a black t-shirt. I would be very grateful if you have got any idea of what it means please.

Dreams only have the meaning for you that you give them.

No one can really tell you what your dreams mean, if anything. They can mean nothing, or they can mean everything to you. Someone can tell you any interpretation of a dream, and you can believe it or not, it's up to you.

But if you do believe in another persons interpretation of your dream, then you assign a meaning to your own dream right there at that moment.

Instead of looking outward for this answer, look within and ask yourself what it means to you.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream of a headless man selling shirts?

My girlfriend told me this happened to her last night. I did some research on the headless man part and it does not seem very good. Also I found something of the shirts which doesn't seem as bad as the headless man.
Anyone have any ideas?

Example: What does my shirt dream mean?

I had a dream that my mother ruined my hilary duff shirt that i got from the concert. But only the writing came off and she tried to put the writing back on but she changed it. I told her that people know me by the shirt and now it's ruined and people wouldn't recognize me anymore. And i thought she was lying at one point about it being my shirt but i saw at the collar that there were still makeup stains.

my shirt is white with hilary duff's face on the front.

this dream was actually a transition from another dream where a alien/predator/et type thing tried to kill me and killed a lot of people throughout.

Example: What doest it mean when you dream of someone borrowing your white t shirt?

Its been a year since the last time i saw him im quite bothered

Example: What is the meaning of a dream involving a job interview with your shirt off?

I had a dream last night that I went in for an interview and at some point in the interview I noticed the guy interviewing me had his shirt off, so I took my shirt off. Then as he showed me around the place where I would be working if I take the job, I remember he put on another shirt but I still kept mine off. Then he was walking me outside and I was still asking questions when we found a hole in the ground that seemed to go so deep it was infinite. Big enough for a human to fall into. That may not be relevant. To answer your questions I predict you'll ask, yes I have a job, yes I am actively looking for another job but not because I don't like mine.

Example: Does this t-shirt mean anything?

It's all fun and games
until the flying monkeys attack.

Example: Is there a t shirt line called street dreams?

Example: White t-shirt that a friend wore in my dream?

I had a dream that my friend who I still like a lot, was wearing a white t-shirt and light blue jeans.

What does this mean? Never seen him wearing a shirt that is white in my dream.

Example: Don't know what this dream meant?

i was in the living room with my two cousins and my sister walked in there like she was going somewhere
asked her where she was going and she told me school started today
as soon as she told me that i started running down the hallway into my room picking out what i was going to where
and then this voice (it didn't sound like anyone i knew) and it was telling me what i should where
then i heard the bus horn and woke up

to be more specific i was playing uno with my cousin and they were both girls (Jamie and kenise to be exact )

when i picked up a shirt that voice was saying " don't where that that's polyester and when i looked at the shirt again on the front of the shirt it said polyester

Example: I don't know what this dream is meaning? HELP!?

I've been having this dream for the past two years with my father killing me right at my wedding. here's the info if you want to know everyone.

Ever since i've been 14 my dad always beat me and tortured me all the time, he would make me do stuff that 14 years old shouldn't even know about it yet until health class or until the mom and dad sits them down to talk to them about you know? Back to the subject, sorry! but anyways i was walking down the rows of the church to my boyfriend that i'm going to get married to in two years (we hope). I gently grab his hand and look in to his eyes and smile cause i love him to death! We finally get finished with our vows and I was last to say I do. When the preacher said that "i pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride" I lean up toward him and gently kiss him feeling safe as everything. Then my father kicks the doors down and has a hand gun in his hand. I hide behind my husband telling him "don't let him touch me please... he's going to kill me." My dad pushes my mom down to the ground and said to me and my husband "come here to your father now" i beg him to leave me alone, but he doesn't listen and he walks to me and my husband. My husband pushes him away telling him leave her alone you sicko. My dad grabs my husband's shirt and pushes him to the ground, i scream at him and my dad pulls the gun in front of me. saying die you worthless whore, he shoots me right in the head. i fall backwards watching my life slowly fade away in front of my eyes, i hear no sounds as i see my husband stand up and wrestle the gun out of my father's hands but get's shot and slowly dies from a chest wound.. my husband crawls to me and grabs my hand saying his final words mouthing them.. "i love you my beautiful wife" as we die at the same time.

that's basically the dream i've been having the past two years, which only gets worse by time goes by. I'm scared to sleep and everytime my father texts me or calls me i'm scared to even talk to him. what's wrong with me..

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