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Dream About Symbol meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream symbol mean?

I dreamed tht i was in park, or a playground, and i saw this girl, i think she had blue eyes, she appeared young like 12 or 11, and she comes up to me and goes u know i had a crush on you in kindergartin, idk when she said she had a crush on me, but she definetly said something about the grades k-1 and in i the dream i think she liked me, but i wasnt younger tht ik off i was the same age as now 17, whats this dream mean? oh i think she had freckles, but she just had brown hair, and blue eyes, and was white, she looked younger than me definetly id say 12-13.. whats this mean?

Ah yes...dreams, what can they mean? What is their message?

Dreams don't mean anything...they are just involuntary visual
manifestations of a resting brain (mind) during our sleep periods
that sometimes can be stimulated by some current event in our life.

If you apply serious meaning to your dreams you could end up going
down the wrong path in life by interpreting too much into them, thereby
subsequently and unfortunately being led astray by meaningless dreams.

There are those people of course who wish to apply meanings to
dreams to fill some hollow void that exists in their being. For them,
they can always attach some kind of silly interpretation to just about
any sleep induced visualization one might have.

Your dream-state is not reality, nor does it portend any upcoming event, nor
does it explain or define past occurrences, happenings, or desirous relationships.

A dream is just that...a dream. Enjoy it, but don't let it run (or ruin) your life.

Example: What does this dream & symbols mean?

Last night I dreamed of my late father. In the dream he was young and healthy, and was teaching a class wearing a jacket and green shirt, and wearing white gloves.(He took off the gloves during the class) The lecture was on ancient egyptians and burials, he then asked if anyone believed in angels. I raised my hand and said I did, which he replied that is a very good thing, and that I should include talking about angels in my prayers. My dad has been gone for over 10 years, and I miss him very much. Can anyone tell me what this dream might mean.

Example: What does this reoccurring dream symbol mean?

About once every week there is a reoccurring symbol within a dream. The symbol itself has appeared in three dreams so far, and seems to have little to nothing to do with the rest of the dream. I have been interpretting my own dreams for nearly 10 years now, and this one has me stumped.

Anyway, here it is. At the end of three dreams I've had this happen. I am walking to my car, or my dads truck (which I borrow sometimes in real life) and there is a man in his late twenties, early thirtys in a light brown older model full size pick up truck. He has short curly brown hair, and seems to be about 200 lbs, judging by the fat content of his face and upper body. He has a little more then a 5 o'clock shadow's worth of facial hair, like he hadn't shaved in a couple days. I always see his face very clearly from the front of his truck. When he sees me, he snears, like hes really angry, then tries to run me down in his truck, in an attempt to kill me. I always get away, but it is very disturbing because of the insane detail of the dream symbol. Always a light brown truck, always the same guy, always trying to run me over. Always the last 10-30 seconds of the dream.

The guy in the truck never connects symbolicly with the rest of the dream he appears in, so for privacy's sake I am leaving them out.

Example: Does anyone know what airport means in dream symbols?

Example: What does this dream symbol mean?

During a dream, I saw an apple tree and, for some reason, it stood out to me. The tree was skinny and looked almost like it was dead but I'm not sure if it actually was dead or not. There were 2 or 3 apples on the tree that were very big and ripe looking. Any thoughts on what this symbolizes? Thanks.

Example: What does this dream symbol mean?

What does it mean to get a bikini wax in my dream?

Example: What does this dream symbol mean ?

Last night I had a strange dream where I came across a Pine Tree surrounded with sparkling glitter. There was a forest of trees that I was coming out of and when I looked back only the one tree was glittering. The tree looked healthy and mature.

Does anyone know what this symbol could mean?

Example: What's the meaning behind these dream symbols?

Lately I have been having very different dreams from normal in that I'm in situations I've never dreamed about before.

In one dream I went to a friend's (dream friend, not real life friend) wedding but forgot to RSVP so I didn't stay for the reception so that I wouldn't be eating someone elses food. I then went to an ex boyfriend's (dream bf, not real life) house by the charity of this nice older black woman, who wasn't wealthy but was helping me get back on my feet. My ex had two bedrooms, but he was living with his gf and another roomate. I could tell he still had feelings for me by the way he tried to take care of me, but I didn't want to live in the house where I clearly didn't belong and had nowhere to sleep. Next thing I know, I'm pregnant with lower back pain! It bugs me so much that the black woman takes me to the ER. I hope to see this doctor I have a crush on in real life, but he isn't there. I skip the ER, though I'm not sure why I didn't want to be there.

Any ideas on what it means, especially the being pregnant with back pain part? I've never been pregnant, and I'm not pregnant.

The next dream I'm eating fresh honey with pieces of honeycomb still in it. I don't remember the rest but I can't help but feel the honey has significance.

In another dream, I'm walking on broken glass and hurt myself when two big shards stab my right foot.

Genuine help is appreciated, not people throwing in mindless one liners to get their two points.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean? Lot of Dream Symbols In It. 10 pts.?

I dreamed me and my friend Kyle were running away from something (i dont know what but it wasn't like we were running in fear). First we were in a wooded area with lots of leaves and we were running downhill. (he was always either behind or next to me running throughout the dream). The we were in a snowy place in the woods running. Then we were in this green field where there were two farmers watching us fall in the grass. They turned on those sprinkler things w/ pesticides when we where behind them. When Kyle sat down he almost sat down on two snakes (yellow and black. i think Mangrove Snakes). I got his attention and asked him to hold their necks so I could stomp their heads. He did and when I tried to kill them their heads just stretched like they were rubber. The snakes never tried to bite us and we weren't really scared of them. Then we left to this 3rd world country place (idk where) and we collected sheep with a big container of water and children were laughing and following us around. And halfway through these places we were in a store that sold movies and shoes. I tried to find shoes I could walk to all these places in but they were all either high heels or super big or old.

What does my dream mean? It was very long but I think there are alot of symbols in it that kind of seem to contradict eachother.

Example: What do these dream symbols mean?

I've been having a lot of dreams about car crashes and foster homes.
neither of my parents have been in the car when it crashes.
and the crashes and foster homes are never in the same dream.

I'm worried about the car crashes though. Because it implies I die everytime. The grand total is 27.

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