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Dream About Swimming meanings

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Example: What does this swimming dream mean?

I was swimming in a crystal clean swimming pool. I felt so free and at peace. I was doing tricks in the water and outside the water like a dolphin. I noticed thier was a man (he resembled someone I know) he was following me in the water. Every where I swam he also swam. When I would jump out the water to do a trick he would raise his head above water and watch as if protecting me. When I would swim under water he would swim under water right behind me. I began to feel as though he was chasing me. But I wasnt scared I was intrigued.

interesting dream. i think that shows your freedom, but someone (older sibling, best friend, mentor, family member) is always looking out for you. your freedom might have gotten you into trouble before and they are making sure that at times when you are trying very independent things (the tricks in the water) you have someone to lean on. Them "chasing" you could mean that they are always there for you, no matter what. This is a little vague but this is what i interpret from this dream

Example: Dreams...?

can someone tell me what it means to dream bout fish swimming in something like a tank.

Example: What does it mean when we dream of swimming underneath the sea and trying to pick up a candle?

Example: What Does It Mean To Dream Of Swimming In A Big Lake?

Example: What is the meaning if you dream swimming in the ocean?

what is the meaning if you dream that your friend is in the ocean swimming and afterwards she was gone and I see a ship towards where she swim.

Example: Dream interpretation swimming what does it mean?

I'm not a swimmer . . . but, last night I dreamed that I was swimming (olympic type swimming). I felt as if I was competing with the elite swimmers. I wasn't intimidated, and for some odd reason I was able to keep up with them, and actually beat most.

Like I said, I'm not a swimmer, I don't watch the olympics or anything. I do run long distance though.

Is there anyone who could interpret my dream, or what my subconcious is trying to tell me?



Example: What does it mean dreaming of swimming with sea turtles.?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about swimming?!?

ok so i just woke up and i had a crazy dream... i was swimming in this big beautiful crystal clear swimming pool. i did not want to get out of the pool at all.. my mom came out of the house * i don't have a pool btw.* and she was like ok thats enough come inside *also i'm 18 she wouldnt say that anymore haha* but anyways i said no i dont wana get out yet and i kept swimming and it was amazing. sooo what does this mean? cuz i woke up very pleasant... not that i'm complaining

Example: What do you think it means to dream of swimming? ?

I have had several dreams of swimming pools like water parks, motel pools sometimes there is no water and sometimes its full. I've had dreams of swimming with my clothes on too.

Example: What does it mean to constantly dream that im swimming?

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