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Dream About Swimming Pool meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this swimming dream mean?

I was swimming in a crystal clean swimming pool. I felt so free and at peace. I was doing tricks in the water and outside the water like a dolphin. I noticed thier was a man (he resembled someone I know) he was following me in the water. Every where I swam he also swam. When I would jump out the water to do a trick he would raise his head above water and watch as if protecting me. When I would swim under water he would swim under water right behind me. I began to feel as though he was chasing me. But I wasnt scared I was intrigued.

interesting dream. i think that shows your freedom, but someone (older sibling, best friend, mentor, family member) is always looking out for you. your freedom might have gotten you into trouble before and they are making sure that at times when you are trying very independent things (the tricks in the water) you have someone to lean on. Them "chasing" you could mean that they are always there for you, no matter what. This is a little vague but this is what i interpret from this dream

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming of salt water fish in a swimming pool?

I've been having the same dream every night in different variations always having to do with fish. It started with a dream that there were millions of dead fish floating on the surface of the ocean shore. Then the following nights it was salt water fish in the swimming pool. Sometimes they are attacking me, other times they just swim by but I'm still terrified. Last night there was a single electric eel! What's going on? it's just so odd I need answers! Please :)

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a swimming pool of blood?

Okay, so I don't remember well about my dream, but i know there was slide that leads down to a swimming pool of blood. So at first, all my family already went down on the slide to swim, then it was my turn, but the dream changed the subject a little. Then it goes back to me going to the slide, but in my dream it changed to the bloody swimming pool to a regular one. Anyways I went down and my family was there swimming. Then this door appeared, when we opened it there was this demon (I'm not who who or what it was; i don't remember that well). After that the subject of my dream changes and I don't remember because my dreams always changes subject and the people always change to another person. So, anyways can anyone tell me what this means? Thank You

Example: Swimming Pool Dream, what does it mean?

I am in a swimming pool with group of friends.
It is a swimming lesson class…
Everyone gets to learn how to swim.
My teacher is a female..
Then my classmates are having a hard time learning to swim…
Then I swum, and everyone was surprised that I know how to swim.
(in real life I do, I studied when I was 10 years old.)
So it was that I made 3 swimming techniques and I passed all those 3 tests.
A man at the other side of the pool is inloved with me, I am also with him… but unfortunately I can’t remember who he is.
The dream was cut there.

note; this dream happened after the epic indigo flower dream

Example: Swimming Pool dreams?

So I had this dream 2 - 3 times now, about swimming pools. Not just regular pools, but dirty, filthy, algae ridden pools that I have to swim in. I sometimes get in the water, but I never actually do any swimming.

In my dream, I always have on a swimsuit. The settings are always different, and it one dream there were multiple pools.

Any idea what this means?

Example: What dying in pool dream mean?

last night i saw a dream and i dont know what that dream mean ok i saw i were in inside pool of one hotel and i was swiming intor for some one reason i swim fast to save somebody or something and something hit me in my head i think it was some one who pass above my head and i coulnt go up for breath and i was dying slow slowing as i was going deep and deep and more deep no one help me and i was looking up it was a light so powerfull light i was try to catch it but i could i felt so tired and i after some minites i die and i saw my self dead under the pool with ppl up swiming what that dream mean?

Example: What do Pregnancy Dreams Mean? And what does swimming pool dreams mean?

I've been having weird dreams and panic attacks especially the pool one because pool scare me

Example: What does it mean to keep dreaming water/swimming pools all the time?

i keep having dreams relating to water, one time a pool was very clear and clean, and then again, and then i had one were i jumped of a bridge into the sea, and then i had one when i was swimming in a public pool.

a few weeks later i had another one about a giant pool at night with people swimming in it, and then last night i had one about swimming in my pool in my back garden haha.

Example: What does it mean to have a lot of dreams about swimming pools?

A long time ago I started to have reoccurring dreams that I was in a 100 foot deep swimming pool and just clinging to the edge. Then sometimes I would dream I was swimming but the size and deepness of the pool was kind of freaky. I still keep having dreams about swimming pools, usually they are huge. Since I tried scuba diving in real life, although I didn't like it, I feel more comfortable swimming in the deep water but it's still a bit freaky. I have no fear of normal sized swimming pools in real life! What do you think these dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about swimming?!?

ok so i just woke up and i had a crazy dream... i was swimming in this big beautiful crystal clear swimming pool. i did not want to get out of the pool at all.. my mom came out of the house * i don't have a pool btw.* and she was like ok thats enough come inside *also i'm 18 she wouldnt say that anymore haha* but anyways i said no i dont wana get out yet and i kept swimming and it was amazing. sooo what does this mean? cuz i woke up very pleasant... not that i'm complaining

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