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Dream About Sweetgum Tree meanings

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Example: How can you tell the difference between a hallucination and a spiritual experience?

Now, i have, been diagnosed with schizophrenia because i hear voices and see visions, but, there is such thing's as spiritual being's/entities which cannot be explained by scientific measures yet, these beings, can talk to you, show you things and give you information. There is such thing as the third eye, in which, you see thing's that aren't there/present. You see dreams with your third eye, they are not there, does that mean dreams are hallucinations? nobody else see's your dream's except you! Does this mean spiritual experiences viewed through your eye's and mind/third eye is giving you/showing you hallucinations? I see and hear things that have independent existence but cannot be proved by means of scientific measures, for example, i see stars, light's, visions, force fields, vortexes and other paranormal/supernatural beings and things etc. just because I'm the only individual who is seeing these things at the present time does not mean they are not real. If a tree falls down in the woods and nobody hears it does that mean the tree did not fall? How can you differentiate between the paranormal and supernatural subjective experiences and the so called hallucinations of schizophrenia?

Hello Kaine

There was a problem at your birth. Your creative powers are of a high order. The price you pay is that their opposite, chaos, arises easily in your life. You must walk through life like a man carrying a see-saw. Your mental status must be ever before you. You are the center of the see-saw. You can control this. That statement does not impact on the medical advice you receive.

Your parents have never doubted that you are above the ordinary. This has correctly influenced you to believe completely in yourself. Others may regard you with uncertainty, even suspicion. You, however will never doubt yourself or your abilities. Yet your promise has not so far fulfilled itself in your life. You are now yearning towards achievement.

Voices. Visions. Spiritual beings. Entities. Third Eye. Dreams. Hallucinations. Stars. Lights. Force Fields. Vortexes. Paranormal. Supernatural.
What you see is not paranormal as it is known. It is not supernatural as people think of it. It is not Spirits in the way that you think of it.
At this point you are not being given access to people's lives in other dimensions.
You have access to the creative machine that underlies reality.
You are seeing the building blocks from which reality is made. They seem to be alive. That is their nature. They have no advice to give. They are servants for you to study, analyse, and create from.
In the old days they called this 'fairy gifts.' Gifts that would either have no practical use or which, if used, would give a mixed result. It is another string to your bow. You can do an ordinary job and then bring your fairy gifts to bear upon it and, perhaps develop it on to a whole new level.

You will shortly move into a new phase where you receive premonitions. You will not be happy about this. It is nothing to do with anything above, but is natural to a person at your level of spiritual development.
You will be given nothing that you can't handle. Your spiritual development is completely separate from your fairy gifts, and relates to how you handle what you've got. In matters spiritual you remain at the same level as any other person of your age and maturity. Your abilities are practical rather than spiritual. You may, if you wish, become a craftsman of the mind and imagination.

There is no reason you should not contribute greatly to society. In later life you will choose a life of retreat and solitude. Handle your affairs with common-sense and an unclouded attitude to the reality of life. Use ordinary precaution and never lose sight of the fact that all our lives are temporary.

Best wishes

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