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Dream About Sweet Water meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

my dream had differnt parts. first i was back in my country and i wanted to teach people how to dance and they came, but then they disapeared and they were in the garage watchin something on tv. then i went back to my room with my friend pissed. my ex bf came with a girl who was wearing an outfit i used to have, and they were both wearing the same thing and he was hugging her from the back. i was like w.e and then all of a sudden i was downtown and it was raining, this car fell off a building, then i saw cars floating in water and i got scared. me and my parents walked to my aunts house and this person gave us a paper that said its the end of the world, and if were alive now we are going to die tomorrow. the e nd of the world came 4 years earlier . than my dad wanted to go see his mom, so i offered to walk with him. and i told him and my mom dat since were alredy dying, i want them to no i love them, my dad said thats all he wanted. and then i kissed my bf, and my dad saw,

sometimes, dreams mean things but if its one that dont make sense, then no, it sometimes means nothing. if you ate alot or ate sweets before bed, then that might have caused them.its different for alot of people. if i eat alot before bed, i have good dreams. last night, i went to bed hungry and i had a dream school was starting back and that my brother missed the bus. but just dont worry about it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so last night i had a really vivid dream and i really want to know what it means. like what is my consiousness trying to tell me.
so basically i kissed this guy and we were being somewhat "lovey dovey" ha. the kiss was so real. i could actually feel his lips pressed against mine and it was my first kiss. and i remember the feeling of him kissing me. it was nice sweet. then he put his arms around me and i snuggled in with him and i remember feeling really safe in his arms. but then i pushed his arms off of me because i didnt want to things to be awkward or mess anything up. oh and by the way we were sitting on a dock but there wasnt water under us. then i fell or went off the dock myself and he cam and helped me. as he was helping me back up, i remember he put his hand on my boob somewhat groping it. but i didnt like him doing that so i moved his hands lower and away from my boobs. lol (srry for this being really graphic) then i dont remember the rest. the thing that freaks me out is that i know this guy but were not close whats so ever. ive known his since kindergarden and we were somewhat friends then. then 2 years ago we had one class together and we talked but werent close. and not gonna like i had a small crush on him when i was younger. but i dont talk to him anymore. he's like one the "popular" guys.
today i couldnt stop thinking about that dream. please someone help me understand this dream!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream last night that I was working on my job, as usual, and one of my co-workers who was 70 years old, fell over and had a heart attack, and me and the other co-workers came by, one called a medic, and we all tried to revive him, but he was already dead before the medic came. And then we all started crying and I woke up sobbing hysterically, it took me like 10 mins. to calm down and realize that this was all a dream, so I got to work, and now I can't even look at him anymore without tearing up a little. Richard is only 70 years old, has a heart condition, and has a huge asthma problem. He is a really sweet guy, I don't want him to die so soon. Now I can't even look at him without crying, realizing that he is going to die when it's only a dream. It's embarrassing to cry at my job, I always have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom to freshen up, does Richard think I'm weird now? Do I need to seek counceling or what? What does this dream even mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I really need to know what its means. I lived in an old house from when i was younger. and i hear music outside and there is adam lambert singing for me for my birthday. I wanted to go outside but alot of the ground was really really muddy and flooded kind of like a swamp. And then i hear loud mexican music ruining it for me so i go to the front of the hoise and see a mariachi band i tell them to leave but then see my whole family outside. I ask what is happening and they say they are here for my 15th (hispanic version of sweet 16) i told them i already had mine. And that im 20. So i go find my mom and she says it was a gift from edwin. (ex step father who raped me a couple of months before my fifteen) i look at her in shock and see he is behind her. They are back together and i dont understand why. My little sister is hugging him happy he is there. And he turns to me and says your mom told me what you think i did. But its all in your head. I didnt do it. You just imagined it. And if i did it is because you wanted it. That pisses me off but my mom cant see whats going on. I go to the restroom and see he is trying to peek in. I slam the door on his face. He gets mad but i ignore him and my mom was asking why i dont want to see her happy? Then he says he baught me from my mom and that i am to be his wife now. So that night one of the guys that was suppossed to work my 15 ends up spending the night and somehow or another he tells my sister and me to go to los angeles with him. I see my old friends from when i lived there and see my sister talking to a stranger. I start talkimg to her and realize she looks familiar. I told her i drew her and take out the picture she freaks out cause the pic has the hair cut she wanted. So it ends up being i could like draw something that was happening or gonna happen in the future. And so i go to be alone and try again when some mob boss comes up. He told me to draw a horse so i drew a sick one with the number 10 on it. And i said it was gonna die while running. So he asked me which one will win. I didnt know so i closed my eyes. And was gonna say i dont see anything but instead said no one. Then the next day the mob boss comes back to me a gives me 100$. also i wasnt really in los angeles. i was in irving texas but the people around me were ones i knew in la. and for some reason we kept saying it was la like we were in california but the scenery was clearly not las angeles. so what does my dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a mermaid?

I dreamed of a beautiful mermaid who was standing on her fin. She asks, "Is anyone gonna help me get into the water?"

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was on the back poarch of my crushs house( her house was on the beach and i was sitting in a chair next to two people). my crush came out of the water and started walking toward her front door. i said to one person i really like her. the person replied by saying go after her you only live once. i then said your right and did a flip off of the back poarch and talked to my crush about going for a walk. we did and i found a yellow ball so we decided to play catch. i threw the ball over her head and then did a flip over a fence to get the ball. some guy that was mowing his lawn said he destroyed it and gave me a football. I then walked into my crushs house and was following her into the kitchen. she left the kitchen and when i went to go follow her someone told me to look at the fridge and all of the pictures that were on it. I then went out of the kitchen to find my crush. then i woke up .what does this mean

Example: What do snakes mean in my dreams?

In my dreams/nightmares there are often a lot of snakes, but the snakes are ALWAYS my friends/pets. They are always warm and curl around my neck and arms, or allow me to hold them in my hands. Sometimes they are white, and sometimes they swim in the water.

Often in my nightmares snakes are the only things being friendly towards me while even my boyfriend/friends treat me phenomenally horrible. I am just surprised because I did a little research and found that snakes often mean BAD things in dreams. I just don't think that is the case this time.

What do you think snakes mean in my dreams? I really don't think they symbolize something negative. Also, please don't get mad at me if I put this question in the wrong category! I am very new at this :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream last night that the guy that i really like and possibly love (and he likes me back,but hasnt asked me out yet) ... well were in his car first and it was sunny out, the car was driving smoothly and we were talking and he said i have a suprise for you..

anyways then he took me on a date were the two of us were paddling a canoe and talking and smiling and the water was calm and it was wonderful... i woke up with a wonderful pleasant feeling

what does this mean

Example: Defecating in dreams. What does it mean?

Over the last few weeks I have been having horrible dreams about defecating in public. In my dreams I either have uncontrollable diarrhea in public or I urinate through my clothes when I'm talking to business colleagues. What does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning? please?

Iam a Muslim and I dreamt that someone is saying read these ((words)) holy verses of our holy book Koran , and blow it on water and feed water to your son.
What could this mean?

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