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Dream About Sweat Pants meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming a t-rex (dinosaur)?

i had this dream last night... im saving my family from a t-rex attack.. i'm blocking the door so that the t-rex cant come to us... i let my family run and so on... what does it mean? thank you. . . .

Ive been learning psychology at school recently, and your brain does some pretty amazing things. There are lots of ideas and theories going around that its hard to tell EXACTLY what it means. According to the Freud theory, your brain has very raw thoughts when you are asleep, things you wouldnt otherwise think about when you are awake (sex with your best friend etc). Your brain uses some weird method which kind of DISGUISES your thoughts to make SOME sort of sense out of it, so the raw thoughts dont CREEP YOU OUT! (This normally happens when you wake up panting and sweating) Now if you use the Freudian theory, your dream would somehow point to the fact youre thinking about female genitalia or something like that (He was obsessed with it). It does seem a little far fetched.
Other popular theories say that if you are being chased in a dream that there may be some sort of trouble in your life you are trying to escape from, but cant stop thinking about. There are lots of different ideas as to what ideas mean. Look them up somewhere, you might be surprised! :D

Example: What do you think is the meaning of this dream? (it's long)?

I dreamed that I was in the house of and old woman that I know. (We call her auntie even though we are not related to her.) Her home is usually tidy, but in the dream it was cluttered with stacks of old newspapers. There were old newspapers everywhere on the furniture and on the floor. Auntie was sitting on a stool by the stove leaning forward, resting her elbows on her knees. Her soft green T-shirt was stainless (that’s unusual, she often spills coffee on the shirt) and she was wearing beige thin pants and shoes. She was telling me stories from her youth. She had a hard life but when ever she tells stories about her youth she points out the good things and makes jokes, and she was chuckling as she told her stories.

I tried to move around in the clutter and I noticed that there were snakes slithering around in the newspapers. The snakes were 2 - 4 feet long and they were striped in black, bright yellow and orange. I knew that they were very poisonous.
(continues in add on)

Example: What does my dream mean !?

everynight for the past 2 weeks i have been having the same dream ,

i was recently in a wreck about 2 months ago when someone hit me when i was stooped at a stoplight she was going 45 i was stopped so it was a big inpact ...i dont no if my dreams now have anything to do with my wreck.. or not but i turn at a intersection and a semi hits me on the drivers side and im listening to ghetto gospel from akon and wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt .. its really freaking me out so if anyone can help i would really apreciate it .. i live in woodward,oklahoma things like that dont happen so thats why im freaking out as uch as i am

Example: What would it mean when I had this weird dream about my girlfriend just last night ?

I don't why but I had the weirdest dream ever last night when i was sleeping. I'm an 20 year old guy and I'm currently living with my beautiful Asian girlfriend and I love my girlfriend a lot. She is my like a thing that keeps me alive and I would die If I didn't have her. She and I been together for 2 years. She and I are about the same height and she is really cute, especially when she puts on a pair of skinny jeans with some stiletto pumps shoes, I never knew what those shoes were called until I lived with her these past 2 years. But I had an very weird dream or more of a nightmare last night, I dreamed that she and I were out in town and when all of a sudden some sort of thing made her vanish into thin air and next thing she came to me dressed in a white robe dress wearing clear heels and kissed me and then walked into the sky. Then I was searching everywhere for her and crying out her name, next thing I knew I woke up from my sleep panting and sweating and crying. I was in bed with her and she then asked me what was wrong and I said nothing and she then looked at me and went back to sleep. So what did this weird dream meant ? Did it mean that something bad is going to happen to her ? What should I do ? I feel so scared for my girlfriend and I love her so much.

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

I used to have them almost every night. Sometimes it would be an intended suicide or for some reason I would walk backwards off a cliff, not knowing there was a cliff there. I've never hit the ground. I wake up right before hitting the ground in my dream but in mid-air in reality and land on my bed; panting and sweating. I guess I would say I'm slightly depressed but does the suicide dreams mean something more severe?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm 13 and going into 8th grade. My uncle died back in July 2006 because he fell 2 stories and hit his head on concrete. he spent two weeks in a hospital and was making a very good recovery, then he died of a blood clot, and every night since then, i've been having this dream where I'll walk into a room (the room is different in each dream) and my uncle will be sitting on the couch in sweat pants and a t-shirt. I'll get really excited and I'll run up to hug him, because i know he's been dead for a long time. after a hug, I'll let go and his head falls off onto the floor. There is a moment of pure mortification then the dream ends. Can someone tell me what this means? i've been having it every night for more than 4 years and it haunts me.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

My first dream was my running up the pathway to my house, it would only take around 5 seconds in real life but when this was happening it felt like forever. When i reached my door way i just curled up into a ball a screamed. I woke up in a cold sweat, cross eyed, and panting. the second one was kind of like a cameras point of view above im guessing was a window. It was and old, rotted attic and there were two people in it. An old woman and a young boy, the old woman was dragging the young boy and the young boy was holding a noose. She pushed the young boy down the stairs to the house but when she tried to go down she couldn't, it looked as if she were hit in the head. There was an outline of a man as if he had put on like active camouflage from halo. and he grabbed her, he started dragging he towards my point of view and i saw his features. he looked like a Jewish man or a pilgrim. He had rotted skin, tattered cloths and when he went under my point of view (the window i'm guessing) i woke up. What do my dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay my friend had a dream about her and her boyfriend and she wanted me to ask what it meant, She had a dream that she was in a room that looked like an attic and everywhere was white, and she was on a couch texting and on the phone. Then she said out of no where, her boyfriend came and closed the door behind him and they started making out, and somehow she got on top of him, and when she unzipped his pants... his penis was a hotdog, lmfao.
What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean - had a dream about a classmate I don't know tries to kill herself?

My dream started out my family and i shopping for school supplies. It then continued on that we were on a field trip but my family was there along with classmates BUT I didn't know any of my classmates. The place we were at was apparently a horror place where someone kills a person every time people go there. The entire time we were scared someone was gonna come out and kill us. After we think we have caught the person, a classmate stands up and pulls out a razor blade/knife and starts to hurt herslef. we try to talk her out of hit. She starts to spit blood everywhere. We call the ambulance and they take her away. I'm not sure if she actually dies because I woke up sweating, panting, and absolutely frantic and terrified!

Please help me!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don't remember the order or the scenes but I remember a couple of them.

scene 1.
it was in a gloomy swamp with dead trees, green slime or moss all over the place. The swamp was filled with evil knights and shadowy creatures with glowing eyes that chased me, but i wasn't scared. I was enjoying the fantasy world appearance and the creatures in there. There were heaps of dead trees and alot of mist.

scene 2.
in general, i had alot of scenes in the dream that were set at night time, in the mist. In this part, i must have been at some circus or something because there were small tents, in one of them was a fat lady fingerng herself, the second, these wierd devices where a woman's head appeared and i got oral sex from her head, and then my brother and mum caught me without my pants so i went running around the tent to put my pants back on quickly. and out of the mist, there were these glowing orange dots flying towards me one at a time. I dodged as many of them as posible, and one hit a tree, i took a good look at it and it was a dart with a glowing orange light on it. i was feeling scared here, because sharp darts or arrows were flyng at me and i only just managed to dodge some of them. one or two caught me by the arm.

scene 3.
there was a scene where it was like on the movie THIRTEEN GHOSTS -- i was in this glass house with freaky ghosts/ghouls running after me, i was scared there.

there was this strange place, illumed in the light of fire from a torch on the wall maybe, or a light bulb, either way it was a light in this room, it looked like a room. The room had no floor tho, it was a drop to a dark, unlit area or dirt/sand. but in the light, i was standing before the drop, with all these professional looking men with suits, kind of like members of parliament. And next thing i see are these black things crawling up the wall, in big masses, which turned out to be mummies with armor and spears, climbing the walls and leaning off them, facing the men standing around me. they threw the spears in a huge hail of spikes, hitting the rich looking men and leaving them to fall into the gloomy pit. At this moment i fell into the pit too, but i wasn't struck, and wasn't scared either. But i was fascinated.

And for some random reason i saw hitler, but this was in an area of daylight, like in a gas station maybe, with glass doors that open and close for people. He stood outside with soldiers. Freaken wierd dream, huh?

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