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Dream About Swamps meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

last night i had a strange dream, i was at school and we started running on this weird track after class, i ran faster and longer than normal and i was passing everyone but then i ran into a swamp with trees blocking my way, it was hard to go through everyone turned away before the swamp except me, i then found a giant pink spider and i walked away from it cautiously i then ended up on a very tall tree i was stuck there was no way down, i yelled at my classmates to come and help me but they couldnt hear i then started crying, the other on is that im in a dark area with my family and best friend, they stayed in the area while i ventured out into the light but then these people would come and beat me the last on is that i was in this strange town, it was warm and perfectly all the grass was green, but then all of the sudden people were turning into zombies but they wouldnt attack me only other people

The first part of your dream had a lot of meaning to it. The track could possibly represent your life, you go through your life faster an quicker then most other people. When you got to the swamp, I believe this symbolizes a dark past, perhaps? The scene of you getting stuck to a tree shows that you are deeply tied to certain problems, and become weak when no one is able to help you. We are all human, so this is normal.

After that, I believe the spider is nothing, and the village of zombie people is just a program your brain launched because it had nothing else to say, but who knows? Perhaps you'll find that village one day...

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I have a friend who had a really vivid dream last night and I'm wondering what it means. She remember she was driving to some Hindu temple, but on the wrong side of the road. When she arrived there, it was like a swampy place, and there were many old Hindu leaders in the mud. Then, the mud swept them away. Any idea what this could mean? o.0

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was back at my childhood town. I was showing my niece and nephew what a good time I used to have and had fun being a kid again. Then out of my control I was in a water hole in the swamp.

I was told never to go there cause it was dangerous. There was a large group of kids. My niece was sitting on my lap and I knew she was going to jump in and hit her head on a rock but did nothing to stop her. I then saw a tragic accident and blood everywhere.

My nephew said just steady yourself down and gave her stitches and was fine.
Then my nephew jumped in and hurt himself.
I said this is the reason mom said not to come here it is too dangerous. The other kids said please don't leave this place and were sad. Then I woke up. But did nothing to help my nephew cause I knew I was dreaming.

Example: What does this dream possiably mean?!?

...it starts out im in a forest...beautiful birds chirping everything sunlight going through the tree tops making small rays everything perfect so relaxing...but in front of me there is a boy...about my age...i know for a fact that its a monk he is bald and wearing white ...robe i guess it is with Grey graphics on it i dont know what they say there in some language...but he looks at me...jumps spins in the air! and goes to kick me in the head, BUT right b4 he hits me the world around me is changed im in a horrible place a swamp! dead everywhere...he looks at me and says "things will change" and i wake up
P.S. Im spiritually active if that helps

Example: What do these dreams mean?

what does it mean when you dream about secret rooms, passage ways, etc...any place thats hidden?
i have lots of dreams about lakes/swamps too

Example: What does a dream of dead babies mean?

i had a dream that i was at swamp and there were dead babies everywhere.. What does this mean?

Example: Do dreams have meaning?

I don’t normally think dreams mean any thing at all. But when I woke up this morning this one was bugging the hell out of me. So here goes: some old guy was telling me that I need to find the body’s of 3 dead girls that were wrongly killed for being witches. He told me that I need to look toward the ruins of an old city. So then this girl and boy were with me and we were running though a swamp of old ruins to try and find theses dead girls but we were being chased by a mob that didn’t want us to help the witches. All I remember next is a lot of running. Though old buildings that were all connected with the girl and boy. We get to the end of one building and there be a door to the next. Some times a lock we needed to brake. As we were running all I think was the swamp and ruins were to our left. So once we can to an end of the building we ran out a door and jumped in to some lake. Once we swam across it we were digging around in some freaky woods, there were tails all over the place. And people dressed in black. They had a little girl in a red dress on a board. I started arguing with one of the people saying that little girl wasn’t one of the dead witches. I was upset that I hadn’t found them. Them my wonder children woke me up. I don’t remember dreaming a lot but when I do there’s a lot of detail. And in this one the long connected building that I was running though had places that I’ve gone to in other dreams but places I have never actually been to. I don’t know. Does anyone know what it means? No asshole answers please.

Example: Suddenly I am swamped with dreams?

I rarely used to dream, but for the past 4 or so weeks I have dreams almost every night
Is there a reason for this?

And also, I recently had a dream that my boyfriend died. I don't remember how, but all I really remember is crying and crying and being distressed when I woke. What could it mean, if anything?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I dreamt about one of my friends throwing another one of my friends off of a building to her death. What does this mean? I also dream about huge gatherings at swamps and alien abductions. What does it all mean?

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