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Dream About Swamps meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dreams mean?

Okay, I have two dreams that I don't understand. The first one is: We r on a class field trip at this lake or swamp. Something happened to the teacher. I dont know what but he/she was not in my dream. The class split up and they all went into the water and swam through the forest since that was the only way to go. I had a choice to either go in the car that will slowly sink to the bottom and we'll open the doors and swim deep underwater. The other choice was to go with a group of ppl I know and swim through the forest like the rest of the class. I choose the car, but as we were sinking, I chickened out and opened the door and left. I ran back and I saw that the group I could have gone with left! I sat at the dock and cried yelling if someone can help me. Then the guy I use to like and have no feelings for him at all, yelled "Over here". I ignored him and pretended I couldn't see him. Then my friend came and she pushed me in the lake just to be funny. It was hard for me to swim but I'm usually a great swimmer; just that in the dream I was struggling and I had the life jacket on! I swam to the guy and we just stayed there and waited. Just the three of us in the dark swamp or whatever u want to call it. What does this dream mean? To have your class leave you behind, chicken out, a guy u dont like at all help u, and u, ur friend, and a guy u use to like just wait. What does it mean?

The next dream is pretty simple. I was some stranger. Not me, but some person I didn't even know and all the people I hated or were mean just died one after another. They all died the same way though but at diffferent periods. They all got ran over by a train. What does it mean to have random people you don't know all die at a different time but have the same cause of death?

Dreams can be pretty much about anything, the fact that you had a one-off dream about something that seemed unordinary, doesn't necessarily mean that it is significant in any way. The first dream seems typical, similar to the ones I have, which is where I dream about people I have interacted with either the day beforehand (mainly at College in class), or if I'm going to see them tomorrow. And again, like you, I also dream about people I could not care less for, yet I seem to love them in the dream, and all I did was look at their Facebook account once beforehand. Your second dream, however is a little bit more challenging, it could be your mind subconsciously dreaming about the people that you don't like, killing them and showing it in visual way, and the stranger could be an entity of death that witnesses them. Or, it could be some completely random dream that you will never have again.

Your brain goes into a sort of overdrive mode when you sleep, processing all different bits of information, which is why you sometimes dream about someone or something you would never even consider in real life, because when your awake, you pretty much use your brain to a minimum so you're only concentrated on a few things at a time.

I once had a recurring nightmare for about 3 years straight, but then one night, I dreamt about changing something in the nightmare and I never had it again. If this dream, or dreams similar to this happen every so often, then yes, it probably does have some significance to you that your mind subconsciously wants to change, or do something about.

Well, that's what I believe anyway :)

Example: What does it mean this dream?..?

what does it mean when u dream a wild animal chasing you?..near a swamp?

Example: Dream meaning please? :-)?

I was on an island, the back of the island was a bit of a prohibited place but I went there, there was a thick slimy swamp, with crocodiles and jungle like trees, right next to it there was some kind of a little town, like Amsterdam (3 stores buildings), quite European, but also covered in slime as there was supposed to be a flood there before and they would rebuild it to make some tourist place, yet by then everything was abandoned. I entered one of the buildings and I entered a particular apartment which was all furnished, but abandoned, inside I saw a very funny piano, it wasn't particularly rusty or damaged, quite colorful it was and had some guides on how to play it so I started playing it and it gave nice music. I was with someone but I don't remember who. That's where it ends.

Example: Help! What does my dream mean?

I have this dream ALL the time, literally! It's where I am digging a hole in a vast wasteland with marshes and swamps around me. When I get far enough in the ground, I find a golden staircase. The stairs are going down, not up. There is a wooden door at the bottom. I try to go into the door. It is locked. Yet, I see two men go in there and it is not locked for them! There's more. There is Egyptian Hieroglyphics on the walls. It is very creepy! What does this dream mean? I have it ALL the time!

Example: What do break up dreams mean?

i keep dreaming that my husband leaves me this happen two days in a row

Example: What did this dream mean, please?

What did this dream mean?

It was a sort of hollocaust where everyone was being stored in cages, I asked out my crush in the cage to which she said yes.

Then somehow we all escaped, me and this fat kid went together, (the main part of the dream was being chased around) eventually we got to a swamp and crossed it to hear people shouting, we followed the sound to bring us to the cages.

We went in on our own accord but the cage was seperated (a fence in the cage making it two cages), my girlfriend was in the other cage, but there was a door in the fence, I went through it and then, hugged, kissed and French kissed my girlfriend.

Then we all escaped again, and the dream ended there.

What did it mean?

(in real life this girl is only a crush)

Example: Dreaming of bees?

what does it mean to dream swamp of bees chasing you?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a black and brown snake in a swamp. I kept stepping on them?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

ive had a couple of dreams im curious about...one was relatviely short but im curious what it ment it had to do with the girl i like it started out as me eating lunch with people from school...they were picking on me as usual(as friends do it wasnt anything serious but it still bothers me haha) than the girl i like showed up and made me sit with her than i suddenly felt happy...im pretty sure all it ment was i liked that girl...but im just curious on its exact meaning...the other dream was alot more puzzleing...i dreamt i was walking by a swamp and than i kicked a can...and millions of people came out of nowehre and started screaming to shut up and stop being so weird and annoying...than i got pushed in the swamp and was held down till i drowned and woke up...i was sweating and noticed a tear go down my eye the second i woke...it was the first nightmare i had in about 3-5 years...

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I have this teacher who is really smart and he knows I love to read so he always makes a list of good books for me to read. He always tells my mom that I'm a great student and he always compliments me if I dress up of do something new with my hair. All in all i think he is a great teacher but last night I had a dream and we were in a swamp and something was chasing us. We found an empty house to hide in and then we started making out and just as we started to remove clothes I woke up. What does this mean? I feel dirty because he's my teacher and he is married also i have a boyfriend so i shouldn't be thinking about anyone else! How can I stop having dreams like this because now every time I see him i feel awkward? And I'm on the decorating committee for my prom and he is the head of that committee so I have to see him all the time. Please no rude comments this is really embarrassing and you will be reported. What does this mean? And how do I stop thinking about my dream?

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