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Dream About Suppressing One'S Feelings meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was hanging out with friends at the local Kroger and I started talking to this guy because we are friends, and I know him in real life, but I never had those feelings toward him. He kissed me unexpectedly. One of the girls I was with ran away crying because she liked him, and I turned around to look at her after the kiss because I knew she liked him. What's weird is she doesn't like him in life, my other friend does, and she was in the dream too, but she didn't like him. Then, we all went out to eat and I started worrying about my boyfriend finding out, but then I realized in my dream that he broke up with me so I like jumped up and screamed f*** him.

I'm not in a relationship now, like my boyfriend actually broke up with me exactly a week ago. So what does my dream mean?

Maybe it might be a result of your recent breakup but honestly, dreams do not ALWAYS necessarily mean something because the one in control of the dream is you. Although not directly, your subconscious is based on suppressed inner feelings or visuals you have seen in your lifetime. It's kinda like how random people might appear in your dreams and you don't know why...but I think your dream was just a dream.

Example: Sex with the devil. dream meaning?

I had a dream last night that I sort of had sex with the devil. He was about 7 or 8 feet tall, muscular, pitch black, had horns, very big genitals, did not look human at all. At first it was clear to me that he wanted to impregnate me. I was scared, but then I got really into it. We had oral sex. First he did me and then I him. Then I wanted to have intercourse, but he just left.
Can anyone tell me the meaning of this dream, if it has any? Did anyone ever had a dream like that?
ps. I'm 19, girl, and still a virgin. (aka never did any acts described above). and please no stupid answers.

Example: Weird dream...what's it mean?

I've been friends with this one guy Aaron for about a year. I've gone in and out of having a crush on him and I KNOW he liked me for awhile but he's been in a pretty serious relationship so it hasn't gone anywhere.

The last two nights I had dreams about him(which is unusual).

The first dream:
He and I were laying in the grass side by side, wrapped up in eachother's arms just looking at the sky together. I can't really explain the feeling I had while I was dreaming it but it was powerful and strong...almost painfully good...it just felt so amazing to be held by him. I felt complete as cliche as it is. I woke up in shock because it felt so real. It felt COMPLETELY different from other dreams I've had.

The 2nd Dream:
He had just gotten back from somewhere and I rushed up to hug him and he just wrapped his arms around me and enveloped me. It was amazing.

Any ideas what this means?
And a strange thought but...could he have dreamed it with me and that's why it felt so surreal?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, my mouth seemed like a small room, my teeth short walls. When I looked in the mirror, I saw into my mouth. There was dust and dirt everywhere, a dead cricket, a few cicada shells, and spider webs. It felt dry and disgusting and I was extremely terrified because I couldn't eat with all that stuff lodged into my mouth. There was space to get food into my mouth, and I wasn't choking, but it was just dirty in there. What does that mean?

Example: What Does My Strange Dream Mean?

Okay I have strange dreams but what do they mean?

Dream 1.

Im in a big car like a 4x4 and my mum gets out and the engine starts and sometimes the car goes backwards or forwards.But i cant drive the car and it gets really fast and i cant stoip it, Then usually my twin appears and helps me with the pedals and we get the car under control but then we go into a rural area on small roads and we get chased by a group of me in tophats,tux's,white gloves and white expressionless masks.But lately my twin doesnt turn up to helo me and im stuck in the car trying to control it.

Dream 2.

A voice tells me that the line (all i can see is a white or black blank with a line on it ) is my life and when the line is straight my life is good but when the line scribbles my life is bad and my whole dream consists of my line scribbling and me starting a new blank pge again and again

What do they mean?


Example: What does this dream mean? Here's the dream: My husband and I were going to renew our wedding vows...

We were doing it at a football stadium - he works in one every Friday night.I didn't seem to know much about the ceremony.I asked my mom who was taking care of things - it was some friends of my parents who they haven't seen in a long time.I was surprised they were coming to my vow renewal.My husband & I walked out of the dressing area because I thought it was time, but it wasn't. There was some kind of meeting going on in the middle of the field, so we went back under the stadium.Then a lady I have known most of my life who owns a bridal shop comes in the dressing room & offers to help me get ready.I start to put on my bra, but I tell her I don't want her to help me.I am afraid of what she'll think of me because my bra is old &missing a hook (It really is!) It's time to go out for the ceremony& my dad drives us in the older car my husband& I currently own.I am embarrased by the appearance of the car& tell him so.I am also disappointed that the PA system doesn't work.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have two dreams that had been bothering me.
One. I was falling off a cliff. When I hit the ground, I'm up on top looking down at my body. Then I would hear this voice saying 'You have to do it, everything will be all right. Now come with me" but I don't know what i'm supposed to do and for some reason, I always refuse to go where ever the voice was taking me. I had this same dream for a couple of months now.
Two. I was sitting in this beautiful garden with lots of flowers, eating cupcakes or something. But then the clouds disappear, the sky goes dark and the garden turns into a grave yard where demons are chasing me. Then above me, this guy dressed in dark blue and black is looking down at me from the church roof. He keeps on saying something that I can't hear. The ground then opens up and I fall into darkness. I always wake up screaming, sweating and hugging my pillow. I keep having this dream on my birthday when I was 8, 10. 11, 13, 15, 16 and I had it again on my 18th birthday. It really freaks me out.

What do you think my dream means/ or is telling me? Thanks in advance :*

Example: What does this messed up dream mean?

i was in a restaruant and this doll/dummy thing stabbed a guy then punched out an old womans glasses and stabbed her right in the eye and it was soooo sick then i tried to get away and i ran behind my one old friends house that i didnt speak to in like 3 years and hid there...what does this mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean, It's very disterbing 2 me...?

I always dream of food in a nasty grose way like once I was dreaming my brother and his girlfriend were moving 2 the moon and they couldn't bring food so they grew corn all over there body lol ewwww and they were eating it off them selfs.. another time I had a dream where these people had a vines growing out of there back and had strawberry's, and grapes growing ew.

... and last night I had a nasty dream that I had a flask like bruse coming out of my arm with a minnie size cooked almost burnt hotdog on top of the bruse..e.
I hate most of my dreams for which most of them are NIGHTMARES, but the food ones take the Cake.. blah

Thx for reading sorry about spelling..

Example: Any one tell me what my dream means pls?

Firstly I was working in a clothes shop and a wasp was flying around me, my sister came in an swatted the fly with a newspaper and it died. when we looked at the wasp it looked like a cartoon character, all cute and furry! than a group of people behind me were banging my dog on the head with a water jug trying to swat him!

Next I'm lying in bed beside my mum and children and another me walks into the room! I get very freaked out and stress at seeing myself walk into the room but my kids and mother are hugging the 'other' me while telling the real me its ok don't worry! The 'other' me tells me she's just going to check the us stock markets then go!

I don't usually remember my dreams but this was so vivid and real I'd love to know what it means!
Thank you!

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