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Dream About Suppressing One'S Anger meanings

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Dreaming with Suppressing One'S Anger may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: Very angry dream what does it mean?

Ok i had a dream i was hiding in the woods and a guy came out and killed my gf. So I smashed his skull with a rock and tortured him to death. The guys friend came out of the car so i threw a log at him and smashed his head with a rock which killed him. I went to my gf's family told them my gf died but that i killed the guys. So i stayed the night but was so horny that i slept with the sister. Her dad came in and saw me and screamed i'm gonna kill you he swung a bat missing and hitting the wall. i took the sisters gulf club and smashed his face with it. I ran out of the house and headed to pizza place. The dad and the mom rushed in and shot an airsoft gun at me i was so pissed i grabbed the pizza platter and slammed his face and threw him in the pizza oven. the mom charged me i moved she ran into the oven with him which killed them both. I took the sister to my hide out but she smashed my skull with a log so i slammed 40 rocks on her head killing her. Then the police came so i threw bombs at them blowing up the woods. I ran to the hills and got blown up by the nazi jets what does this mean?

Anger and anger dreams can relate to bottled up emotions. Overall it appears that you MIGHT be well served to find a form of emotional release such as sports, music, or even crying.

"Hiding in the woods," can mean hiding from reality or the truth, or away from others opinions. In literature going back for centuries going into the woods has great significance in terms of efforts to "find oneself."

A guy "coming out" could mean part of you, or some actual person, or guy that you suspect is going to take your girlfriend, or something important away from you; or your life. You could have subconscious doubts or fears about your masculinity. This is very normal. You then released your emotions on that guy; or a part of yourself. Your killing him, or thoughts representative of the guy in your dream could mean that you caused him and what he was associated with to end FOR your purposes. Going to the gf's family could mean that you sought out understanding from these parental or authority figures. Sleeping with the sister can mean taking out your anger on or seeking release from your emotions through this sister figure. Her father or a father figure, or what you see as an authority or God (father) figure, or your conscience knows how you felt, or were thinking, but it has no consequences except to "hit the wall" or boundries or ? You ran out on ? Your mind or the truth and resulting emotions (the mother figure) rushed in with some "soft balls," or too nice of words relative to how you felt or acted in your dream. You were angry that they, or your mind and emotions were letting you act that way and you acted out with greater anger. "The mom, possibly meaning emotions "changed you." Both your truth and emotions ran and you "killed them" or suppressed the emotions and your thoughts about what you had done and felt and thought about doing. You took the part of you that rationalized away your conduct, the sister, and hid out (psychologically) and then punished yourself, trying to stop yourself from thinking about it all.

When the part of you that considers that you may have to pay for what you have thought or done comes to your mind you try to extinguish it or them, and you end up back in the "woods" where you started in thoughts by yourself away from the view and opinions of others. Running into the hills or "heading for the hills," where you had to climb up in some manner did not help alleviate your thoughts and feelings and you could be thinking that greater forces, beyond that of local (police) authority figures (NAZI/ big bad government) are going to, or have been responsible for the ultimate outcome.

The dream suggests to me that you are possibly going through some of the difficult parts of getting through life's trials; learning about being emotionally attached to another, learning how to get over the loss of a love, learning about being unnecessarily insecure in relationships, etc.

If the dream is indicative of real life behavior it may mean that you have not received "osmosis-anger management training," meaning role-modeling on how to "emote." That means learning how to cause your feeling to run through you as opposed to being bottled up and then needing anger and violent behavior to release emotions. IF YOU DO have behavior that is indicitive of the dreams you might, to help yourself to avoid negative life-altering events in your future, you might want to seek out anger managment counseling. This can be helpful at any age.

As the other entry provider said, this dream may be normal for males at various stages in life. This is particularly the case where men begin to react physically to females. This problem can be more significant in early spring where, after two seasons of everyone dressing to cover themselvs for cold, women come out with far less covering?

I sure hope that this has not been a hoax dream!

Example: What does it mean to dream with heavy thunderstorm?

Well my dream started with a normal rain and I was heading to school when I had a call in private and my mother answer the call and kept say "who is this?" And a while of asking it was my friend; friend my mother dislike and my mother told him to not call back, but then I got the phone and we spoke and he told me, "this side of town is a mess, no one's going to school" and I asked "what's going on" and all rarely I heard a heavy sound and it was the thundery and I looked out side the window and everything was a mess, the thunder was AMAZINGLY huge, like the thunder was even hitting the ground, and after that I saw my sister outside playing and I kept telling my mother "get her inside" and she kept saying "nothing's gonna happen" and when I went back to the window, trees were burning and a trailer was going in high speed, and then another and another one, one of them wrecked on the side and my mother still didn't care about my sister playing outside and the after other trailer fell like right by our house, and was about to kill my sister, I went and get her and got her inside. But the thunder continue and I could hear everything; conversations, tv, thunder, wrecks, etc. I even heard when my mother said, "if my dad was alive he would have put all of you in place". Then I woke up.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I Have This Dream Almost Every Night
It's so confusing im a little girl like 6 or 7 maybe 8 idk i cnt tell. and we live in the country like around nobody else except for these strange people. i guess we know them and last night in my dream we were all riding forewheelers and petting dogs and everybody was so happy and somebody patted me on the bck and said " im real glad your home kiddo"... wht does this mean? i had a similar one about a month ago. it was this same place but these people kidnapped me and my brother and killed my parents and they said ' your nvr going bck" its kinda creepy cuz i slept all day tht day like till 12 and i normally get up at 9 and the whole time i was dreaming about tht place. But i love where i live im a normal thirteen yr old girl...popular and everything i dnt have any disire to relocate my home...

Example: Had a horrible dream, What does it mean?

I was in a police station trying to get away from the cops. I ran down these flights of stairs. I would run, then I’d see the cops coming and I ‘d run and dodge under the stairs or through the doorways to avoid them. I saw a door that said "Fire arms" and it had a lock on the outside. I ran in. I grab this weird looking shot gun and ran out of the room, shooting people to try to get out. It was more like a video game then real life. I shot cops and then it hit me. They didn’t die! The gun was fake.
Next thing I know I am home. I am going out the back door with my friend. The next door neighbor comes walking up to me and is ranting about being peeped on by people in my house. There are a bunch of children living with us. Were they came from I have no clue!. For some strange reason there is now another house between mine and the neighbor;s. I tell the neighbor that I will make sure the kids behave.
As I walk off the porch I look up and my house has a second floor with a balcony and a man and woman are sun bathing. She has a bikini on but was planning on going topless.The man is telling her to get dressed and because she refuses he leaves. I then walk over to my neighbors house walking by the new house. My friend and I sit on her porch and chat. She is mean at first but becomes nice the more we chat. My friend is waiting for a bus to show up to meet someone. The bus shows up and she leaves.
I ask the woman if I could see the inside of her home because I was always curious to what it looked like in there. She was hesitant till I said she could look at mine from the inside. She agreed and I walked through the house looking around. I told them before they lived there they had squatters. Then all of a sudden I meet Bill from "Big Love!" His whole family is living there, He looks all nervous and I can tell I need to leave.
As I leave the house and go home I am sitting there and I become so angry that I want to be left alone. I feel like I am being treated poorly and that I want to leave. Everyone keeps trying to make me stay.
I can feel the rage inside me and I can’t stop it. The feeling of anger was so real. I tried running from the house down the road but this old woman that looked like a cross between a friend of mine and a teacher I had in high school. She was trying to talk me in to staying and was pulling me back home. I told her I’d get out somehow even if it meant killing myself. I stormed in to the room and started trashing every thing! Breaking stuff, screaming, yelling, crying.
Next thing I know I am in a van and My husband is driving. We stop at a mini mall and I see one of my sisters. I laugh crazily and run out of the Van towards her. My husband looking angry and hurt just says “Fine! But don’t ever come back. If you leave then that’s it. I won’t take you back and you don’t love me.” I was so hurt. I couldn’t do it. I felt guilty but I didn’t want to stay in that house. What’s messed up is that my Husband was never the one I was angry with. It was everyone else in that house. I woke up.
I love my husband and he treats me like I am the best thing that’s ever happened to him. What the hell does this dream mean?

Example: Dream about saying to a girl "I will die in 5 days".What does it mean?

I had a dream yesterday that I was with a girl,she was looking for her father and we were wandering for days looking for him.We were very hungry and we were eating pieces of wood to survive.I even remember the taste of it.Then I told her that I can't hold any more and that I will die.She asked me when and I replied "in about 5 days".I have no issues with hunger or with my father in real life,since he is alive and well.What does this dream mean and what's going to happen in 5 days?

Example: What does this dream mean?

well i dreamed about this kid that i fought before like 3 times and beat cuz he made fun of my family and me - in the dream him and his friend had their hair dyed orange for halloween, and he was making fun of me, so i grabbed him and kept hitting him with a rage that i cant really describe - i was just REALLY angry - and when i was done his friend walked up to him and said - HE'S O.D KNOCKED OUT - "o.d knocked out" means "he's REALLY knocked out!" what does this mean?

Example: What does this freaky dream mean? I was being threatened by a man so I shot him?

I dreamed a man (who I've never met in real life) kept coming over to our house and threatening to shoot me. There was a long page with info about how he wanted our right hands (as in chopped off and given to him!) and if we didn't sacrifice them he would come over and shoot me. I was really scared and wanted to call the police but I didn't and at one point I thought the problem had gone away, but then discovered it hadn't. He kept leaving threatening notes and coming near our house; even had his face pressed against the glass door once! One day I saw him in our front yard and I took the gun that had suddenly appeared in our house and shot him in the head. Then I shot at his head multiple times so his head exploded! ..Then I woke up.

I was so freaked out by that dream! Could it represent something going on in my waking life? (I've been feeling upset over someone who ignores me and don't know what to do about it - not sure if that could be relevant.) What could the dream mean?

Example: Repeating dream what does it mean about my deceased mother...?

My mother was killed in a auto accident 5 years ago it devestated our family, I dream about her and I am always angry with her were fighting and screaming at each other and she is 60 years old and finds out shes pregnant and I'm so mad at her, in real life we were best friends who done everything together why am I fighting with her and why do I keep dreaming shes pregnant, in the dreams I can't see her face I can only hear her voice which maybe because they had her face covered when we first got to the second hospital that they healthnetted her to where she actually died...Please only serious answers

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting shot & feeling like your really dying?

this is weird, but i've never experienced a dream like this before. Today i had a dream that i was kinda like those people on CSI trying to solve a mystery. I guess there was a guy who committed a crime? So me and this other guy went to look for evidence. We went in his office and opened the drawers to his desk for some evidence. I found a gun & his mother was in the room. This other guy comes in the room with a gun of his own and threatens to shoot me, so i took the gun out the desk, loaded it & pointed it at the man who was threatening me. He shot me on the left side of my stomach, but i was still standing so i started shooting at him but i missed all my shots. Then i fell to the ground & my eyes were getting drowsy. I turned to look on my side and i can see blood coming out of my wounds & spreading on the floor around me. I literally felt like i was dying in the dream & then my mother appeared along with all these other people. The other people were saying they`re gonna stand there & wait for me to die, but at the same time i was wondering why nobody was calling for help since i got shot. My mother was telling me to stay up because she won't let me die, but my eyes kept getting drowsier and drowsier and i closed them, but then i woke up again because my mom woke me up and at the same time i kept crying because again i was gonna die, but all i kept hearing was my mom telling me to stay awake. Then my sister woke me up because she said i was crying in my sleep.

what kind of connection could this dream result to?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

in my dream i was living in a large estate. everybody calls it "espiritu state" (idk why). in my dream my neighbor was having a party and all of those people are my church members. they invited me to their party too. one man told me that "most people living in that estate won't survive for three days and they said that most people who own that house can see things that are not there, don't you feel scared?" i replied to him "why should i" i turned my back and walked away. after the party it went raining and since my neighbor's house was small i invited my church members to stay in my place until the rain is gone.when my friends entered my house they went upstairs and stayed in one room. as for me i went to the living room because i kept hearing a weird old woman's voice. the weird voice kept laughing and was trying to scare me but i didn't react at all i just said " you who tried to deceive me, don't you have fear and shame when you faced him?" (i don't know who is this person im talking about) and suddenly the old woman appeared outside the window and then fades away (just like a ghost) and the voice fade away too while laughing..i went up to the stairs and went to the movie room and watch tv. suddenly this criminal looking face guy just appeared out of nowhere tried to harrass me, i got angry on him and i said "no" as i stood up and walked away fast before he would rape me. as i run down the hallway my mind was telling me not to go to the swimming pool but i did it. at the back of the large estate was a big swimming pool. i went there and found out that there where a lot of people swimming in the pool most of them where guys only few females. i don't know who this people are and i surely didn't invite them, so i got mad and clenched my fist and yelled at them. i said "i didn't invite you all here ,all of you get out of my F***ing house" (excuse me for being rude) and they stared each other and moved slowly out of the pool. i went back inside and climed up stairs and went to the room where my friends in church are staying. upon entering the room i cried and a woman came to me and kindly asked me "what happen to you?" when i looked up to her face, i got shocked that the woman who asked me looks like the pastor in our church, only in female form.

i was wondering what this dream means? any ideas?

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