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Dream About Store meanings

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Example: Meaning of my dream? .?

Last night I had a dream of a fire in my garden. My family and I were outside the front sitting down talking and friends of the family were over too. There must've been a little fire burning earlier or something and we'd ignored it because as I looked round the side gate my garden was on fire so I called my father and said look how big the fire got :O. And we ignored it, soon the entire garden was filled with a lava looking fire. For some reason I threw a bucket of water and the whole fire went away and left us with a burnt garden then it came back twice as faster. I woke up then and could not get back off to sleep. Does my dream mean anything? I know it's quite vague but you know in dream you don't realise how you get to different places and what really happens. Please help I'm worried x

From what you are describing, your dream could mean several things. Dreams are basically how your subconscious mind deals with information that it has stored. So it's important to pay attention to your dreams because your subconscious could be trying to tell you something. It's good that you are trying to figure out what your dream means and I hope I can help.

Usually, but not always, when someone dreams about fire, it can represent a life changing event or transformation. Maybe you are going to a new school, or you are anxious about school, or you just got a new job, etc. Fire can represent fear of any given event in your life that is important. The fact that you think you knew the fire was there already, and you tried to put it out but then it came back, probably means that you are not sure how to handle your anxiety about a situation in your life. This could be what your dream means. If it's not, then that is okay too because there could be other meanings.

Fire also represents built up emotions. The fact that you and your family knew there was a fire but didn't do anything at first, could possibly mean that you feel like people don't care a lot about how you feel. Again, your dream doesn't necessarily have to mean this. It can be anything that caused your dream.

In a dream, a garden usually represents something that is important. Something that you hold value to. Perhaps it is a secret, a favorite book, a friendship, etc. The garden being burnt could represent fear that what you love will be taken away. It could represent confusion about something you love. Also, it might mean that you are questioning your faith to someone or something.

These are some of the possibilities of what your dream could mean. Don't be worried about it. Sometimes our dreams mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes our dreams could just be a result of what went on that day. For example, maybe you were out in a garden, or saw fire, or saw friends and family that day and as a result you dream about it. Unless you keep having the same dream, don't get too stressed over it. I hope what I said helped you! good luck =]

Example: What does this dream mean.?

ok well im on the worst vacation in history and i really miss my boyfriend (im going home tomorror) and i had a dream lastnight that we both worked at the toys r us near my house and we were cooking cookies and there were drunk people and alot of random stuff but it made no sence to me. can you tell me what this dream means.

Example: What does my dream mean? I robbed my mom's store?

Well, basically in my dream, it's my mom's idea to rob the store, and as the days are going by more and more closer, I get scared but I decide to do it anyway. Then a girl from the movie Set it Off (a movie about four girls robbing banks) comes with us and helps us. So its me, the chick, my sister, and her two friends from ROTC (a program about the army in school, they help because they have cool guns hehe.) And like, so we go in the store, it looks like its at night around nine, but the store ends at six. So while we're there, I don't even do anything. I have a gun and i tell like two people to get down and i'm on the floor too. and the next thing you know, i'm having like a conversation with one of the customers. then the next thing you know we're in there like for twenty minutes and then THAT'S when we run out. the entrance/exit door is more high tech when we leave. and yeah. please help me out, i take this dream as a sign.

Example: Dream meaning?

what does it mean when you dream of someone you don't know? you have only seen a picture of that person.

Example: What does this dream mean? Grocery store, canned peaches, attacked, frozen babies?

I was walking into this grocery store where all the employees wear red shirts.

this young slightly chubby male employee was trying to scope me out, and i gave him a purposefully rude, pompous glare to let him know that i thought he was beneath me and i was not interested. then i became afraid, i knew he was going to do something to get back at me. so i fearfully paced down the aisle hoping to avoid him, then all of a sudden a heavy can of peaches (i dont know how i knew it was peaches) hit me on the shoulder, i knew it was him. i tried to walk faster but he kept throwing them at me from the other aisle. finally at the top of the aisle i encountered another worker who would help me get away from him. this other worker was holding a gallon of two percent milk. then the worker who was attacking me was frozen in a plastic bag inside of one of the meat fridges (the kind you see in grocery stores) but he was naked and his body looked like the body of a pig...and i knew that the other employee had done this for me...


Example: What is the meaning of my candy store dream?

Last night I had a dream that I was in a candy store. I was deciding what to get when one of the clerks (a teenage girl) wanted to close the store so she could go to a dance/prom? (cannot remember). I got upset and complained that was not good business and that I was the customer and she should wait on me before she closes up. She got mad but proceeded to get a bag to serve me. She became very impatient and started putting different pieces of candy into the bag that I did not ask for. The bag was really full and I was unhappy and knew that I could not afford to pay for all that candy.

I looked it up in a dream dictionary and saw that being in a candy store meant you were surrounded by many possibilities. However, I do not understand the rest of the dream. If someone could analyze further what my dream meant I would be most appreciative. Thanks! :)

Example: What does it mean to dream that stores/restaurants are closed, vacant, or duplicates?

Example: Reoccurring grocery store dream. what does it mean?

i have this constant dream that im shopping in a grocery store. i dont know why. i never go to the store and i dont eat that much. so i dont know why it haunts me every night. sometimes there wont even be food or employees there. ill just be all alone drifting slowly down the iles searching for food products that arnt there. is there anybody else that has this dream too?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a costume store?

Like a Halloween costume store. And you are looking for a costume there.

Example: What do sharks and grocercy stores mean in dreams?

They were in seperate dreams. But they keep being a subject of my dreams.

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