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Dream About Stoning To Death meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dream mean (creepy)?

Last night i had a weird dream...
I remember it very clearly aswell. Basically, everything was cartoon. And everything started off all happy and colourful, there were big trees and flowers and stuff, and it was really nice! I was walking through this big cartoon jungle, with people everywhere all happy and little huts. And there was this huge tree in the middle with a large mirror leaning against it. I walked towards it, and the reflection was different. The reflection wasn't a cartoon! And all the trees were burnt down with skeletons on the floor, i turned around, and it was the normal, happy cartoon. But the reflection wasn't. I ended up walking through the mirror, which lead me walking back the way i came. But it wasn't a cartoon, everything was burnt and dead. I ran through the jungle where i can to 3 grave stones, each one had names on. My gravestone was in the middle, with a big empty rectangular hole in front of it. As i was looking over it, i suddenly got kicked in the back and fell into the hole, at the bottom of the hole was a big mirror that i fell through. This shot me out of the previous mirror and back into the cartoon, and thats when i woke up. What the f does it mean!?

The Cartoon Aspect of everything being okay fine in the world was letting you know right then, it is not okay, fine. That's why it was a Cartoon. The Mirror was reflecting what the world was like in an exaggerated way. The Subconscious Mind is like that, It puts everything out there in front of you and exaggerates it so you can understand it better. I think this dream is a wake up call to see how things really are in the world. People are not living in little Huts and happy in the Jungle. The people's Jungle has been obliterated by Progress like in the Amazon and the People have no place to live and no food. So you turned around and ran back through the Jungle and came to 3 Grave stones. Death is change and your Change Marker was in the Middle, You were kicked in the Back - your back is what holds you together - in the middle and landed in the hole back in the Cartoon of Unreality.

Reality is that we are destroying the Environment and you are aware of that in your Subconscious Mind. You need to Change and do something about it and not let someone kick you off balance and put you back in a state of Disney Land. Young People are the Ones that need to do something about this. And you are equipped to do so.

Good Luck

Example: Can anyone explain the meaning of this dream?

In my dream last night Im being stoned to death by a group of people, each of them were those I knew in high school. Sum were my friends and others weren't I evan saw there parents yelling “ kill the freak kill the freak” I run into the woods and so do my attackers. They keep throwing stones at me and yelling “kill the freak kill the freak” one of the stones hits my eyebrow slicing it open. I trip on a root sticking out of the ground , I land on my chest then they start kicking my and hitting me with sticks. Suddenly The moonlight beams down on me and blood starts to drip on my hands, a loud roar like a lion startles the crowed and they stair with horror at a cloaked figure crouched in a tree. The figure leaps out of the tree and two black bird like wings unfold from behind him, they scatter into the woods. The figure lands with a loud thud and I shield my eyes for a moment, I uncover my eyes and there stood a man with black feathered wings, chest, arm and leg armor almost like a knight and just above his head a halo made of fire (not light). He said “and they called me a monster”.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that my gran had passed away and when i went to visit the grave , there was photos on the head stone showing pictures of her life from her older years till her as a child , the pictures of her as a child was my daughter . it really scared me , what this mean

Example: What This Dream Mean?

I Had A Dream About Me Touching A Girl that I like legs and thighs But It Was Hairy..Than I started Walking Also a tombstone that look it just was made and in the dream I was like ima save that for when I diee..What does this dream mean

Example: Meaning of dreams: Babies?

I was dreaming a lot since last two months and just now, I have noticed that in my dreams I keep seeing babies and a mother...

1.) I was in a big house when I came in one room I saw a mother holding her child right after that, a stone was thrown from outside hitting the mother on the head and I was shocked

2.) I was sleeping in a house when I woke up I opened a room and I saw a mother and a child at first the setting was the mother was talking to her baby and they look happy so I didn’t disturbed them

3.) It is dejavu ‘coz I dreamed the same setting as the number two only the setting is a mess this time and the baby has changed into a taller and whiter baby and I searched for the mother to ask her why the baby is a mess and she apologized to me about that. (I have no idea why the mother apologized to me)

4.) And just last night I dreamed my eldest sister have two babies

And there are more instances but these four retains in my head, I just keep dreaming about a baby and this is getting into me now and it's kinda freaky, can anybody help me with the meaning of my dream?

Example: What does it mean when you dream with death?

So I had this really weird dream. I was running, eventually I came into a grave yard. The grave yard was like a big grass field with big brown dirt patches where dead people lay beneath them.There was a little girl there, she was very pretty, wore a nice dress and had pretty curly blond hair. I walked along side her. she led me to a grave and said

"This boy had Downs syndrome. He only lived for (idk cant remember how long she said) he had his organs misplaced in his body"

(that cud just be because my bf had told me about a little boy with downs syndrome who was born with an upside down heart and his liver on the wrong side of his body, so I'm not really worried about that part)

Anyway, she led me from grave to grave telling me how long all these dead ppl lived.
(i didn't recognize any of them)
these graves didn't have stones, they just had big white letters that, if i recall correctly, said how long they lived i.e. 6yrs and 2 days etc.
Well then she led me to a spot that had one lonely grave there. All the other graves were distanced from it. It looked like the distance was intentional. The letters at the head of this grave were huge and were in a half circle around it. this i remember perfectly. the letters read "Six Months after Christmas" and if i recall correctly, the little girl, (I'm guessing she represented death itself), said to me "that's how long he has left to live" or maybe she said "that's how long he lived" I'm not exactly sure if it was a "he" or a "she" in the grave, but I'm leaning more towards a "he"
But, why would I dream of a little girl telling me how long ppl had lived? especially when i had no reason to care? I didn't know who these people were she didn't give the names of any of them.

I've never had a dream like this before. I'm really confused. So, if anyone can help..and of course I mean anyone who really knows what they're talking about, that would be great! thanks so much.

Example: Dream meaning - stone grave?

I had a dream went to the church with my father and my aunt (not for ceremony, we just needed to drop something by there) and in front of the church, on the left side, there was graveyard made of stones - it looked like some ancient graveyard, which normally does not exist there. So I asked my aunt why is not our grandfather burried here but in another town? She said because there was no place anymore and this is the ancient graveyard. Me and my autn entered the church and my father started taking off the stones from the grave which actually represented the grave of his father (my grandfather) so he was actually burried there. Beneath the cover stone there was some artificial green leaves and he took that away making a comment how his mother (my grandmother) always puts there something not esthetic.He seemed as if was trying to prove something and I asked him is he wanting to prove his father wasnt properly examined after his death..and he seemed confirming that. The I woke up. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you see your own grave stone in your dream?

It happened like this. Me and my friends were going somewhere. Don't know where exactly but we were going somewhere and I had never seen this place before. Then suddenly we went past a field and I saw my grave stone. It said 'my name' and then under it '25 years'. I don't exactly know what that means but that's what it said. I have had this dream twice now but the first time I had OT I didn't see my own grave stone

Example: What does my dream mean?

Lately i've been having a dream where I start off in this market and I have the power of Telekenisis. Then one day my friends and I are all chilling and the army calls us for help. We go into this enormous stone building built of cement and theres a huge battle. We're killing everybody and destroying tanks when I use my power to break a stone column and the building starts shaking. We race out and some guy tells me 'Good job, go up and get your reward!'
I remember it looked too small to enter, but I went inside this little spot and climbed up to the top of a tower with some other guy. I saw a car and screamed dibs and the guy opens a closet that looks like mine. Its filled with bolts,metal, wires, tools and all this stuff and he says 'This is fine with me'. Then I remember I looked at this other part, that i've never seen in the dream before. Its this huge bedside that stretches across the room, with drawers all over it. I remember I started feeling scared because the place was religious. I remember opening a drawer and it was filled with thousands of scrolls that were neatly organized in triangles. I pulled one out and my name instantly was noticed at the bottem. I have a very unique name, so it scared me to death, and I felt like my heart was dropping.
It said '[My name], Nathaniel [which isnt my last name], Shall fly with wings unless he changes his ways' Or something like that. I remember freaking out and then going home. Then the rest is a blurr and then my uncle and I were hanging out and I told him about the experience and he says 'You should have taken it with you. Those religious things sometimes predict the future like Nostradamus and those people'

I freaked out and ran to the place which was now a best buy. I grabbed all the things and shoved them into the cart and my mom, who's poor, said 'I can't afford this!' and I said 'Im sorry, you need to.' And I grabbed everything that was inside the drawers and stuffed them into the cart. Then I just walked around and felt like my dream was getting messed up.. Like I was being watched by those religious guys that left those scrolls around. I got so freaked out, then my dad woke me up

What does it mean? Is it just some wierd dream, or does it mean that if I don't change- or If I do, I might go to hell? Because I remember in my dream I was thinking the wings were me going to heaven, or me going to hell.

By the way, im muslim if that changes anything.

Example: Dream about Anubis, an obsidian knife, and life and death...what does it mean? PLEASE?

In the dream I saw my friend and her parents at the rodeo. They were walking around at night on some wooden platform things like a deck but a walkway. I was following behind them but then suddenly everything changed and I was standing in my bathroom at home looking into the mirror. My hair was straightened and may have been longer. It seemed to me that i was older and stronger. I looked to the bathroom door which had been left open and saw a guy my age standing there. Where as I thought I was strong he was ALOT stronger, possibly older too. He was shirtless and brawny with black hair and I had the impression of dark eyes. Compared to my fair skin he was tanned. He looked alot like this guy I know, but I can't be sure if it was him because I didn't get a clear look of his face. Anyway he said something in a different language that I didn't fully hear and raised a large black knife into the air. The knife was as long as his forearm and pure black, it looked chipped and very old. I would guess it was made from stone or obsidian. He had both hands on the handle end and he plunged it down and stabbed me. I don't know exactly where it sunk in but I crumpled to the ground and clutched the area beneath my breasts and my right breast with my left arm. My right hand clutched the corner of the wall as I landed on my knees, there was alot of blood and he stabbed me again. Everything went black and then I opened my eyes and stood up and I was still in the bathroom. Some time had passed and I looked into the mirror. Instead of my reflection i saw the female version of Anubis, egyptian god of death and the underworld. I was annoyed because I thought i'd have a penis because i didn't know there were females and was releived to see I was still definitely a female down there though I was blue and black. Then I looked at the door and the boy from earlier was gone and Anubis or his twin as standing in his place. Though I knew both were one and the same. He looked at me and I knew he was supposed to care about me, and then he came closer and took my arms and i'm pretty sure we "mated"...then everything went black again and this time I was in my human form again and I was standing with the boy in his human form in my kitchen. I didn't see him but I could feel him standing behind me. Then I saw a boy from school named Matthew appear and attack something with the knife from before because he said it was a demon or something and it had been trying to attack me. Then I woke up. What could this mean?

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