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Dream About Stomach meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?!?

Last night i had a dream that i had bald patches of hair on my head. i recently discovered that i might have had trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair and in my case eyelashes) in the past and in my dream i kept thinking "oh its okay its only that". I remember having this uneasy feeling throughout the dream about my hair like it was permanent and when i went to show my friend my head they said they don't see anything there. I remember thinking oh its okay ill wake up in the morning and my hair will be back but I still felt sick to my stomach. And in my dream i "woke up" and the bald patches were gone! But out of nowhere came back again. What does this mean? These bald patches weren't completely bald. There was hair there but it was skin tight and prickly like i had just shaved it off.

It sounds like it could be related to the discovery of past tricho...whatever.

Bald patches can be about feeling that you are in some way incomplete, lacking, or unwell, and hair also often represents thoughts or more generally products of your mind. Worrying that it is permanent means you worry that the past condition shows some mental illness or imbalance that you still have.

Asking your friend may represent you consulting someone for their opinion. I'm not sure if they meant they don't see anything there, as in they don't see hair, or they don't see a problem. Being asleep in your dream is about a period of unawareness. Waking up is being more conscious. During that time the bald patches, representing the evidence of mental imbalance, go away.

Keep in mind that it could also be anxiety about getting older, as baldness is associated with aging, at least for men.

The last part is harder for me to grasp. If it was like you had just shaved it off, then it could be about being a result of your own actions. The skin being tight and prickly represent you feeling uncomfortable in your skin, feeling hurt, and possibly feelings of guilt (pricks of compunction).

Example: Dreamt best male friend was rubbing my stomach. what could this mean?

I have now had a dream a couple times where I'm laying on a couch with my best male friend. He's cuddling me then starts rubbing my stomach, I push his hand away once. He does it again and I don't stop him the second time.

Example: What is the meaning of if we swallow snake and it still alive in stomach in dream?

i had dream of swallow alive snake and it still alive in stomach .i felt to vomit it and one frd told me ,it wont digest unless u vomit it and at once i got up...this is my dream .pls help me.also say some solution like pariharam ..

Example: Disturbing dream? Stomach. What does this mean?

I dreamed that I was standing in the room where I was sleeping, and I was looking down at my stomach next to a mirror because it looked strange, and then I looked down and saw that the lower right part of my abdomen had a huge bloody/gaping hole in it like someone stabbed me and then tried to peel my stomach up from there. I saw the veigns and the blood and it was pretty disturbing, but I didn't feel any pain and I didn't freak out too much. Today I have a bad stomach ache. What could this mean?



Example: What does it mean when you dream that your stomach is transparent?

I dreamed that I ate something (I forget what) and I looked down at my stomach to see that it was transparent. I could see what I had eaten. No other part of my body was this way in the dream, just my stomach. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of worms crawling out of stomach?

I had a dream that different sizes of worms, some looked like earthworms, some were pink and one looked like a tongue, were crawling out of my stomach and no one would help me. I was looking for my boyfriend and my mother was too busy trying to take care of my sisters baby.

Example: What means dreaming with stomach surgery?

i went to a doctor and i got my heart removed in a surgery, then all of the sudden i was with another elderly doctor in the outside of my house, he was going to implant me back but my STOMACH, then i felt like what i had removed all along was the stomach, in that very moment when the doctor was preparing the outside of my house, putting a curtain arround, my sister and my mother went out of the house, they were going downtown, i told them to get out inmediatly since i was getting my stomach planted back, they left and the doctor and i stayed there, some brief time passed and then he told me he could´nt plant it back i can´t remember if it was because he was drunk or what?

What does this dream mean?

Example: What does raw fish and someone shooting me in the stomach in my dream means?

i saw a raw fish in my dreams around my cats. then i went riding in a back seat of a car where someone through something at my computer and my screen cracked.
then today i dreamed someone was shooting in my house and that person was shooting at my dad. then my dad begin shooting at me and shot me with clear looking bullets. then i shot him with a ball in his head. at first my gun didn't want to work. i don't like guns at all.

no i dont have a bad attitude. i love peace too much. i do tend to talk to much! lolol i cant help it. lolol. i like to get things off my shoulder.

i saw a friend today that told me i was gullible does that mean i will see a friend. am i close because sometimes i know future dreams and life.

Example: I had a dream someone was cutting my stomach. What does this mean?

Well ,I was a cow, but someone sliced a thin line down my stomach. What does this mean?

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