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Dream About Stomach Pain meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Disturbing dream? Stomach. What does this mean?

I dreamed that I was standing in the room where I was sleeping, and I was looking down at my stomach next to a mirror because it looked strange, and then I looked down and saw that the lower right part of my abdomen had a huge bloody/gaping hole in it like someone stabbed me and then tried to peel my stomach up from there. I saw the veigns and the blood and it was pretty disturbing, but I didn't feel any pain and I didn't freak out too much. Today I have a bad stomach ache. What could this mean?

An exposed abdomen is a sign of betrayal and you are vulnerable.
It indicates you should be very cautious at this time

abdomen in a dream also foretells that you will have great expectations, but you must curb hard headedness and redouble your energies on your labor, as pleasure is approaching to your hurt.



Example: I had a dream tht my little brother died because there was something wrong in his stomach wht does diz mean ?

Example: Does pain in a dream mean pain in real life?

I know that sometimes if you're cold in a dream it's because you're cold in real life. Can the same hold true for pain? What does pain in a dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when my dreams cause me pyhsical pain?

About once a month I'll have this dream.
It's just an other dream but it has certain "conditions" that happen to me after I wake up.

During about a week after the dream certian parts of it will just flash into my head. Than this happens.

1. - I begin to have a bad stomache ache, for about 2 mins, sometimes even resulting in throwing up.
2. - After the stomache ache is over, I get really hot. Like feverish hot. Than it goes away.

But why do my dreams make me sick?

Example: It may seem weird But I feel things in my dreams, pain, heavy breathing, etc, is that common? whats it mean?

Well, heres the thing, I have had a couple dreams like this, one was 2 yrs ago when I was about 13, the other 3 were recently, in the recent ones I get shot many times and survive to fight the shooter somehow, yet I feel excrutiating pain when they shoot me, I wake up with red marks where the wounds were, another one the older one, was about the End Times and such, the devil let loose a blob to capture the people going up in the rapture ( it sounds silly yes ) and it ended touching me and I have been diagnosed with depression since I was in 5th grade but as soon as it touched me, I felt as if all the happiness I have ever felt was dead, so if you have any ideas tell me

Example: I dreamed that my mom died? the dream was gory I was in so much pain...what does this dream mean?

My mom was in agony, she had lost a lot of weight and was in a lot of pain. She was laying on her stomach and I could see her flesh and scalp were exposed and there was a lot of blood. As if she had some terrible disease like leper. I screamed really loud, I never imagined I will feel so much pain... I could not go back to sleep and it has been bothering me- Can someone interpret this dream for me ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a rather vivid dream last night. I dreamt I ate a mint that caused my belly to explode, creating a massive hole over my stomach.

I was forced to lie down to keep my insides from falling out, yet strangely, there was no pain.

When I looked down inside my body, my body was completely empty inside.

Even weirder, I could also see impressions left on the inside of my skin from where my belt had been pressing into it over the years.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream where i was pregnant and ever since my stomach has been hurting? but i can't be pregnant because i've never done it and im only a teen...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream my crushes 'girlfriends' and when i say girlfriends i mean two girls that he hangs out with in his group shhot me in the head twice, i didn't die or anything but i want to know what/if this means anything. This happened at McDonalds if that changes anything..?


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