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Dream About Stockings meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream Horse?

Like most people I am bored and thought I would see what peoples' dream horses are ^^

Anything Else:


btw mine would be..
Name:Luna Madness
Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
Color: Dapple Grey (started out black and got whiter with age)
Markings:Four stockings and a snip
Discipline(s): Hunter/Jumper
Personality:Loves attention and knows she is pretty. Very sweet, but hard headed at times. VERY intellegent and looks like she knows what you are saying ^^ Quick Learner
Age: 5
Anything Else: Rescued from slaughter house. Turned out she had a tatoo/brand and ended up that she was stolen from a high class farm and had impeccable bloodlines xDDD The owners where nice enough to let me keep her...

lol I must be REALLY bored hehe

I have to do two because im a barrel racer...but I looove friesians..

Name: Something powerfull...like Diablo
Breed: Friesian
Color: Black of course
Markings: None
Discipline(s): Dressage
Personality: Sweet heart but intimidating to other horses. Not mean..but bring a powerfull presense to the arena.
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5
Anything Else: Maybe do some cart pulling too?

And my second..

Name: Steel
Breed: Appendix
Color: Steel grey
Markings: None
Discipline(s): Barrel racing
Personality: Same as the Freisian. Powerful presense
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5
Anything Else:

Example: What does it mean to dream about babies?

So im 15 and last night i had the weirdest dream. i was still living with my parents but i had like 4 or 5 babies. like newborns and i think they were all girls. they didn't really cry or fuss i was just caring for them.

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

I had a dream where I was aboard an alien ship and after I escaped my jail cell I killed a few aliens but then saw a beautiful girl tied up and gagged to a pole in just her bra panties garter belt stockings and heels. After rescuing her I go around with her and find even more girls tied up the same way and some girls tied up together on the same bed. All of them were super gorgeous and had beautiful bodies and all were Latina. Lol what does this mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I always have a dream that I'm extremely late for something. It's always something important. For example, last night I dreamed I was getting ready for my graduate school commencement ceremony and I was so late and nothing was going right. It was either no stockings or I couldn't find the suit I planned to wear or someone was in the bathroom. I always have this dream and I absolutely abhor being late for anything. Being late is rude. Does anyone know how to interpret this dream? Thanks so much.

Example: What could the meaning of this dream be?

I had a dream I was in my backyard with my cousin. Her and I use to be close, but not anymore. Anyways, there were two huge holes dug up, and dirt everywhere. I remember in my dream it was like that because my brother was working on a project in the yard, or fixing something.. Anyways, I looked down and I found a human skeleton. It had no legs and only one arm and shoulder. The other arm and shoulder were missing. Other than that, everything was there.. I was able to hold it without it falling apart.Next to it were two bloody stockings, like it wore it over it's legs at the time of death. I was afraid at first, but then I was very fascinated by the skeleton. I was even excited in a way because i found it.I remember it was small in frame so we were thinking it was a child, but I wasn't sure. I remember thinking if I should bury it back or report it. Of course in real life, I'd report something like that right away.
What could the meaning be? Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I Dreamed i was going to a school and everyone was wearing school uniforms. but my uniform was slightly different form the others. i was wearing stockings but no one else was. i was aware of it but it didn't make me feel like i should be dressed like them, i didn't bother me.
the uniforms weren't like the ones i normally wear to school.

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

Ok can someone tell me what this dream means or direct me to a site that will

First I woke up for school and opened the front door to our house and saw we were in a massive flood. I told mum and she said we were connected to our neighbor Finn's house(we don't actually have a neighbor named Finn). Anyway when I opened the door again the flood was gone and I was in this neighborhood I've never seen in real life but a couple times in dreams.

Suddenly I was a Kmart with mum and my black cat named Silky was with me. My twelve year old sister and her friend had told me to make sure mum didn't see the cat so she wouldn't know my sister had bought her to the shops. For a while I tried to hide Silky but ended up just giving her to mum and telling mum what happened. Mum then said that my sister had said she was pregnant.

I was suddenly in another shop with two friends and their boyfriends. This was a costume shop. One of my friends boyfriends asked her to try on a skirt but my friend said no cuz it would scratch her legs. We then heard my other friend laugh and turned to see her boyfriend sitting down wearing red stockings with red sequins up the top. We tried to take photos on our phone but someone somewhere started calling for police and we had to leave.

Then I was at school stealing bread from the canteen. I took the bread down to the house of Heath (student health and well being) and asked a counsellor I've never seen before if I could make some toast (which is wired at the house of health if not school all together). The counsellor went to get a toaster and I found a computer and started creating this avatar thing.

Lastly, I was at the library to my first primary school (i went to two primary schools and I'm in high school now). No one from my friendship group was there but another year nine group was, some who I'm friends with including my crush. I noticed my crush leave and for a minute I just sat and did nothing. Then I noticed one of the girls from the group walk towards the door and I saw my crush come back in and he took her hand and they started kissing. I was really upset and angry and I tried to run towards them but I fell over and then the dream ended.

I would just jump from one scene to another. Do you know what this dream means or maybe suggest a site that will?

Example: What does my dream mean (it was freaky)?

I had a dream that I was at my brothers school, I was in a storage room, it was dark there was a 'leader' (as such) he had two body men (who were both men), there were two other men, a guy sitting besides a flight of stairs (who looked strangely like Emmet off Twilight) and myself (sort of dressed like I was a evil person off a superhero movie e.g. Tight mini dress made of shiny leather, fish net stockings and boots) I was scared, though tried my best to hide it, I went to sit on the mans knee (who was sitting near the stairs) but he went to go stab me in the arm with a vaccine for Swine flu, apparently the 'leader' had already killed a few other people with it. I ran from the man with the vaccination i ran up the flight of stairs but kept slipping then dropped something that I didn't even know I was holding on to, I couldn't pick it up because all these little kids were running down the stairs, well all I heard was screaming because that's where the 'bad people were'. It ended with me running to the door and being on a train.
Sorry for how long it is, I just need to explain.
Plus I have already tried to look it up, but there wasn't much.

Example: He dreamt of me in a wedding dress? What does it mean?

The guy I am sort of seeing said he had a dream that he dreamt of me in a wedding dress, with stockings and suspenders underneath and a see through veil.

Now I am confused, we are not together as a couple as such, we both have a lot going on and haven't time for a full time relationship. We both have strong feelings for each other.

Example: My secretary wears stockings and suspendrs and she teases. Chances of having her although she is married?

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