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Dream About Statue meanings

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Example: Dreaming Meaning? God as the Statue of Liberty Meaning?

At the end of last year; i dreamt of God as the statue of liberty; but he wasn't the size of the statue; he was; as tall as the sky

anyone knows what this dream means?

Dreams should not be totally relied hundred per cent, as it does not stand before any scrutiny.

Last year, I also heard that some crocodiles were flying on the sky near that area. I don't know how far it is true or whether people were just kidding.

Example: Whats does this dream mean,collapsed statue?

I had a dream that I was looking into my garden, and I saw people crying around 20 people that I didn't even know in my garden, and I looked closer and realised there was a statue that had collapsed into my garden from the shoulder to the head and it was a woman statue, I then saw another statue but it wasn't broken and it was looked down at me but it was a male statue this time, what does all this mean a crane eventually came and removed the broken statue from my garden what does all this mean?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about seeing angel statues?

There were about 2 or 3 of them, one was about the height of your elbow to fingertips and the other one I remember was much smaller and was on top of the other one, sitting towards the bottom, and was turned away from me and I remember asking why.. and I was holding some burned/melted figurine, can't remember what it was of but it was during the part where I saw the angel statues. This was is the same dream where I was bitten by a snake beforehand

Example: I had a dream of a statue of the Virgin Mary, and tears were falling from her eyes. what can this mean?

I had a dream that I was praying and I was doubting if God existed at the same time, and there was a statue of the Virgin Mary right infront of me. I starred at her and then I saw tears coming out of her eyes. I was wondering if this dream can have a meaning? I also keep having re-accuring dreams of my dead grandfather whom i've never met before, and I described him to my mom and she said the way I described him was the way he looked when they buried him.

Example: What did this dream of a Virgin Mary Statue mean?

Last night I had a very vivid dream about a Virgin Mary Statue. I was in my in-laws back yard I don't know why and there was a statue of the Virgin Mary. I was standing next to it and suddenly I hear my sister in law say 'look' so I turned to look at the statue and it's crying...the eyes were red and she's crying blood. but I wasn't freaked out about it. It made me feel very peaceful and even when I think about the dream I am relaxed.

Now I'm not Catholic or overly religious and wasn't even thinking about anything religious before this. It was completely out of the blue. I just want to know what it means because I feel like it can't be just a random dream. I've been trying to find answers and can't find any that fit. please help!

Example: I had a dream that a whole cheer leading squad were in aglass box and, were statues anyone know what it means?

Glass Statues

Example: Dream analysis question: What's it mean if you dream you're really heavy -- not fat -- but more like a statue

Example: What does it mean to dream with the statues of the three wise mokeys?

In my dream i look for them, once i find them i wake up. But one the mokeys is broken and theres an extra one i can't reach.

Example: The meaning of my dream of the statue of mama Mary?

i have a dream of the statue of mama Mary. i saw her in a place i don't know i think it was a farm own by a couple i don't know also. the couple was very nice to me they offer me something to eat and they also give me a root crop from their farm which i harvest it myself

Example: What did this dream of a Jesus statue crying mean?

i saw a statue of Jesus crying an next to it was some statue that was pouring out silver coins..i cant really remember the rest of the dream but this statue stuck out to me..i am a very spiritual person i am not religious, before i go to bed i do say the lords prayer but im in no way a extreme religious person...what could this dream mean?..Thank you

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