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Dream About Statue Of Liberty meanings

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Example: Dreaming Meaning? God as the Statue of Liberty Meaning?

At the end of last year; i dreamt of God as the statue of liberty; but he wasn't the size of the statue; he was; as tall as the sky

anyone knows what this dream means?

Dreams should not be totally relied hundred per cent, as it does not stand before any scrutiny.

Last year, I also heard that some crocodiles were flying on the sky near that area. I don't know how far it is true or whether people were just kidding.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This dream may sound a bit crazy to you..but

I had this dream where I was in New York and Saw the Statue of Liberty, me and my sister were at a party I guess I didn't really want to stay, and all of a sudden we look out and we see santa and his reindeer and this was summer time, they got lost so we decided to follow them but when we tried every thing was starting to end up in flames. o.o ...

I wasn't even thinking about "Santa" or anything like this. xD

Example: Help me with this dream tell me what it means?

Ok so i had another dream last night and it was December 21 2012. 10:58am. And i had just woke up and all over the news was the the statue of liberty of new york was washed down by a tsunami that occured there at 6am in the morning. i was in miami. the news reporters said the empire state building now was knocked over and destroyed by unknown life. So then i had to go to new york for a family renioun and some sandstorm sands up new york city! Ad then i went to the ruins of it. And god was standing right in the middle. And I said why are you doing this! And he said it was in my dream. I dont know what this means. But then he said if you wan Earth to live you must sacrafice yourself. So then after I had to to make Earth live. And then i was in my dad's vision he was reading the newspaper 5 days later after that day and it said Dylan "our saviour" to earth. I really dont get it why was i the savior?/ Please tell me what this means?

Example: What dose this Dream mean?

I had a dream About this 'priceless' ear ring! I was kind of weird but I was in old new york and I had this old blue gem ear ring that I was showing everyone...there was only one of them, but I was just kind of wondering because I've been having aniety issues and stuff like that lately and just wondering if it was related?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream that i was swimming to Ellis Island or Liberty Island.When i reached or touched the statue of liberty,the background change and i was in a party in a room that looked like a room inside a ship.My classmates were there and there was even a disco ball.Then my crush was there too.I don't get why i am having this dream.do you know why i am dreaming this?

Example: A mother nature related dream do you know the meaning?

Hi, so last night I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was visiting the Statue of Liberty (but I don't think it was in New York) anyway it was like we weren't allowed to go near her like everything was closed up and it was like there were no guided tours allowed anymore. So, we stood at a distance a tried to take photos of her.

I remember in my dream standing in awe of the statue and later finding out no one was allowed to go near her because she represented Mother Nature?

Can you interpret this dream for me?

Example: What's it mean to dream about a Place before I ever knew it existed?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about the statue of liberty?

Example: Ive had a reoccuring dream with a statue and numbers on it each time the number goes down what does this mean?

Example: Do you think the statue of liberty means anything anymore?

Haze gray: to be fair, those who would qualify under the dream act were only children. and they get help getting citizenship if they were to go to college or serve in the military. That doesn't sound lazy to me

Other illegal immigrants are working in the fields, with little pay, bad housing, etc. doing jobs most americans dont want... These don't seem like people who are lazy either

"Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" - how else can you interpret that?

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