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Dream About Star meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? 10 POINTS/5 STARS!?

my sis dream were a fisherman(the guy from the rocket fishing rod commercial LOL XD!) and when the fisherman openedthe door it scared my dog and it jumped into her hamsters cage and thedog shrank and the hamster got huge and if it bit you your skin would turn pink and flesh would fall off the area. what could this mean?

Scientifically, dreams actually have not been proven to have any relation with your future or life while you are awake.

You dream when your body goes into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and it is just your body relaxing and your brain doing whatever it wants, which is making up weird stuff.

It doesn't mean anything, besides the fact you have an imagination.

Example: What doesn my dream mean? 5 stars.?

I dreamt that there was this guy who liked me and he got jealous when I recieved an unknown basket of flowers from a secret admirer. What does it mean?

Example: What doe's stars mean in dreams?

Well i had 2 dreams :

the first i saw the universe in my eye , and watched the sun while moving around the earth in a very big dimensions . After that another bigger star than the sun came , hit the sun and moved it away , where it had it's place , then the scene was going back out of my eye , where i saw my self , suddenly the whole planet was burned .

The second dream i saw the Sagittarius constellation very bright clear while watching the night sky . well i'm not a Sagittarius , and i don't believe in the Zodiac . i just believe in Astronomical definition of constellations .

Hope someone can help

Example: What does my dream mean with shooting stars?

Ok i had a dream last night where it was dark out and inside the house, when I looked up into the night sky i saw 4 moons the two on the left were waining crescent's and the ones on the right were waxing crescent's! Then the one on the far right turned into a shooting star, it also was the smallest mon too, the moons werent all the same height and size. So any good answers on this dream will be good. No dumb answers! Those who put dumb answers are just wasting their time! Please and ty for your help.

Example: What do these stars in my dream mean?

I dreamt once that I pointed to stars with a letter "k" form (first letter of a person I know) in the sky, trying to show them to my friends. Then the stars started spining and became like fire balls. What do these stars mean? why did they become fire balls? In the same dream I called the guy, who was in a train, and he said "I'm leaving now, but coming back, wait for me". Any interpretations?

Example: What does stars mean in dreams?

So i had a dream that i was in school amd it was an extra project and was pretty late. So after a while i started to act lazy n not willing to do anything with this project and i went outside (don't remember why) cuz maybe someone asked me to i think.. and then i saw a blu / lightblue galaxy mix and i saw a shooting star first and i wished "i want to be with him forever" my bf ya.. so then i saw some more abd more and i was just standing there amazed by that. Then a teacher came and asked me what i was doing but then she stoped talking and looked up on the other side and there were thousands of those falling stars.. what does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of seeing stars?

This is the first dream that I can recollect seeing the stars. In the dream I drive to the top of a mountain on a seemingly cold and well lit day, but I assume its dark. (I'm glad I had a Jacket in this dream) The dream ends with me looking up to the stars, which are bright and covered mostly by fast moving clouds. I remember struggling to see past the clouds before I awoke.

Example: What does it mean to dream about shooting stars?

I had a dream lastnight that I was sitting around a table with my grandmother and some other people in a new house along with many other houses on the block that I bought (I played monopoly yesterday for 3 hours), when I noticed a shooting star in the sky and caught it. I looked at it closely and then it jumped out of my hand. It landed on an adjacent table and caught on fire, then went out. It caught on fire and then went out again but only to have turned one object on the table into something else. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about stars?

This is my second star dream in a row. The night before yesterday, I dreamed that I was exploring the outer space and the stars were all cartoony. Each star was golden and of a different size and some even had faces. I was just there, drifting along with the other stars. Yesterday, I dreamed that I was with someone and we were both looking at the night sky and pointing out at the stars in the constellations. I then pointed at a lonely star that kept changing colors and told her how beautiful it looked. Is this a sign?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a star shaped object?

Last night I had a rather magical feeling dream. I was with a male person who I had never met before, and we were friends. There was also a lady who had been in contact with some kind of U.F.O and when she had returned back to earth she found out she was pregnant. Anyway...I remember walking with this friend along some grass and I caught sight of something on the ground. It was an old fashioned, or antique looking star shaped keyring. We somehow both knew straight away that this was a gift from above (from the galaxy, or stars, or another type of planet) and I knew that we were meant to find it. I felt happiness, joy, and excitement, so it seemed like a positive dream.

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