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Dream About Standing meanings

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Example: Dream meaning...?

I saw 2 silver horse shoes on the floor and picke it up in my dream what does it mean?

Well, according to some dream interpretation books, the color silver can mean purity, justice or a sense that a situation ended the way you wanted it to. Horseshoes can stand for luck or your hopes. so perhaps you picking them up on the ground can be interpreted as meaning you are taking a situation into your own hands to see it end up the way you want or need it to rather than rely on luck. Also, the floor usually stands for your own foundation.

Example: What does my dream mean ? whats the birds stand for ?

in my dream i was in my elemenary school, and i was in the washroom halls, and a eagle/ seagle i THINk wudnt stop sitting on my head. [ im not sure of which bird it was] and i wud run a little it wld get off my head.and also in my dream my best friends dog ran away, but in real life she doesnt en have a dog shes sscared of them =|and she was crying so hard.. and and my sisters and my eyes were teary as well..and my sister said WHY ARE U LAUGHING.. and i said im not laughing im crying =|

Example: What does this dream mean about standing up to my boss?

My dream was that I went back to my old work to help out (as my old server job) and gain more money. I didn't have to be there (bc I had my own career and was making 10x more there). I went back to work with old co-workers and was back and fast as how I was before. My shoes were slowing me down a bit but I was proud - I picked up where I left off and was doing a great job.

My boss didn't say much to me but just re-orienting me with things. Then he walks a few feet away from me and he was talking $hit, how I'm "slow" and haven't done my job as well as before. I was furious because I know I was doing a good job and I just started an hour before, you can't expect "perfection" within that short amount of time or any time in life. No such thing as perfect. I went up to him upset yet (surprisingly) confident and said, "so you're disappointed in my work? I've been busting and working so hard and that's not good enough for you? And why do you need to tell this person and not me, if you're so disappointed. If you don't want me here and think I'm not doing a 'good job', then I'm leaving. bye bye." And I took my apron off and left. And it wasn't "dramatic" or crazy but very stern and confident. Weird, right? I don't even work there anymore.
Standing up to an "authority figure" - what does that mean? And how would it relate to other aspects in my life?

Example: What does it mean when you have this dream: standing on salt?

What does it mean when you have a dream that you are standing on salt?

Example: What does it mean to dream you're standing on a balcony?

This is not the first time i am dreaming about this.But i dream it in different ways.
The first time i dreamed this;in the dream i was standing on the balcony enjoying the environment and the balcony i was standing on was white and it was so beautiful and i was looking over and down seems deep..i think cuz the balcony i was standing was like two or three floors high.
the second time i dreamed about this; i was at the country i use to be when i was a kid and at the same house i was, the house is big and it was white and looked bra-new and i was so happy that i returned to the country i use to be,i was playing around then i went to the balcony to take deep breath (like sign of relief) and then i looked down i saw an old poor man, and in my hand i had some bread, then i cut the bread into two pieces and then i throw half of it down to the poor man.he didn't see the bread at first but then their was a police standing by him and told him some one just throw him a bread ,he was happy and then all of a sudden i saw my white chicken on the street,so i told the old man to give me my chicken and he did ..then i turned around i saw people standing on my balcony i asked them what are they doing then i told them to leave the balcony cuz i don't know who they are and what they want but it was weird that they were all looking at the same direction.but i don't know what their looking at cuz all i saw was houses and they looked super amazed at something.

Example: What does a dream about standing on a mountain mean?

and looking at an amazing view with other mountains and hills that just look beautiful.
There was a blue sea too that i could see and i was taking a video of it all in awe of gods beauty(That's what i was thinking in the dream) and i was a bit disoriented and scared because of how high i was but i went down and hugged the floor thinking i shouldn't be scared, i love this place and all places of earth and god will protect me. What does this mean. thanks.

Example: What does a dream about standing in line mean?

I had a dream my friend and I were at an amusement park and were in line for a ride. The line was really long and we had a certain time we had to leave so I suggested leaving and getting on another ride and she was just like, No, let's just wait.
Does this mean anything or was it just a random dream?

Example: What does dreams standing above above water mean?

i'm standing above a water stream looking down, i'm always having dreams like these if i'm not in the water i'm above it.

Example: What does it mean when you dream you cannot stand up?

I often dream that i cannot stand up as if my knees are too weak and i have no strength in them and the strain is awfull, sometimes i manage it with great difficulty but others i just simply cannot do it.

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