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Dream About Sprouts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Or what do you THINK it means?
I woke up on my bed and my whole wall was painted pink (I never liked pink) but I didn't seemed surprised, as if I've been living in this house for a long time now. When I turned, I looked into the corner of my bed, which stare right into a hole on the floor. Below that hole was our basement, or well, the basement back at the house that we used to live in about 6 years ago. Well, that was the part that frightened me most, not in a threatening way, but emotionally. As if I've something (or rather, someONE) behind. Anyways, so I got out of bed and went into the hallway. There was a maid that was doing the laundry, I asked her where everyone was, and she told me they were outside. I went out side and look back at my house; it was actually a mansion. A big, gigantic, white, Disney-like mansion. I look into my yard, and it didn't seem like a yard anymore; it was a vast field of green grass that overlooked the horizon. Weirdly, I knew where everyone was and so I ran straight into the field. I noticed it was my birthday without anyone telling, but they were all wearing white (which seem weird) The tables, the dishes, the cups, everything was white. Suddenly, I sprouted wings (somehow) and soured into the sky. My other friends came out of nowhere and soared with me too. She said something about doing a great deed and Heaven rewarded me (lol)? It was SO beautiful, even though it was a dream, it felt so REAL (in fact, sometimes when I wake up, it feels like reality is just another dream). We landed on the part where the sea touches the land (not a beach; it doesn't have any sand, but more of a very wide, vast, big, river) anyways, there were dolphins and killer whales (I know they eat dolphins, but they get along perfectly) I wanted to pet them, but my friend grabbed my arm and told me, "Don't. We have to go back. Everyone's waiting." I stilled wanted to touch it, and she responded, "Stop. It's dangerous." For some reason, I felt it wasn't a warning or anything. It was as if she was trying to hide something from me, or keep me away. I immediately reached for a nearby dolphin, and I suddenly woke up in a start. o_o

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind is in denial of. Basically, I believe that there are FOUR types of dreams: 1. symbolic dreams; 2. dreams that rehash the day's events; 3. messages from the subconscious that are straight messages and not symbolic, and finally, 4 psychic/premonition dreams or dreams that actually predict coming events.

I have had many psychic dreams. It is a gift. Those who do not or have not had them do not understand the gift.

Example: What does a dream about insects sprouting from dreamers body mean?

Through the years I have a recurring dream that insects, either ants or spiders, sprout out of a bump on my right forearm. Its always the same spot on the right arm, any part of the dream before or after are not remembered, only the insects sprouting out of the bump. What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Sprouting long curly black/white chest/back/leg hair?

I looked like a circus side-show freak, and no I'm not old and no I'm not male. does this mean impending dome if I eat too much cyanne pepper or ground red hot pepper corns that I'll grown hair on my ripe female specimen

Example: What does this dream mean?

Lol i keep having strange dreams but what could this mean:

So my dream started off my mom trying to marry me off to this really old man, and we were at the alter and the minister was asking me if i took him to be my husband, and then these huge wings sprouted out of my back and i flew off, trying to escape from them. I went to this cave where i decided to hide out and then the ground started shaking and the cave floor started to crack apart and lava was coming out of the ground. So i flew off again and then everything just turned black, and the sun was black, except it had like a red ring around it, and then i woke up.

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream meant?

i had this really weird dream. i was swimming in a really empty pool with this guy who i like. we got out and were gonna leave to get changed. in reality, he's 3 years older than me, but in the dream, he seemed to get younger and shorter than me, and his eyes (which are dark blue) were really bright. he has really dark, Shane Dawson styled hair, and suddenly it just grew really long and he turned into my best friend, who i haven't seen for about a month now, because she went to visit her family. usually we would talk on facebook, but i've literally not spoken to her at all.
does anyone know what this could mean, because it's been bugging me so much.
thanks :) x

Example: What do you think this dream means?

There's a girl running down a road that's never ending, being chased by an unknown thing.
As she's running a gate appears in the middle of the road and when she goes through she's back in primary school, except nobody is there and then suddenly she sees a dead horse in the middle of the playground, gruesomely cut in half. She wants to scream but when she tries to she finds she is laughing instead and then everyone comes back and thinks that she killed the horse because she's laughing at it.
Then the horse turns into a birthday cake and everyone starts to eat it, only it's full of rancid meat so then everyone is sick. The people all decide it's her fault and start chasing her around the playground throwing frogs at her and telling her that she's really a wrinkly old lady.
Then she sprouts wings and starts to fly away but just as shes a few hundred metres in the air, the wings disappear again and she falls to the ground, only its not the playground anymore, it's a pond and she can touch the bottom with her toes and so she starts to laugh again and then the dead horse falls on her head and she wakes up.


This is NOT MY DREAM, so please don't answer saying that I must have some phycological problems, that is not helpful.

Example: Dream Symbolism? What does mine mean?

I recently had a dream that in the town I live in now, they constructed a big ship called "Titanic 2", which I remember that in my dream I questioned it as to knowing the first Titanic obviously didn't succeed. Anyways, for some reason I decided to board the ship which included many people from my school (I am in 9th grade) and that was the main majority of people on the ship. The route that the boat was taking was on a river, but it was an extremely wide river. In real life there is a main river in my town but not nearly as big. Then, when we set sail we stayed extremely close to shore and moved at a slow speed. The sun began to set and the ship began to sink, yet it was still near shore. I quickly jumped off side along with a few other people from school and made it safely to shore, but I was dumbfounded as to why other people didn't just jump off the ship too since we were sooo close to shore. Then it was night, and as the ship sank, fireworks seemed to be sprouting from the ship like in the movie titanic. Me and the other kids ( a group less than 10) were horrified by the scene. As we walked, and I don't remember how we exactly came to this conclusion, we realized some people in our group were actually dead but didn't know that they had drowned with the ship. Ya, some Sixth Sense **** right? As they realized it, they faded away. When we ended our journey of walking to the main part of town, we went to the docks and shore and saw dead bodies and crap. and that's it. I'm just confused as to what to make out of it. So, if you want to offer up any ideas I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt last night of a woman who had a fish (Betta fish). She treated it like her baby, and its name was ZARA (which I looked up, means princess and/or light). Anyway, the fish swam in the air and all around us, she danced, responded to singing by gently laying on the ladys face, and she had the ability to multiply, disappear and talk! But then she bit the lady and drew blood. I asked if the sharks would now come ( so maybe we were underwater) but the lady responded with a no, since it was the farming area. Naturally, I became cautious of this fish and while playing with her noticed a set of eyes, then more eyes, and more, and then the fish told me she has a total of over 1,200 eyes!

I woke up. And now I just have a nagging feeling that this dream has a hidden meaning but I cant figure it out. If anyone has a gift with interpreting dreams please help me out.

Thank you!

Example: What do dreams of possession mean?

Ok here's the dream: I'm standing in a bathroom, that's lit by a green-colored light bulb. I'm staring at myself in the mirror & I can feel this very evil, horrible electrical current that's passing through my body, over & over. I can still remember the feeling of it..
anyways, as this is happening, I'm looking in the mirror. Suddenly, my reflection starts to smile this really evil smile , and then my mouth starts opening, wider and wider..
I also have alot of dreams of ghosts, & I always feel the same electric current when they get near or I become really frightened. It's almost like it's physically happening in real life, and the dreams are really scary.

Example: What do these 3 dreams mean?

(1) I dreamed that I was in a death march. I was walking alongside Rasputin. A female army officer singled us out, and made us step aside in order to execute us.

(2) I dreamed I was standing trial for war crimes.

(3) I dreamed I was in Hiroshima, running errands, when the bomb went off. I know it went off because I saw my own silhouette projected on a grey brick wall in front of me, just before I woke up.

I dreamed all of these the same week.

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