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Dream About Sports Car meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean.. :o? (Cars and Driving)?

I had a dream last night...

My mom, dad, and I went to a basketball in the night time.. (One that I played in). We got there a little late, but still played.. I don't remember playing, but only getting in the car afterwards with my dad.. I had no clue where my mom was. A few seconds after we got in the car, a bunch of kids i know and don't know got in the car.. My friend was sitting beside me and kept taking my stuff, just to annoy me.. A kid got in the driver's seat that I did not know, and started alternating from brake and gas, backing up.. He got out and let my dad drive.. All my dad did was park in a different parking spot, away from the door.. We were all going to eat at a restaurant down the road, but all our cars would not fit in the parking lot.. (Hence why we parked @ the place we played basketball at).. Anyways, one of my friends pulled a shopping cart out of our trunk..? (o_o).. A few of us were going down the road, walking with it... The shopping cart was backwards.. A car passed us, and I decided to turn the shopping cart the right way, but while we were doing that, another car came skidding at us, trying to stop. (We were all about in the middle of the road).. It skidded and turned and fell off the road into a little hill like thing, about 10 feet below the road..I jumped down, and seemed to fly... I woke up in the hospital with like a broken leg and pelvus.. Then I woke up...

What does this mean?

Dear Grayson, btw I like that name! :) Dreams of sports tell how well we do at the game of life. Driving is also symbolic of life's journey. You are experiencing some chaos in waking life, aren't you? The restaurant represents knowledge. You are seeking something is waking life. You are feeling out of control about something. You are also nursing an emotional wound. How close am I? Hope this helps.

Example: What does it mean when you dream your car was stolen by someone you dislike?

Last night I dreamt that I was out work and there were parking spaces on either side of the road. I work in the front desk so it is easy for me to look outside and have a clear view. Shortly after wards, many unknown persons swiftly parked their cars in the empty spots. My co workers and I became suspicious, trying to figure out who they were and why were they parking here. A gentleman who parks, cleans and washes cars walked by and we asked why persons were parking here. He stated that the police were booking persons for parking on the sidewalk and road near a clinic in the area. They heard that this was a good area to park with free space and came here. I became puzzled because I knew the clinic is not nearby, and would therefore be a very long walk from here. A while later, a gentleman came towards the door whom I knew from childhood. I remembered his name and knew that he had always liked me but I found him unattractive and annoying. I became apprehensive about buzzing the door and didn't want to let him in but someone else had buzzed him in. He came towards the receptionist desk and stepped to the side of it further back and pressed against the wall just watching me. I turned to face him in my chair and was annoyed by his position, he asked if I wanted my car wash and I instantly said no, after which he left. A short while later , I walked outside , looked around and noticed my car was missing. I stepped back inside then out again to recheck and realized it was gone. I went inside amongst my co workers , and faced the one I'm closest with, with a sad face saying that my car was stolen. I went towards my purse to recheck if my keys were there or had I given it to someone but they were with me. The gentleman I knew pulled up in a spot near the door I ran towards the car , looked inside to see him but as I stepped back I realized the car was not mine. It was a sports car, windows down and looked very relaxed , chauvinistic and had a slight smirk as if he know my car was stolen and that I was upset. We got him out the car and brought him inside while I went on the road in someone else's car to look for my car. I passed the clinic that was mentioned earlier and didn't seen it while meanwhile flipping through a big white notepad. As I stopped at the traffic light by the clinic, I thought to myself that I would have to report it to the police and recalled all of the details of the car, license plate number, color of the car and any marks/dents which I stated out loud. I also thought of how upset my boyfriend would be about the missing car and also how fortunate it was that I picked him up the night before and that he has his clothes to stay for the weekend. After wards I woke up.

It was odd to me because it felt so real, as though the dream was a preview of today because I did pick up my boyfriend last evening, I do work as a receptionist at my work and the feelings that I had felt accurate.

What do you think it means?

Example: A weird dream including a specific car does this mean anything answers wanted urgantly !?

i had a dream and i was driving a yellow skyline GT-R then was in a black ferrari though i wasnt driving the vehicle what does this mean /?

Example: If a guy approaching middle age goes out and buys a sports car, does that mean he's depressed or something?

Example: My son is 18 next month and I want to buy him a sports car. That was my dream when i was young.?

I will appreciate if u tell me what are the best sports car for a 18 years old boy.

Example: Dream about having a yellow cabrio sports car at an event where people promote me?

I had a dream where i had a yellow 2 seater cabrio sports car --...well i got this car in reality but not yellow color i got it metalic grey ...everyone in the dream was excited some guy on microphone was promoting people with great cars...the thing was about me then i wanted to leave i had to chose between 2 girls to take with me and i got the one wich looked more luxurious a kid climbed the car also one climbed to the back seats and off i go ...when i started to play with the car controls to drift aggresivly and i lost almost all of them on the road...

Example: Need help with car, sports car. (Purchasing) UK?

I have saved up enough money to buy my teenage dream car of a Nissan 350z. I found it to be looking great and practical in terms of a few years old model prices.

A new problem has arrived.

I just realised the engine size is 3.0-3.5L
This creates an impact that would make everything unaffordable because the insurance price goes up and the fact it's petrol means daily running costs would be high too.

The question is - is there such a car that is sports car looking - aka - Nissan 350z but this time decent looking and not so huge in engine size.

Maybe suggestions of buying a cheaper car like Toyota celica and using the remaining money to make modification to the body to make it nicer?

Any opinions on a plan that would result in a sports car design but not huge engine? Make note The price is irrelevant - just as long as the engine size is as small as possible

Example: What are the best, most awesome sports cars ever?

So...I wanna know what is your dream sports car? And what the heck is a bugatti veyron 16.4 and why is it so awesome? Would you agree that the acura nsx 2015 is amazing? ...just wanted to know.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Two nights ago I had a dream a man in a sports car came to my fathers house. My dad went out to talk to him but later came back in, I asked him what did the man want. he told me that he gave him a bunch of money, looked like all hundreds. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does death mean in your dreams?

I had a dream that I got a phone call saying my brother had died so me and my sisters were all going home for his funeral.(Right now my brother isn't doing too good he's addicted to drugs and in and out of jail.) But it didn't show me how I got there but me and my little sister were in a blue shiny sports car waiting for my mom because we were giving her a ride. My little sister was driving (she doesn't have her permit or license) but then my sister just kept driving and I was like was have to wait for mom so pull over and she did but we were like 20 miles from where my mom was so I told her to turn around to go get her (we were on a back road type highway) well when she turned around she accidentally hit the emergancy break and didn't know so she kept trying to go but didn't go any where she just kept burning her tires and I was like stop mom can't lose anymore kids and here comes the weird part we both watched the car with us in it spped off and swerve and end up going off the highway and into a tree and catch on fire the flames were bright orange and yellow and we both looked at each other like omg we were in the same car and same spot so we thought that that was going to happen but when she started driving we drove right past in but I felt like I was in the fire because of how hot my hands got and then it skipped to me crying and feeling my a TON of sad emotions for the death of my brother and someone else but I didn't know how and when I woke up I felt these sad emotions heavly to where I felt like crying. What does this mean? I'm nervous about the whole death part because my nana isn't doing to well she has cancer and something wrong with her liver to where she is on hospice now because they said they didn't know how much longer she would have.

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