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Dream About Spoiled meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hello, there. I've been having some odd dreams lately and the most recent is the most confusing of them all. I'll try to explain the best that I can but I don't remember all of the details; it was earlier in this past week that I had it. Anyway, I had had an ortho appt. the day after I had the dream. The previous night, as I was sleeping, I dreamed that I went to the ortho. However, nothing looked the same. The chairs for the clients were among the waiting room chairs and there were quite a few people walking around the area. No one looked familiar and the office area was different too. Everything was open and yet, still a building. I was immediately placed in an examination chair but instead of looking at my teeth, they told me that I needed an IV instead. I found this to be unusual and questioned them of this but instead of answering, they placed the IV in my stomach. Another odd thing was that instead of the IV putting fluids in me, it was drawing blood outward into the tube. I faintly remember someone telling me at some point after that that I looked lightheaded. I couldn't help but feel "No duh" but I didn't say anything. Another detail that I just remembered is that the IV didn't hurt to put in at all. However, when they eventually pulled it out, it did hurt. Again, I didn't really say anything but did show mild discomfort. The next thing I remember is walking up to the sink area to either.. wash my hands or my teeth. o_O Then my grandparents, whom are in Florida at the moment, appeared and told me they had some work done here too. I was confused as to why they weren't in Florida though. I asked them and they gave me some complicated answer that I don't remember. Oh. One more detail; I don't really (other than grandparents) remember seeing any family members, but I do remember 'feeling' as if they were there, sitting with me through that weird IV experience. Anyway, if any of you can help me find out what this all means, thanks. :) I really appreciate it.

No, you're not insane. :)

Seriously, the meaning of the dream is what it means to you. This dream could be taken to mean anything, depending on who reads it, and what they are feeling at the time.

Take the appointment, for instance. Are you uneasy about doctors? Were you worried about the appointment and what they planned to do? Most people do not like doctors, because it tends to involve shots and bad news, so they associate pain with doctors, even though they are supposed to help you.

The IV, usually means a serious injury being treated, as fluid goes into your body. However, when we use an IV, the procedure to put it in, and make sure that fluid goes in and blood doesn't come out instead.

Grandparents, are usually a comfort, but parents are discipline and control. Normally, our parents are the ones who try to teach us and punish us, but their parents tend to baby or spoil us, since we are their grandchildren.

But, a lot can be random too. The arrangement of the room, the IV in the stomach instead of the arm, or a shot. While you call this a dream, some could consider it a nightmare, by the feelings it invokes at the time.

Where things really get screwed up, though, is with some modern ideas about things. Some will say that this is a warning about going to have work done, your grandparents will die, or even that you were pregnant and an alien abducted you, stole the baby, and just mentally altered your memory so that they appeared as your grandparents. I wish I were kidding, but if they think they can get money off of you, or torment you, they will say anything.

In the end, it is what the dream means to you, more than anything. It could have been a random play of mental events, meaning nothing. Worry over the appointment, not seeing your grandparents, or a combination of things.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I had a very strange dream and wanted to know what it means it was the sound of a yamaha keyboard playing william tell on low notes. whats it mean and is it scary?

Example: REPOST:What does this dream mean?

I have been having a really strange dream for 2 nights in a row...I have been dreaming that I open the refrigerator and there is pita bread covered With mold in little plastic bags everywhere in the fridge...does anyone know what this means?

Example: What do these two crazy dreams Mean? Dead cockroaches and spoiled meat?

In the first dream, I was at my parents house. I looked behind a curtain at the window and dead cockroaches lined the window seal. All shapes in sizes with their dead shell like bodies, pieces of their crispy carcasses scattered along the window seal. It looked as if they had been there a while. It was a collection that had to have accumulated over time. My dad's chair was beside the window. A throw blanket was over the back of his chair. I lifted the blanket up a bit to find more dead roaches. The legs and bodies seeming caught to the fabric of the chair and the blanket. I was utterly disgusted. A few seemed to still be alive and moving. I couldn't believe my dad would sit in such a nasty chair. Then I woke up.
I went back to sleep and into a dream where I was a contestant on a show. Every day I had to eat whatever I was given to win. On this particular day, it was gangrene beef and chicken that was not spoiled. The chicken was okay and safe to eat. Both meats were already cut into bite size peices. The gangrene beef was dark. The chicken was white as if it were canned chicken. My son (age 8) was in the dream. He wanted to try some and I wouldn't let him because it could make him sick. He had a toy in a package with him. The packaged toy looked like he might have gotten it from a happy meal.

That is all I remember of that dream. I had both dreams in the same night.

So...peanut gallery...what do you think? Any idea what these might symbolize?

Example: What does a spoiled gallon of milk mean in a dream?

My husband dreamed last night of a spoiled gallon of milk. He didn't drink it but it was all curdled and sour. Any ideas?

Example: What does my dreams mean? :/?

I got in a fight with my EX friend like 4 months ago at skool.We're both girls too. So we dont talk at all no more.She dont even look at me, which i dont care.We're both in the 11th grade and all, ...Anyway, i always have dreams EVERY week about her telling me at skool that she needs to talk to me, and it always turns out in the end that we're friends again.I know in high skool, wen most kids fight, they dont talk again.It's not like elementary, wen we fight then make up.this is different and i REALLY think she wont EVER talk to me again, and im not that way,i dont hold grudges, if she wants to talk to me, then i will listen to wut she has to say.But that wont come true, ANYWAY..lol wut does this mean?theses dreams about us making up? I know that no one on here is probably a psychic, but i really wanna know if this is a sign or sumthn.(:

Example: Dream meaning about boyfriend kissing best friend?

So ill tell you how it went ... we were all in a race, as i was running up the hill i saw them kiss, my best friend and my boyfriend. After i finished the race i confronted her about it and she said "Oh this isn't the first time. We've kissed maybe 3, 4 times" then I pulled her hair n asked her how she could do this she's my best friend and my boyfriend kinda just watched. Then i confronted him about it, i slapped him and said how could you do this? then i said I need to break up with him and he said "Yes now I'm free!" but then i hugged him and said "I don't want to loose you" and started crying BUUUUUUUT GET THIS we went to six flags yesterday and had an amazing time. He kept on telling me he loves me n how lucky he is to have me and the night I had the dream it was our 7 month anniversary. Please help, I'm begging you! I take dreams very seriously and I'm freaking out!

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