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Dream About Spell Out meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so i was reading harry potter and i fell asleep and my dream was that
i was at my elementary school and death eaters are coming
so like everyone who is in 3rd grade and under has to leave
and then the death eaters started to cast spells at me and my friends and then my mom and my dog show up and start waving to me and i was thinking OMG my mom and dog might die and then i woke up.

What does it mean or do you think i dreamed it because i was reading harry potter?

Yes, the fact you read Harry Potter before sleep certainly helped your subconscious mind build a setting for your dream, however, the story of the dream itself has a meaning.

To dream about being at school symbolizes lessons learnt in waking life, you are either going through something different, a transition period on your life.

Something is upsetting you at the moment isn' it? to see 'creatures' or 'monsters' in your dream, or as you called them (death eaters) denotes a strong feeling of repulsiveness and anger towards others AND most of all towards yourself - are you having self image issues? do you feel unattractive?

Are you being bullied? to see magic or a casting of spells in your dream means a slight manipulation of your character - those around you are forcing their opinion and manipulating how you see yourself. The very fact you were scared in your dream means you have anxieties towards certain aspects in your life, talk to people, talk to your Mother - that is why she was in your dream, to see your Mother shows your own nature and shows the relationship you wish you had with her. To see your dog again is Symbol of you, you are loyal, kind and generous - however people fail to see it.

You have some issues that needs addressing, talk to people around you that care and ignore those who dont - to see your friends means a stress amongst you all, have you fallen out with someone?

Example: Do dreams mean anything (sorry for the spelling)?

Sometimes they are strange and scary. But some of them are so bizzarre that I just don't think they could mean anything. Do any dreams mean anything?

Example: Do your dreams have a meaning?

Keep having dreams about an old crush. What does this really mean?

Example: What does it mean if im finger spelling ASL in my dreams?

I dreamed that I was signing to someone who was deaf and i learned some of ASL this summer.

What could that mean If Im fingerspelling and signing in my dreams?


k so this night a had a dream, more of a nightmare, and i was wondering if anyone can tell me if theres a meaning to it

I was at school and there was this guy that was casting spells on people, but he could only cast spells on those that he already talked to

so all my friends knew him and already have talked to him so he casted the spell on them

the spell was that he was able choke them without even touching them

but as i never talked to him, he didnt cast the spell on me.

so later on, i was with my group of friends ( that already had the spell ) and as he was passing by he said something arrogant to me and telling me wut to do. So i got really annoyed and i said "or wut , u'll choke me" then thats where i realised that i had spoken to him and so he casted he spell on me

so i had to find a way to reverse the spell.. so somehow i reversed, i dnt exacly remember how.. something with electricity and water loll.. but i remember i had my friend with me and i tried reversing hers but it didnt work kuz she didnt want me to, as if she liked being under the spell or was afraid of him

so then the guy found out and got mad at the girl for not stopping me. So i was like its not her fault.. im the one that reversed it.. so he started casting a stronger spell on me.. so i was screaming my boyfriends name so that he would come help me... but he didnt come soon enough and the guy casted the spell and i woke up

Example: Magic and spell dreams, what does it mean?

First off I wanna say I'm not on drugs, but as far back as I can remember I've been having the same dreams of where I can do spells, magic and move things with my mind. The dreams stop and just started up again about a week ago, an been goin on every night since. These dreams are not based in this time period, and they seen so real like I've actually lived it. When I wake up I remember all of the dream and if I fall back asleep it picks up where the dream left off I've tried lookin online and have found nothing can someone help plz

Example: What does it mean if you spell your last name wrong in a dream?

I dreamt I spelled my last name incorrectly. Does this have any kind of meaning? I remember looking at how I spelled it and knowing it wasn't spelled right but didn't attempt to correct it.

Example: In my dreams,a girl put a spell on me...what does it mean?

Example: Meaning of the dream 'someone putted a love spell on me'?

What does it mean when you dream that someone is telling you that person who you love and his family putted a love spell on you so you will go to them and be with the person you love?
In my dreams old, chubby gypsy was telling my that my someone from my fiance's family putted a love spell on me and the white door of my fiance's room were brown with white writings on Russian which I understood.Anyone with idea? It wasn't good or a bad dream, more like a warning..

Any idea ?

Example: I did a dreaming spell and it worked but I don't know what it means?

Yes, I did a dreaming spell where I wrote a guys name, folded it twice, put it under my pillow and said four lines to find out what he thinks of me. I did dream of him but I don't know what it means. In my dream I sat in my classroom and I found an iPod. Suddenly he sat in front of me and he said something I don't remember. Then he said my name and looked at me for a long time but I didn't respond.
Do you think you can help me?

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