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Dream About Speed meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this crow dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I was a passanger in the back of a car, the driver was speeding. He shouted something I couldn't understand and then a huge flock of crows flew overhead. I look out to see them better and they are white crows with long skull-like faces. Then the deriver grabs one and thrusts it right under my face and I scream and scream...

crows in dreams traditionally symbolize death... Death in dreams traditionally symbolizes change...
White represents purity... and being the passenger in an out of control vehicle means that you feel someone else is behind the wheel when it comes to your life and you feel out of control... going too fast and feeling like you dont have a say in where your life is going...
the crows are symbolizing an event that will give you the opportunity to change this... or telling you to make this change... stand up and take the wheel. YOU are in charge of your life
a "death" or ending of something will transpire in relation to this situation. but all will be for the best and remember death is only an ending... to open up the door to a new beginning.
Hope this helped

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream I was at school and walking back into school with my friends and a car was speeding through our bus park, and I didnt have enough time to run away, the car was small and blue not that the colour matters. Anyway in seconds I was flipped over the car and died in my bestfriends arms. I never usually dream at all so this is totally weird for me.
and when I woke up in the night, and went back to sleep I had the same dream.
what does it mean?

Example: What do dreams mean?

I mean does it mean that stuff are actually comeing true
Does it mean we need to do what they say
What do they come from

Example: What does it mean to dream of driving and speeding!?!?

I had a dream that I was in a Red vulkswagon (the bug car) and I was driving,and id say I was driving fast,speeding.I went through a red light,i think I tried using the brakes but it wouldnt stop so good..i also remember playing with the windows..i felt in control of the car though.I think there were other people in the car with me too.

What could this mean? And NO it does not mean I want a red car.Im looking for another meaning..

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was going home from one of my evening classes at college. But in this dream, it is not the college I go to now. It is different and much further away. I have never been there before. But in my dream, that is where I go to school. It is raining really hard. The rain is pouring and it is really windy. I am on my 10 speed bike. I don't have an umbrella, and I have to take the freeway home. I am riding my bike on the freeway with all of these other cars! I am trying to keep up. It is hard to ride my bike fast in the pouring rain! Somehow, I am back at the college campus. I told the college employees in administration that there is lightening, and might be a storm. I ask" Are there any busses leaving at this time?" The lady says the last one left some time ago. The next thing I remember, I am getting on a bus. The bus is not going to take me home. It is going to a camp for kids, and I have to be a counselor for the weekend. But, I didn't pack anything to take.

Example: Flying, falling, excellerating at fast speeds in dreams - what does it mean?

I often fly, fall from tall buildings/rooftops/high cliffs, and excellerate at very fast speeds in my dreams. What do these visions mean? My dreams are always very interesting, full of detail and fantasy, and quite confusing, but I don't think that relates to my question, does it?

Also, not related to dreams, I've been seeing the sequence "123" almost everywhere and almost every day for the past year. What could that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream someone is speeding?

I was in this car with some guy I think I might have been related to him and he was driving really fast I asked him to slow down but he would'nt and I was very worried abt having an accident.

Example: What does it mean to dream of speeding & not getting pulled over?

Last night I dreamed that I was speeding down the highway at 95 mph and a cop was sitting in the turnaround. I was sure he would come after me as I passed but he didn't even move & I was shocked that he hadn't tried to pull me over as I remember seeing the speed limit posted as 65 mph.

Example: What dose it mean if you were walking at lightning speed in your dreams?

this is confusing ...The dream is really long..but im in this futuristic house-becomes a building later it has lots of stairs and its surrounded by gardens-really peaceful-and it was painted dark grayish blueish color It felt like i was having a party every one was going crazy- when new people come i would try to open it then tats when i noticed the speed. everytime i wanted to go down the hall i would speed really fast
and when someone tries to open the door i would speed a head of them-except this one time this dude got in the way and his look was really dark.. and most were random people from my school
and my u.s history teacher was there..

Example: What do my dreams MEAN!?!?

Last night i had a dream of me outrunning a speeding truck in a tunnel of some sort. And then i died and woke up sweating. What does this mean?

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