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Dream About Speed Boat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

last nigh i had a dream that i was on a bridge or somthing smoking and some people drove past stairing at me so i shouted f**k off and they drove on...minuets later my dad came round the corner, didn't notice me smoking, and said hurry up and come with me...i went with him and wound up on a really fast speed boat and when we got to where ever it was we went i jumped of the boat and ran up a boat ramp and round the corner was a beach...everyone else on the boat ran to the beach so i followed...i got onto the beach and couldn't see anything but a small torch light on the rocks so i tried running to the rock but i tripped. when i was on the floor there was a girls sat next to me crying, and i asked her what was wrong...she had also fallen over and banged her head on the rocks...i took her back to the boat with me and when i got back i went to a mates house and started smoking again...then i woke up...i have no idea what it means...please give ur ideas!?

The bridge on your dream means a desire for you to go to a far away place. You want to be left alone. You want to go to that unknown place all by yourself. You want to get away from your current life and explore. That scene where you find yourself smoking however indicates that you are frightened or scared. You just cant decide! Your dad appearing in the scene, could probably mean that the reason why you can't just leave is because of your family. However, it is only you who thinks this, because, your family is just ok if you go and have your own life now!The other scenes in your dreams are all indications of your unsureness of what you want to do. Right now, you are still scared to be independent.

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I was in a hostel in some town somewhere hanging with my friend when an object in the sky started to move weirdly, and I looked to my friend and said "see I told you aliens are real" he leaves freaking out at what he saw
Suddenly I see the moon move at such an incredible speed out of sight, I look over and the real moon is stationary - so what moved?
I was chilling in a town full of creatures that were powerless in the night but they looked human, If I came in the darkness I knew they'd attack me, I did once and growled like a demon to get away, I see some docks (the ocean is all around) I look up and I see one of the two moons zipping by so fast and out of sight again, so me and some stranger get into a wooden boat which speeds off (speedboat)
He was thinking everything was o.k, I told him, something is wrong!
He started to get suspicious that things weren't okay - the night sky was black, suddenly we see like - all these ships being stopped by this one creature that looked like the moon I saw (which I knew was a ufo for some reason? the way it moved was strange) this creature was stationary, we zipped past it fortunately and through this mountain full of these weird giant piranha looking alien fish that kept trying to sink us, we make it to this bunker full of people who looked bored, we kept walking and wound up in a swimming pool full of people who acted as if they hadn't seen earth for decades - we had to march right past like four security doors to get to that pool but when we were in we were in

slight alteration I zoom back in time, and the stranger laughs at some little kids left on the dock just as the fast approaching black sky coats everything as we leave on the boat (one of them tried to pass a scroll-doll whatever that is to a family member) - he says "I knew this was coming" he laughed again at the little kids on the dock who are doomed, some big guy gives him a good punch and we still make it but inside the mountain structure I see an asian guy with pink nail polish asking for reinforcements to take japan for himself
his father he said "whose army is stronger ours or the world army?" "ours!"
He asked for cigarettes and ended the call

Dreams NEVER feel this real

Oh! the mafia son said that his private army had taken okinawa and soon would take the rest of japan

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with my boyfriend hanging out where I used to live on the river, watching a remote control speed boat race from my neighbors pier. My boyfriend leaves me for a moment to go grab us a couple of drinks from my neighbors house, when he gets back he discovers i've been kidnapped of course he starts looking for me but he keeps looking in all the wrong places. In the mean time I've pissed off my kidnapper and he shoves me into this metal cage that kinda resembles a crab fisherman's cage and shoves it down the hill into the water ( please remember I used to live on the river the place where he pushed me down is about 15-20 ft deep and the further down you go the less you can see ) in my dream once I hit the bottom it was so clear like and blue, like the water off the Bahamas. I managed to get out of the cage and barely made it to the surface before I ran out of air. Right as I broke the surface I felt light headed and sick and this random guy dove in after me to save me but i have no clue who this person was? What does my dream mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Right this isn't the dream:Me and my exgirlfriend have been together twice. First time I betrayed her trust. Second time someone made it appear that I did when I hadn't but we're still friends. I really want her back.
Right the dream is in three parts so:
Part 1: I'm on a speed boat with my Grandad and the boat worked exactly like a car and the water had roads painted on it. When my Grandad was sailing the boat across the water the painted didn't smudge or smeared and I just sat there thinking and my Grandad shouted me to lift the handbrake.
My Grandad let me sail the boat and when I sailed it the paint smudge and smeared.
Part 2: I was at school doing aload of tests, I got almost every question right but I didn't get a hundred percent.
Part 3: I got on the school bus and my exgirlfriend was there and we sat together and talked about the holidays and then I told her how much I missed her and the truth about the second time we were together and that no matter what happens I'll...

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had 2 dreams in one night. The first one was that i was IMing my friend, and she had her friends over and they were all mad at me and they said i wasnt going to be inivted. the second one was much longer and i was on a cruise, in the middle of an ocean, and a passager was lost so the captin made all the members on the boat stand on the deck. we went thro a thunder storm and people got hit by lightning. Next thing i new me and my mom were saying our goodbyes and praying- we thought we were dying. then my mom turns on the light- and we are standed in a boat and the cruize leaves us and they forget that we are in the boat. they speed away creating waves that propells us to land- and then all of a sudden we are going across the freeway onto a bridge and flying down about to hit a school- and i yell "brace your self" and then it goes black... please can u tell me what it means?~

Example: Please help me work out the meaning of my dream about ladybirds and rollerskates?

Help i need to find out what my dream means it features ladybirds, I really need to know the meaning?
I dreamt I was in a five mile fun run but ended up doing it on rollerskates, i was with lots of friends but we kept stopping for drinks and snacks and i was frustrated as wanted to finish the run, i kept coming across ladybirds and at one stage there was a giant one on the floor.

I left my friends to finish the run which went along the coast to my ex boyfriends house (whom I still love) I found it difficult to get along the coast and kept having to go up and down stairs and high ramps (which was difficult on my rollerskates) so never actually reached his home. Near to when I nearly got there there was a big flood which put everything under water but someone came and picked me up in a speed boat and we zoomed along the coast feeling good in the sunshine, at one point the ladybug was still with us and I think it may have been changing in to a cat or dog and I was rather scared it might fly, as I was not sure if ladybirds could sting and it was so big.

Please help ive had a lot going on in my life this year and im pretty certain there was symbolism in this dream.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night I had a dream that I truly have no idea what it could mean. So here it goes:

My mother and I were walking along a town square with a boating dock/bay in the middle. We looked out into the bay and there was a small fishing boat on fire. It was not any kind of fire, it was red and black fire balls and electrical shocks being sent all throughout the boat. The boat was continuously being hit with lighting, and the worse the fire was, the darker it got and the worse the storm was. There were two boats trying to help it, but one boat could not get close enough without catching fire and the sailor on the other boat's seat broke, so he kept sliding around unable to steer. Me and my mom jumped into the bay and swam to the boats to try and save the seaman. We reached the boats, but we could not get close enough without risk of being ran over by the boat. The waves were now bigger and knocking the boats into each other and it was unsafe. My mom yelled "alligators!" but I did not see anything. Two feet ahead of me now was an alligator, and he swam towards me. I was afraid he was going to hurt me, but he put his arm around me and my mom and swam full speed back to shore. when he let us go safely, he went back to the bay quickly and shrieking in pain.

Any ideas? Thanks in advanced :)

Example: Dream Symbolism? What does mine mean?

I recently had a dream that in the town I live in now, they constructed a big ship called "Titanic 2", which I remember that in my dream I questioned it as to knowing the first Titanic obviously didn't succeed. Anyways, for some reason I decided to board the ship which included many people from my school (I am in 9th grade) and that was the main majority of people on the ship. The route that the boat was taking was on a river, but it was an extremely wide river. In real life there is a main river in my town but not nearly as big. Then, when we set sail we stayed extremely close to shore and moved at a slow speed. The sun began to set and the ship began to sink, yet it was still near shore. I quickly jumped off side along with a few other people from school and made it safely to shore, but I was dumbfounded as to why other people didn't just jump off the ship too since we were sooo close to shore. Then it was night, and as the ship sank, fireworks seemed to be sprouting from the ship like in the movie titanic. Me and the other kids ( a group less than 10) were horrified by the scene. As we walked, and I don't remember how we exactly came to this conclusion, we realized some people in our group were actually dead but didn't know that they had drowned with the ship. Ya, some Sixth Sense **** right? As they realized it, they faded away. When we ended our journey of walking to the main part of town, we went to the docks and shore and saw dead bodies and crap. and that's it. I'm just confused as to what to make out of it. So, if you want to offer up any ideas I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Example: What could these dreams mean?

I keep having 3 recurring dreams. The first set is of me driving a car and not having control of the speed or brakes (sometimes handling either). In the dreams I avoid other vehicles, but often end up in a body of water...

The second set is of a town/city that keeps developing gradually. The town/city started out as a empty dirt road. Progressed into a dirt road with a few wooden shacks, then small businesses, onto larger buildings, and finally a full blown city (like Chicago or New York).

The third set is about me leaving random locations and not being able to find my way back, at all. A few have tied into the vehicle dreams and others have tied into the town/city dreams. Most of the time I encounter frightening things, like a blind man standing in a pitch black boat yard (spotted at very close and startling range with a flash light) or endless dim lit alley ways (I was raised in the country and moved to Flint, MI).

Often I wake up scared from these dreams. What could they mean? And why do they tie together at times?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I hav had this dream a few times now and every time I have it, more detail is added or more of the dream is added to the end. Everytime i have the dream I always wake up and am awake for about an hour, I had it again last night except something that has never happened in the dreams before happened. I will explain the dream below and for every time a part was added to the dream i will take a new paragraph. (I'd also like to state that at the beginning of the dream, no matter how many times i have it, I do not know what it going to happen, it is like it is completely new and playing out for the first time, it is only when i wake up that i realise that ive had it before)

It starts off with two police on a motorboat riding up a river at some speed, however at some point on the rivier the whole scene pauses for me and turns to the side slightly and focuses on a billboard... it has noting on it, no advertisements or anything, just a plain billboard and their doesnt seem to be anything of note about it. The scene then continues and the two police are continuing down the river, along abit more they get a call on the radio to turn back and head back to the office, it doesnt seem as though they're going to find anything.

They turn back and along the bank of the river on the way back their is a young girl (about 11/12) sitting with her feet in the river and she looks like shes splashing about in the river with her hands. Their is no note to this at this point in the dream but it happens and im trying to keep as much detail as possible. Further up the river they come to the billboard again and something takes their notice. Their is something hanging down from the back of the billboard on the bank of the river. The police pull what is hanging down and it was someones hair, a womans long hair, and the woman falls down into the river when pulled. The police pull her onto the boat and call in that they have found her and they notice she has been stabbed a number of times in the stomoch/chest area.

At this point the dream fast forwards, their is stuff happening here but it was happening so fast that you couldn't really take a note of it.

I end up talking to a girl (reason for talking to her unknown, happens in the fast forwarded time) and I am up at hers for dinner one night and I do not know how i found out but I found out that she was the girl that was at the lake and had stabbed the woman in the dream earlier.

It then ends up that I am kidnapped basically, not allowed to leave her house and she has a knife ready to (im guessing obviously) stab and kill me when her parents and her brother walks in (the brother was never in the dreams before, only last nights version but as he enters the dream here I thought id mention it here) and she quickly hides the knife and pretends everything is fine, she still has the knife near her however so I cant say anything or ill get killed.

Her mum cooks dinner and im sitting in the livingroom with her, her brother and her dad who is reading a paper. Her um walks in with the dinner and we all eat whilst watching tv. After dinner her mum offers me a ride home and i accept (hoping to get out of there quickly) her mum heads out to the car to wait for me, however her dad calls me into the kitchen for a moment. I walk into the kitchen to find the dad holding the knife the girl had lifted before her parents and brother came in and he said to me "my daughter tells me your causing trouble... get ready to die" (or something along those lines)

Her brother comes in just as the dad charges at me to stab me and hits him over the head with something and knocks him out. He checkjs to make sure Im ok when we hear themum coming back in from the car. She see's her husband on the floor knocked out and looks at me and says "Your causing trouble in my house... im going to stab you" (she says it in a scarily calm voice) and then comes towards me. The brother stands infront of her to try and save me, but the mother grabs something off the kitchen counter and holds it up. It is a screwdriver with what looks like the handles of a set of pliers on the bottom of it rather than the ordinery holder part and she opens the handles and sort of flicks them towards me, past her son and stabs me in the face and i black out/die...

That was the last of the dream last night... as I stated before th brother was never in the dream before last night and this dream really creeps me out when i wake up from it... i would just like to know what it means or if i need "help LOL

Any suggestions are welcome, and please, no sarcy comments.


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