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Dream About Speaking In Other Languages meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that my foreigner "crush" is speaking my native language?

..he's with people whom i suspect are members of his family in my dream? like, the he's with his family and he's talking in my native language which was a shocker, then there i was, just walking pass pretending to ignore him.

what's that suppose to mean? and

I think he is 'speaking your language,' meaning getting on well with you and very feeling
comfortable in your world, and taking that to his world.

Additional Details
I did omit the *and.'☺

Example: What does it mean to dream in a foreign language?

I had a dream the other night and it was all in some foreign language, not an easily noticeable language like Spanish, French or anything like that. I'm not sure what language it was in but everyone in the dream including me spoke it and fluently at that. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else about the dream.

Example: What does it mean when you dream in a different language?

I'm Sicilian and Italian on my mothers side. My grandmother is Italian and my grandfather is Sicilian. Well, I have relatives that still live in Sicily, (Augusta, Sicily to be exact) and I met them about 4 years ago. Well they were the ones who were in my dream. Now, I know some Italian, but I cannot speak it fluently. Any takes on why I had this dream? I was like speaking the language and understanding it so perfectly in my dream..

Example: Does having a dream in another language mean anything?

it was in spanish which im pretty good at, and my dad and i were sitting at a spanish bar when my dad said "you order son, your the intelligent one" and then i said to the barmaid in spanish "he can't speak spanish, he can hardly speak english" in a joking way. Any thoughts?

Example: Does having a dream in another language mean anything?

In my dream, I was speaking fluent French in Paris with my cousin(don't ask me how did I know we were in Paris, somehow I just knew it), but my cousin didn't seem to utter a word at all. I vaguely remembered saying ''Je suis malade'' repeatedly.

Ps: I used to learn beginner's French, but stopped months ago.

Example: What does it mean if I dream in a foreign language?

I had a dream last night where everyone was speaking in Spanish. I had to translate it into German in order to understand anything, but I didn't know German well enough to understand very much. I wasn't frustrated about it though. Everything seemed okay, even though I didn't understand.

Example: Have you ever had a dream where you spoke a language you don't know? what does it mean?

a long while ago i had a dream that people i know were speaking in perfect french. last night i had a dream that these two guys were speaking in italian... i know some italian but i still didn't understand what they were saying.
i just want to know why and how we can dream in languages we don't know. what it means. if it's possible to somehow try to remember what you said in that language and translate it (b/c i really want to know what those dudes in my dream were saying!)
your thoughts?

Example: What would a wink mean to some one who speaks sign language?

There is a cute girl in my class and she can kind of hear most of the time but she signs like half of everything she says. Just wondering what they teach winking to mean or what the possible meanings are to anyone. I never really realized how easy it could be, all I have to do is wink, until I met a pretty hard of hearing girl.

Okay off the topic of sign language and winking. I first saw her in class and never really day dreamed more than in class about her. By day dream I mean just think of her not perverted sex stuff just admire her prettiness. But I ended up working with her on a project in class and would have never expected to talk to her as it goes with most girls I like. Anyways now after doing the project and being around her only an hour or two and I have been thinking of her all day. Should I just drop these thoughts or try to talk to her and be her friend. I think I could become acquaintances and just say like hi every day but an attempt to hang out with her is like thinking of running a marathon with out legs. And after contemplating all of this, I think, this is how it has always been and I have never had a real girlfriend. Maybe I should stop thinking, "oh maybe I could be with her" and just let it happen and quit thinking of trying to be with a girl.

Example: Speaking different language in dream?

I've had several dreams where im speaking a language and the setting is always in an arabic country (the scenery is very vivid so i researched it) im always having a conversation with a man who in my dream who is my dad or a random person. I know what im saying but when i wake up i lose it. Has this ever happened to anyone? I swear if i heard someone speak it id recognize it. Whats this mean? If anything.

Example: When Baby''s dream, what language do they speak?

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