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Dream About Sparkle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream #1:

I'm on a pirate ship, dressed as Jack Sparrow. I wasnt sailing on water, but on the clouds. No one else was on the ship, just me. I had no map, i was slowly sailing, as trillions of stars and galaxies were right above me. All of a sudden, i hear a "BOOM" and the cloud to my right filled with the color red. I hear another "BOOM" and the cloud in front of me turned pink. I knew i wasnt in danger, but i sailed the ship to somewhere cloudless. And there i was, flying on top of the disneyland castle, and it was the fireworks that were making the BOOM sound. The moon was behind me, making me a silouette. Just like the silouette in ET, when the boy was flying the bike over the moon. But this time, it was a pirate ship sailing past the disneyland castle. The music was in the background. Whenever a firework took off, the sky would sparkle, making each star in the sky jealous. Then a cloud would turn a calming color. I stopped steering the wheel, and sat at the railing of the ship. A tear rolled down my eye with joy. I looked up, and i out of all the stars in the the night, i notice "the second star to the left" from peter pan, which would lead me to never land. I immediately got up, walked to the and sailed the ship toward it. This was when i woke up.

Dream #2:

I was with a bunch of my friends who used to be close to me. We were in my house, looking out my bedroom window. There was a bright, beautiful moon on the horizon. All of a sudden, clouds started covering it, as if heaven wanted it for itself. but the moon broke out and turned into three of the biggest, golden shooting stars. They looked cartoony, similar to the shimmering golden stars in super mario. They all flew to the right, leaving a long, glittering rainbow tail behind them.

These are my two most beautiful dreams, and i couldn't possibly find the words to describe how it looked or felt. Please tell me what they mean.

your first and second dream have only one meaning. On the first part of your dream it means you are searching for your other friends way back. you are remembering them because of happy events when you were all together.
the second dream is more clearer. in reality you are trying to think of your friends. and looking at
the past.
I think you need to reunite again with your friends. and it seems that you feel the blues now a days cause you are missing some of your real friends.
plan for a reunion, have a nice day.

Example: Books & Authors: What does my dream mean?

In my dream I was drinking a crimson liquid out of a wine glass. But, it wasn't wine it had a metalic scent to it. I can actually smell,taste, and feel things in some of my dreams. I was wearing a Victorian or something gown. It was black in color. Everything looked like I went back in time, but it was in the future. I was eighteen or nineteen, maybe twenty. I looked like a goddess of the night. Their was also a man he's what could be described as tall,dark, and hansome ( spelling? ). His hair was a cascade of ebony. His clothes were an all black suit. His eyes and mine were a strange color. His I suspect used to be a brown or for some reason green were now a blood red. My once sapphire blue were now a shocking shade of violet. Both of us were very pale. I'm very pale in real life so it probably means nothing. Also, this isn't the first time I've seen the man. I've seen him once before he whispered a name Gabrielle or Gabriel it was. But, my names Katherine. What does this mean? I'm fifteen and don't drink by the way.
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Additional Details
I've never read twilight

Example: I've had a dream about a witch and a black cat with purple sparkles. what could that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

A year ago, I moved to Virginia from California. My dream was I was back in my old apartment in California. I was with Megan, one of my old friends that lives in California, and Dylan, the guy I like who is also my very close friend but he lives in Virginia. In the dream, she lived right across the street from me, and he lived downstairs. We were watching a blood and gore movie which only him and I liked, my other friend didnt. I started to have a feeling that he started to like her, and I was pissed because I am desperately in love with him. I cant remember why, but she ended up leaving. After she left, he left too. I then was in my old apartment bedroom with my sister who no longer lives with me. I said “Wow, this is a dream. It must be a dream because Im back in California”. She looked at me and told me how it wasn’t. I asked what year it was and she said 2007 (Which would have been a time I knew Megan but not Dylan) and she said I was 11 years old (Which its 2011, and Im 15.) My other sister came in (Who also doesn’t live with me anymore) and I figured that I probably am in this time so that I can become good friends with Dylan earlier in life so that we are more close. I then think about how he actually lives in Virginia. By then my sister is next to the front door and says how “Ramsley” is very angry at me for some reason. I ask who Ramsley is, and she says how it’s the dude downstairs, so she means Dylan (Idk why she called him that). I freak because I cannot stand him being mad, so I raced back to my bedroom and get dressed in a red plaid shirt (that I got recently) with pants that are also plaid, and really sparkly sandals (Which I never would of wore this, but I was in a rush). I start running down the stairs and start knocking on his door saying how he should forgive me, and the first time we met and such, and how he should let me in. In my mind, I see him running from the apartments across the way to his house, I turn around, he’s there, and the dream ends. (There is also no reason why he would be mad at me since Im on summer break and I havent seen him recently to do anything.)

Example: What do my dreams mean?

The other day i dreamt about my grandad, who passed away about 6 year ago, in my dream, there was me and my aunties and uncles, and we all watched as he passed away, the funny thing was that he was in a bus station, and he floated into the air an turned into sparkles.

Last night i had another dream, about my brother, who has not passed away. But in my dream he did, and i could see the spirit of him, but no-one believed me. Throughout my dream i had tried to convince my family that i could see him, but no-one took any notice.

I know that dreams can somehow reflect how your feeling but, in myself i am perfectly fine, Could my dreams have a deeper meaning?



Example: What doe my dream mean?

A few months ago I had a dream about a guy I liked when I was younger, i didn't know him personally. He wasn't that famous but he was in a band and had a YouTube channel. There's a four year age gap. Now he's band is pretty famous and so is he. Now were both older. Anyway I had a dream that we were young again and at my grammars old house. We were messing about with he's brothers and sister when we decided to out to the beach. But there isn't a beach near the house. We some how get to the beach and they're all playing. The water dawns to stand out to me, it clear like tap water and the sand is normal but it sparkles. The guy I used to like is giving a girl I don't know a piggy back ride. I got jealous and went to push her off. When I get right next to them they all vanish. And I fall into the sand and then I wake up. What does it mean every time I think about this dream it makes my tummy turn. I don't like this guy he's famous and I've never met him ever. I dint even remember him until this dream. Please help

Example: Does this dream mean something?

Alright so I had this dream about a wedding ill describe it in a minute but the weird thing is after the dream was over and i woke up i was crying and then that morning the guy i liked asked me to be his girlfriend and we've been together for a couple months now and i really think hes the one for me. Ok so here is the dream please let me know if you think if my dream was trying to tell me something..

So it begins as my day is horrible everything wrong is happening, and then its time for the wedding i cant recall who
was getting married, so i noticed i had a empty glass of water in my hand so i walk outside to where everyones at, to
get a drink of water, as im filling up my glass with my back turned to my family i hear a little child call my name so once
im finished filling up my glass i turn around to lots of picnic tables on the left and i turn to see my 4 year old cousin
Noah sitting on the lap of someone and he really is the cutest thing but he looks up at me and says hi rachael and his
eyes sparkle with a hint of green and blue and he had this odd look on his face it was mixed with sadness but yet happiness
but that's when i started to cry i looked around me and the scenery was beautiful absolutely beautiful it was so bright
outside but not a blinding bright just perfect and the wind was slightly swaying all around us lingering the most
soothing shade and there were white roses pedals being blown in the wind also with the sound of chimes like
wind chimes and i just stood there watching it all and if my memory serves me right i was in a white dress it was beautiful
and earlier in the day i was looking horrible my
makeup was smeared and it was bad but standing out there i looked beautiful my hair was done and my makeup had not one
flaw but i couldn't handle it all so i walked away from my cousin and was crying really bad now and my mom found me and
made me sit down on the bench and when she asked me what was wrong i just said its all so beautiful and then i awoke
in tears. Now this dream idon'tt know why but i still want to cry it like moved me or something but i haven't put it all
together until now, see i couldn't recall who was getting married and all my family was there and even my best friend
and i was so happy and overcome with the beautiful scene i was also in a white dress i really do believe that this was
a sign about my wedding one day...maybe it was just a Coincidence but maybe it was a sign telling me i was on the right
path. Guess i'll really never know.

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does it mean when you have a dream with a sparkly black spider and you cant kill it

Example: Weird dream about teeth? what does this mean?

Okay so last night I had a weird dream that I looked in the mirror and my beautiful, perfect teeth were rotten in places and some of my teeth had fallen out. I have really good teeth, so I was absolutely beside myself, I looked so ugly when I smiled. I also had a skirt on and was walking around school and male teachers were seeing up my skirt and I was embarrassed because I am insecure about my thighs and bum. What the hell does this mean?

Example: What do dreams of water mean?

I can't figure these dreams out. I was with my entire family. I was invisible to every one of them, except my 9 year old brother. My brother was able to speak to me and see my like normal. However, everyone else had no idea I was there. And when they spoke it was muffled like I had my ears plugged. They left the house to go somewhere but I never heard where. So I wander the house and find my bedroom. I go in and it's an absolute disaster. Stuff everywhere, not one clear space in the floor. And the furniture is all in the middle of the already tiny room so you can barely move anywhere. I notice little jars and glass candle holders placed around the room and filled with water. The sunlight coming through the dirty window makes the glass sparkle and they look really pretty. Then things go a bit crazy. The fish in these votive candle holders start to swell. They grow like crazy, and the water begins to disappear. I find an empty mason jar and go fill it up quickly then run back to my room. The furniture has moved and the candle holder are in new spots. So I have to look for them. I'm making the room even more of a mess as I'm trying to fill these tiny glass holders with water, but the fish keep growing. I finally find a huge vase and fill that with water, then put all the fish in it together until I can find a bigger, better fish tank. I turn to make sure I've found them all, then I turn back and the water in the new vase is milky. It looks almost like mercury except it's white, not silver. The fish are still growing, and now they beginning to eat one another. The only thing I can see clearly in the water is the tale of one of the fish. But it looks like the tail of a tiger shark, except the color are super vibrant like something from Lisa Frank. I hear a car door outside and the family coming up the sidewalk and I start to panic. I'm looking around for a way to separate these fish but I have no other jars. And the room is even more of a disaster. The carpet is beginning to soak and my feet are freezing in my now wet shoes. I can hear the family inside and my mother and my aunt come into my room and I freeze, but they are happy. And can't see me. They continue their muffled conversation as I find that I can't move and I hear the fish in the bigger vase behind me splashing around, fighting each other.
This isn't the first dream with fish and water that I have had. The other night I had one that my 13 year old brother and I were on a dock and the dock collapsed into this lake and I swim to the surface and find these fish are creating this current that's pulling me farther from the dock. When I look around for my brother, he is standing on the part of the dock that didn't collapse. He's laughing and I can't help but smile. So I swim to the dock and as I get there, it's not my brother. It's someone I don't know. My brother is clinging to the dock. His hand slips and he begins to drown. The fish are creating a different current pulling him under. So I scream and swim harder against my current, then hold my breath and dive under after him. I'm kicking my legs as hard as I can and he's reaching for me and screaming under the water. I finally get close enough and grab his hand and manage to get us both to the surface. I pull him onto the rest of the now empty dock and we lay there for a minute. I'm panting and gasping for air and he's laying there like nothing happened. We get up and begin to walk back to town, but we have to walk back through this trail in the woods. As we walk, we never make it back to town, but to a clearing. There's a fire pit in the middle of the clearing, and a stage with torches. I notice it's gotten dark outside. I stop, feeling unsure, but my brother continues like I never stopped. He disappears and I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn to see this guy. He's handsome, but looks severely ill. His smile isn't comforting at all and his eyes are odd. The whites are blood shot and there is no iris, just a pitch black pupil. He introduces himself as Death, and he doesn't say my birth name, but he calls me another name. I turn back to find my brother and he is no where. It's just Death and I in the clearing. He continues to speak but he becomes muffled, like he is underwater. I can't understand him but I feel sick to my stomach. Then I manage to wake myself up.
Any clue as to what either of these dreams mean?

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