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Dream About Source Book meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Christians: what does my dream mean?

I had a dream about my boyfriend of three months, Kyle. He's not a Christian, mind you. After we went to the movies, he brought me to his place in the woods, and threw me on his bed, stuck needles in my eye, some rotten milk up my no-no place, and put black lipstick on me. Then the next thing I remember was going to the bathroom in my dream, and that's when I woke up in a pool of urine and blood (I'm on my period). Does this hold any significance, like breaking up with my boyfriend?

honey, you have got to understand that dreams are spiritual. they are one way God talks to us. many dreams can often even be prophetic. ezekiel saw the end of the world in a dream. this is in the bible. so we have literal proof that dreams mean something if you are a true christian believer. i have many dreams given to me by God and i went out and bought a christian prophetic dream book. God speaks to us in symbols. from the dream you described, it sounds like your b/f is tied to a demonic nature. needles and black lipstick are symbols of evil. milk is a source of nourishment from God, but rotten milk would mean the opposite. even if he is the nicest guy in the world there may be some things about him that you dont know. i suggest praying, going to a pastor or apostle for Godly counsel. no man is worth losing your salvation for babygirl. i dont care how nice, good lookin, or sweet he is. seek God for the answer.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream...I was about 19-21...I was really young...then my mom found dirty mags under my bed...which is really wiered...Then there was this guy He was a dirty blond...He looked like someone in college...He was caucasion ...In my dream we just suddenly apered in a biulding...It was a really tall one with a great view...then It was like somthing from a romance book...we began to kiss ...I woke up in the morning and he was there with a smile on his face...Can anyone tell me what the dream meant?...

P.S he was super hot!

Example: What does it mean to dream with birds drowning?

i dreamed of birds trapped in a tank and were drowning a blue one and yellow one they looked like parrots but they would fall in and i was supprised cuz other pple were watchin and no one did anything about it so i reached in and pulled them out then another would fall in and i took it out too and put them back in their cage. it was wierd then i think i took one of them home... just wierd cuz it felt real.. does anyone have an idea on what this could mean?

Example: Dreams in islam? What do they mean?

Hi:) I kept having this reoxxuring dream of me ring pregnant, however I an young and not married yet so not possible. I decided to look up the islamic dream meaning and to my delight it said a single virgin who dreams of this will get married someday:) now how reliable is this source, I know dreams are very important in Islam

Example: Does this dream mean anything at all?

So last night I dreamt that I was back in my old Elementary School classroom.

Everyone was terrified, because we had heard that Armageddon was coming. (I'm an Atheist.)

At the desk on the opposite side of the room sat my Fiance (who's very religious and always worried about my soul.) I ran to him and kissed him on the lips, and then returned to my seat. Our teacher told us that we all needed to sit at our desks and pray, while rolling these rubber balls (like super balls) in our hands.

While we were doing this the room erupted into flames (though I don't know how I knew this, because my eyes were closed and I couldn't actually feel any pain.) After a few minutes we opened our eyes, and we realized it was all a prank being played by a few classmates wearing paper devil masks.

And perhaps the oddest part, suddenly the whole entire thing turned into a Japanese manga novel (like a comic book) that I was reading in bed. Then I got bored with it, opened another one, and started reading.

This is probably important, so I should mention it. My parents don't know about my Fiance, because they don't approve of my dating a Christian.

Example: What did this part of my dream mean?

I was running away from finding out something devastating (My grandma had died). I ran out into the backyard and it was longer then it should of been. I saw a fence, I kept running towards it and a little girl was chasing me (Maybe 5 years old). I was scared so I ran towards the fence but another girl outside the fence ran up to me on that side of the fence. (metal fence if that makes any difference) I saw the girl on the other side of the fence and I felt all the love in the world wash over me, and the little girl behind me I was no longer afraid of. I felt so much love it wasn't funny. More love then I've ever felt in my awaken life. Then the fence disappeared, I picked up one of the little girls and ran.

What did this part of my dream mean? The love part confused me the most, I thought maybe they represented my inner child. Any thoughts?

Example: What can this dream mean?

well i was dreaming that my kids and i were waling and that i looked to my right side and there was a spider egg and that it was opening and that hundreds of tiny spiders would get all over us but they never bit us just got on us what can this mean?

Example: What is a good source to check the meaning of dreams?

whether its a book or website, please let me know...i would like to check

Example: What does the dream mean?

i had a dream about my crush telling me he loved me. then i moved in with him. he know that i like him but he said he wanted to just be friends. what does this dream mean? it's not the first time i dream this.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

i dreamt i was on a roller coaster and a monkey sitting in front of me was screaming the whole time. then i went int othis bus and my sisters best friend was there reading a bedtime story picture book. then suddenly it was dark outside and i was in my dads car with edward cullen and he was saying that we should go on a picnick and that he'll bring veggies and dip.

i've also had lots of dreams about me being at school (not my school, it's always a differant school that i've never seen before) and being in the hallways after the bell rings but not being able to go to class (no clue why. maybe i'm lost) and i'm worreid that i'll get in trouble.

one more thing. what does it mean to dream of whipped cream...?

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