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Dream About Songs Of God'S Love meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's a good song that goes from breaking up to falling in love?

A few of my friends and I are planning to make a sort of music video, and the story line we want goes a little like this:
2 people are going out and they seem fine at first, but the girl walks in on the guy hitting on another girl. the girl that the guy was dating runs away from what she saw, but the girl that the guy was hitting on was infuriated with his actions and goes to comfort the other girl. feeling bad for what happened the second girl introduces the first girl to another guy and they end up be a perfect match.

so is there a good song that goes from breaking up to falling in love?
and sorry about the crappy summary, we haven't gotten to the fine tuning yet.

Well if your making a music video then you need to make your music or did you mean a musical? And Yeah the plot is kinda out there but props fer trying ya know here's a list of a few:
Poison and wine - the civil wars
I don't want love - antlers
Happiness - Goldfrapp
In a dream - skybox
Not strong enough - apocalyptica
Little talks - of monsters and men (fits really well with you plot)
Cuddle fuddle - passion pit
Skip to the good part - he is we
Losing it - never shout never
Coffee and cigarettes - never shout never
No ones gonna love you - band of horses
Pull my heart away - jack pañate (really heart breaker kinda song though)
Easy - rascal flatts
Safe and sound - Taylor swift
Wish it was true - the white buffalo
Beside you - marinas trench
Spoken for - we are scientist
I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds - mayday parade
If you can't live without me, why aren't you dead yet - mayday parade
Terrible things - mayday parade
Ohio is for lovers - hawthorne heights
Kiss with a fist - Florence and the machine (that's incase the girlfriend does what any pissed woman would do and beat the crud outta him)
Maybe I - five for fighting
Nobody - five for fighting
Take me away - Avril lavigne
Cheatcheaterbestfriendeater - never shout never
What is love - never shout never
If I leave - a day to remember
If it means a lot to you - a day to remember
Tomorrow - Chris young
I will follow you into the dark - death can for cutie
Down by the water - the drums
This - Ed Sheeran
Wake me up - Ed Sheeran
Lego house - Ed Sheeran
U N I - Ed Sheeran
Give me love - Ed Sheeran (his whole album is pretty much issuable for your movie)
Austin - Blake shelton
Play me that song - Brantley Gilbert
Picture on the dashboard - Brantley Gilbert
Don't think I don't think about it - Darius Rucker
Cold day in July - Dixie chicks
Not ready to make nice - Dixie chicks
Laughed until we cried - Jason Alden (just the beginning)
Do you believe me now - jimmy Wayne
Better as a memory - Kenny Cheney
Just a kiss - lady antebellum
A broken wing - martina mcbride
What hurts the most - rascal flatts
While you loved - rascal flatts
God bless the broken road - rascal flatts (I think)
A little bit stronger - Sara Evans
Cold hearted - zak brown band

So that's just a few from break ups and make ups and the in betweens (kinda tell I've been through it alot) but music is deffiently the most exact way that expresses emotions and feelings so it's delicate and really make the movie so choose wisely. Good luck

Example: Does anyone know any heart-touching love songs?

I mean ones that can really stir the heart...and maybe even help shed some tears?!

Example: I have a question about a song on Katy Perry's latest album? >T.G.I.F? what does that mean?

I got the new Katy Perry album and on track 2. Last Friday Night (t.g.i.f.)
um... what does that mean?
i'm kind of being careful because you know after the Peacock track >disturbing<
you never know with K.P. better safe than sorry.

Example: Similar songs to Coldplay's "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"?

I recently heard this song and i absolutely loved it. I was wondering if any of you know about a song that sounds very similar to it.

Example: Songs With Deep Meaning?

i need new songs that have deep meaning,
these are songs that i listen to all the time and i want more like them,
if you know any songs similar to these or know any i might like please list them :)
how to save a life - the fray
bother - corey taylor
numb - linkin park
never too late - three days grace
little house - the fray
because of you - kelly clarkson
beautiful - eminem
pain - three days grace
what hurts the most - rascal flatts
mad world - gary jules
black parade - my chemical romance
only hope - switchfoot
stan - eminem
hide and seek - imogen heap
just a dream - carrie underwood
wonderwall - oasis
the hand that feeds - nine inch nails
you're not alone - saosin
can't keep on loving you - elliot yamin
living on a prayer - bon jovi
bless the broken road - rascal flatts
help im alive - metric
unbelievable - craig david
the animal i have become - three days grace
everything - lifehouse
i hate everything about you - three days grace
addicted - kelly clarkson
black clouds - papa roach
iris - goo goo dolls
she will be loved - maroon 5
sleepless night - faber drive
stand still look pretty - the wreckers
my immortal - evanscence
ready to fall - rise against
secret - the pierces
keep holding on - avril lavigne
your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus
courage - superchick
hailie's - eminem
beautiful disaster - john mclaughlin
pain - jimmy eat world
21 guns - green day
freak on a leash - korn
don't worry be happy - bob marley
slipped away - avril lavigne
break - three days grace
vienna - the fray
don't jump - tokio hotel
nobody's home - avril lavigne
hold on - good charlotte
boulevard of broken dreams - green day
lose yourself - eminem
world so cold - three days grace
funhouse - pink
beauty from pain - superchick
girl next door - saving jane
everybody's fool - evanscence
apologize - one republic
running up that hill - placebo
bigger than love - my favorite highway
broken - evanscence
only hope - mandy moore
bridge over troubled water - simon & garfunkle
her diamonds - rob thomas
everybody hurts - r.e.m.
so small - carrie underwood
stand in the rain - superchick
second chance - shinedown
black roses red - alan grace
remembering sunday - all time low
breathe - anna nalick

Example: Music with a deep meaning in my dream?

I dreamt of talking to the guy I love, and he was playing a song he said I didn't know. Of course I knew the song ("There's no me without you" by the Manhattans) and sang along to prove I knew it. Could the song have meaning? As if we'd be incomplete without eachother..right now we're not as close as we used to be, so i'm hoping this means something.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) xo

Example: What is the meaning of tobymac''s song made to love?

what does the beggingng mean i need to know very importatn no joke does it mean the he has lost hte love of god he does not feel the passion the he used to know i really need to know thanks to anyone that helps.

Example: What does "how sweet the sound" in the song Amazing Grace mean?

Just listen to this song and curious about its meaning.

Example: What does the song God bless the broken road mean?

Like is it talking about God or your lover? Cite lyrics from the song with your answer please! :)

Example: What is the end of Toby Keith''s song ''God Love Her'' from?

the music at the end sounds like it was the end of a theme song for a tv show, i can't figure it out

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