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Dream About Snow White meanings

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Example: Wht does this dream mean i dreamt about a white wolf layin n the snow w/green eyes just lookin at me & rollin?

White is the color of innocence, purity and spirit - both the wolf and the snow are white and we are currently in the time of winter in the Northern hemisphere. Green is a great color of the heart chakra and prosperity and abundance - the eyes are green, and eyes are for seeing and watching in a dream. I immediately got the impression that you have spiritual protection and guidance available to you - this wolf is your protector.

Example: Deer and some snows What do this dream mean?

Okay I Always known for having Weird Dreams but this dream is just got me wondering myself what does it mean. Okay That dream Started like this I was walking in the Snow and saw what I believe to be a Dead Deer. well I think It was dead it wasn't moving, And I love animals trust me I really do Plus the Deer was all the way in my city. when was weird because deers normally live in the wild. Plus there was Snow Everywhere. Just white snow everywhere. So do you know what this dream means? If you do know thanks. Plus I kind feel sorry for the Deer. I think someone (most likely Human) killed it. Plus the weridest thing the deer in the Dream it was my pet. (I don't have a pet Deer in real Life so yeah that was weird.) So do you know what the dream meant?

Example: What might the white wolf in my dream mean?

Recently I've been having the same dream over and over again. It's always in the same place- a snow covered forest- and the same animal always appears. The animal is a GIANT white wolf with red eyes and it has gold bracelets on it's ankles and it wearing a silver and gold necklace/collar. It never comes across as threatening, in fact it seems to be comforting if that makes sense... I was just wondering if anyone possible knows what a wolf like this might symbolise in my dream.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream that snow white is getting gang banged by the seven dwarfs?

And barney and bear are there video taping it all. Am deadly serious i actually had this dream and now am kinda worried that am messed up in the head like what normal persons has dreams like that

Example: What does this dream mean?

There wasn't much to it, I only saw a hole bunch of stuff.

I remember going to a costume party dressed up as snow white.

I started french kissing this guy I know

At one point there were intruders in my house and I had to kick them out. I also learned that they put security cameras to monitor us in our house.

This dream wasn't very vivid, I only got a little bit of info.

Example: What does my dream mean? Desert to Snow?

Well i live in the desert in real life haha, well anyway im into cars and most of my friends are, but i dont think it has anythign do do with that, so i know this one guy that wants to paint his car purple, now the dream, so im at a his house for someones birthday party, and they have a car for each person in their family, but i still dont have one,( i dont have one in real life either) and so were at the party and he tell me lets go i want to show you something, and his car is purple, and its a right hand drive car a 240sx s14, so we go, and its just all desert just like where i live in, and we keep going for a while, its already turning dark, and the road is all sand, im like hey can i drift on the way back, and then we go just a little more and he says heres the place, so we go in there and its pretty beautiful, its all filled with snow, snow isnt falling its just all clean and lots of it the trees were all covered, it was all bright and white, and theres this girl there, shes like dressed in a fluffy coat, and then we talk or something i dont remember, but then the snow starts to melt, and the guy tells me come on we have to go, and shes still there but we leave, its like a hole that we go through like a round door in the middle of the road, and then we just go back in the car and leave. The desert is not like a desert with cacti, just lots of sand, and its just a sandy type road we go on, and then this place with lots of snow, oh and that place you can chose to go back in time to whenever you want. But when it melts you have to leave. sorry if its complicated just wanted to know what you think.

Example: What does it mean to dream about snow leopards?

Ok so it was partly a sex dream aswell the first part of my dream was with me and my ex having "relations" then I remember being asleep on the floor and waking up to a snow leopard just casually walking around, I then got panicked and tried to get it out of my house as I was trying to shut it out it turned vicious and angry I then had to grab it by the paws and when I did that it started to stick it's claws in me I managed to throw it outside but every time I closed the door he managed to open it again. Weird I know anyone have any clue what this means

Example: What does it mean if you dream about snow?

before the snow i was dreaming that i went to the cinema with my cousin and he started acting strange, like he was on drugs or something, i havent seen my cousin for a while because he's been on a tour around the world and its probably been about a year since i've seen him, anyway after the cinema i ran away because i was afraid of him and then i ran into an old lady who puked just as i was walking down a hill, i went over to her to ask her if she was ok and she grabbed me and she wouldnt let go, i struggled but she was very powerful, but a noise startled her and i got away. after that i went home straight away and there was this girl who i think is pretty and i just started talking to her even though i havent talked to her in years, im really shy around girls :(
then i looked outside and it was snowing,
i know this might be too much to read but i have no idead what any of it means. thanks in advance for any help :)...

Example: What does dreaming of snow mean?

One night my husband dreamed of snow falling in our country Trinidad. (hot weather) and the next night I dreamed of rain falling and it turned to snow. I caught some in my hand but it was yellowish. I told the children in my class it was that color because of the pollution. What could this dream of snow mean. And why did two of us have this dream?

Example: I dream about white leaves, what does it mean?

ok, i had a dream about white leaves, like the color of the snow. what does this mean?

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