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Dream About Snapping Turtles meanings

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Example: Eagle n snapping turtle dream interp...?

can anybody tell me what this dream might mean?

n plz no stupid answers or rude comments.

a few weeks ago i had a dream i was in the dessert n i was in a house. it was a big nice house but it was in the middle of nowhere n this eagle came n sat next to me n kept nestling up to me n i would move n it kept following me n cuddling me.

my dad was saying it means some strong man was gna come into my life but i dnt think thats what it means.

and in this dream i was across the street from my old apartments n i was droppin off a lil kid at day care n we saw some little turtles in a bush. it was a small baby turtle n a mediumish turtle. well anyways the lil boy was gna try n step on them so i get them n put them in a bod n the bigger kept tryin to bite the lil one. i grapped like a shell n put it over the smaller turtle n (i dnt think he had one b4 i put it on) well the big turtle was still gettin the lil turtle thru the shell so i put the big one in a box. but b4 that i had picked it up n grabbed it by the sides far enough tp where i thot he wouldnt bite me n he reached around any ways n started biting me hard n i could actually feel it in my sleep. (no pets sleep in my house). so i moved my hands all the way to the back n he was still biting me. when i finally got him in the box it turned to mush n he was breaking thru it n n he was biting me still.

sorry it was a big run on, but if u can give me an actuall interpretation of my dream id very much appreciate it.

The eagle is to you as you are to the turtle. The eagle is faster than you, and the turtle is slower. Apparently the eagle bothered you, and you bothered the turtle.

I don't guess you bit the eagle though.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Alright, so a few nights ago I had two seperate dreams. Both dreams occured on the same night.
So, dream number 1: There was a deep pit filled with dark water on the outskirts of my town and I was assigned to go dive into this deep dark pit along with a research team to find out what sort of creatures inhabit it, so we all suited up and dove into the pit. As we swam deeper, we figured out it was about 120 feet or meters deep, I can't remember which. So when we got to the bottom I couldn't see anything, so I felt around at the bottom, and felt a large mass so the team and I lifted the heavy mass, and swan to the surface with it, and as we surfaced, we figured out it was a large snapping turtle, but the water was salt water, so it didn't make any sense as snapping turtles I believe are fresh water, and then we tried moving it so we drug it by it's tail, and then I woke up.
Dream 2: After the first dream, I fell asleep once more, and all of a sudden, I was in a very calm, clear, light blue ocean, the water seemed shallow so I began to swim, and all of a sudden, under the water, there was a huge green seaturtle, it was about 12 feet at least, and I had my head underwater and was looking at it, then it looked at me and turned its attention toward me. I somehow felt calm, and peaceful, and it somehow told me to grab onto it. It swam gracefully by me as I quickly grabbed onto its shell, and started going through the water. I was at peace with myself, and felt great love toward the turtle. We were alone in this open ocean, as I looked down, the water was very deep now, but I didn't feel helpless.
So those are my dreams, and I find it strange that both had turtles, but one was dangerous, and the other was harmless, and they both came from different places, one came from a small, dark, murky place, and the other, from a beautiful, peaceful, clear place. I was fearful in one, and peaceful in the other. I do not know how to interperet these, any help?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream my father was standing the backyard at my childhood home. There was a line of live turtles walking towards him and when they got to him he snapped their necks and threw them into a pile. What could this possibly mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about turtles?

They were like a buch of them big and small in the small fish bowl, and some had a red shell.. and i reamember there was one with a frying pan as a shell and when i tried to take it awway all of them stared to snap at me..so I deicided to throw them away and three small ones droped out so i then dicided to keep one.. it had a red shell and the skin was white and it had green eyes, and when i tried to save it the other two regular turtles snapped at me(fressh water and there was water but the turtles took up the space in the bowl) and then there some small ones in apopcorn like bag and i grab two to eat them and when i was walking with them one piched me so hard with his legs forcing me to let it go and the other one idk.. does this mean something? now when i think about this dreams if have a feeling in my through the way it feels when you eat all of something and then you throw up.. and then you see that food you ate and your kinds discusted by it

Example: Dream Interpreters, really need your help!(Dream interpretation for a friend)?

My best friend's mom had a very vivid and weird dream, and I consider her one of my friends because we always help each other out and have fun conversations.

Her Real life Status: Her husband's paid unemployment isn't going to last much longer and time is running out. If he doesn't get a job soon, she'll have to quit her grad school and get a job herself, just to support her family. She's gotten so far in school and if she quits now, it would of all been for nothing, plus she's a student that works her butt off, she studies for long periods of time and is a top student.

Another, probably bigger problem in her life currently is, her husband went to see a doctor because of heart problem concerns and he failed all the tests. Tomorrow he's going in for the doctors to put a scope in him and see what exactly the problem is with his heart, if it's really bad he'll have to undergo immediate heart surgery.

So, as you can see she has a lot going on, and is undergoing tremendous stress.

Anyway...She had a dream this morning, that was really vivid and she described it to me in full detail. The reason I stated the life status is that, the dream probably has to do with her real life problems or something along those lines, and I'm hoping that if I uncover what the meaning of the dream is, it may comfort her if it has a good meaning.(or if it's a prophetic dream of something?)

Okay, here's the dream:

She was in a place in which all she could see was green colors.(basically the background was a bunch of different shades of green) She saw a bunch of turtles, big ones, small ones, different varieties. Then all the turtles started moving, and she new they were moving towards danger. For some reason there were cages readily available to put them in so, one by one before they crossed the road, or went into the danger zone, she put them in. Then there was one turtle left, a small baby turtle with a broken shell, the shell wasn't completely broken off, but one part was just hanging to the side. She went up to it and tried to rescue it, but when she tried to, the turtle bit her and she dropped it. In the dream she was thinking, "Well, jeez, I'm trying to save you, but your not letting me." or something along those lines.

Then a ginormous Snapping Turtle, came out of nowhere and started to come towards her. It got in front of her, and she noticed that for some strange reason the turtle had anemones on its head and on its chin. She was frightened by it, but being the brave person she is, she decide to pet and scratch it on its head and chin, instead of running away. Mid-way through her scratching it, its mouth opened widely, she was scared that it was going to bite her hand off. But, instead of biting her, it started purring and moving its leg like a dog does when you rub its stomach. And it wasn't purring like a cat, it was purring like a strange turtle thing...lol She described it as being affectionate.

Finally, she picked up all the cages with the turtles in them and started walking, and the giant turtle followed her or made a sound, as if it wanted to follow and be with her. Then she said "Awwww, you want to come with me?"

Okay...sorry for the long paragraphs and all that. :P But, seriously, what does this dream mean, is it prophetic for something to happen in the future? Or does it have to do with whether or not her husband will live through the heart problems? All help and serious answers will be greatly appreciated. :)

Example: What does it mean to dream about a turtle crawling in a spider web?

i had a dream that i was in the bathroom in my dream, and i had two turtles in my dream. one was on the ground and it had razors around the edges of its shell. the other was a snapping turtle crawling around a spider web. i had picked up the turtle in the web and wrapped it in a towel and tried to take it outside, but dropped it. i had asked my dad in my dream to pick it up because it was trying to bite me. my dad had came and stumped on the turtle until it was broken and dead. i became upset and tried to tell my family but no one listened to me. they said it didn't matter because it was a 'spider turtle' and it was dangerous.
i'm confused about my dream. what does the 'spider turtle' mean? and why would my dream feel the need to kill it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

First off a base line: my grandfather raised me and i considered him a father figure... somewhat. Anyhow, he died to cancer a few years ago. My wife and i had a son, whos 2 now. My grandpa while very weak and in pain got to see him only once because im in the military and cant go home often..

So now that we have that down i had a dream my grandfather came running up to me crying his eyes out (he was a tough guy, in the military 20 years. He never woulda done that) and i tried to calm him down but then he ran past me to protect my 2 yr old son. And then my vision flashed to a big snapping turtle...

I was then kicked awake by a fellow marine to find out i had firewatch at 3am. I was very rattled and disturbed by this... what do yall think?

Example: Dream interpretation shell less turtle?

I had this very strange dream that i was at my friends little brothers birthday party and he had a bunch of pet turtles roaming around and my friends lil brother started throwing his turtles across the room and i got angry and told him not to treat his turtles so badly but it was too late and the last one he threw the shell came off and it started crawling towards him and he just laughed and flicked it away, it really made me upset so i tried to find some super glue to fix his shell but when i found some it didn't work, i realized there was nothing i could do for the poor turtle and he was just suffering so i took him outside and crushed him with a rock so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore and then i woke up..also before that i was walking up a river and this guy was chillin next to three huge vicious snapping turtles and i was scared **** less for him but he was just like whatever theyll never get me, and moving out of the way just before each one would strike, and there was pretty much turtles everywhere throughout the whole dream it was a very strange dream,
just wondering if anyone would like to give me their interpretation of this crazy dream i had

Example: Dreams about stingrays, snapping turtles, and fish?

I've had the same dream 2 nights in a row where me & someone else (idk who) were swimming in my pool & all of a sudden the pool seemed like it was flowing like maybe a river. & Out of nowhere i'd say hundreds of these tiny little black stingrays come thru the current & I try to climb out of the pool but for some reason I can't. Then it turns back to normal & we're swimming in the pool & it starts flowing again & all these snapping turtles come thru the current. I try to get out but I can't. Then it stops again & we start swimming again. & Then it starts up again & there are all these fish that come thru the current & I try to get out but I can't. I have no idea what this might mean, can someone help me? I'm getting ready to start college with my ex-boyfriend & I'm getting married this February. I can't find anything about dreams about stingrays or anything like that so I hope to get an answer!

Example: I had a dream involving turtles what does this mean?

I was infront of a wall on grass and I seen some dead turtles. I went over realising there might be some wild ones and I was excited. Someone told me they were dead and I knew I wanted to heal them but they were poisoned by something from a tree branch. Then along came some big ones with massive long necks and they were biting us we jumped on the wall. And eventually they stopped and I seen some baby ones. I realised they were snapping turtles, and I grabbed a baby one put it in my nanas house in a room that isn't used in a fish bowl hoping it wouldn't die. I didn't want anyone to know.

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