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Dream About Snake meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of snakes?

I have been dreaming of snakes surrounding me. I have dreams that they are crawling all over me in bed.

Mocha, a couple of other posters have indicated that this dream may have sexual connotations, and also that they are a symbol of someone betraying you, which it is, both of those things. I just looked over your q and a's and have noticed a couple of your other questions imply romantic betrayals as well, I think that this dream is pertainent to the issues in the questions that I noticed, problems with your boyfriend, and specifically, betrayals by your boyfriend...

Example: What does it mean to dream about snakes?

I dreamt that a tiny baby snake came in to my house through our sliding door next to a blue chair in my living room that my 4 year old was sitting in. It then dropped to the floor and was wiggling around picking up its head the way they do, but every time I turned to look at it, it was bigger. I tried stepping on it and it bit me right below my calf but it didn't hurt nor was it poisonous. We all proceeded to run upstairs and hide out in my Mom's room, it was my two kids, my mom, my husband and me. It followed us up and by the time it got up the stairs it was at least 4 feet long and really thick, somehow I managed to step on its head and kind of flattened it but I was so scared to lift my foot up, when I did in about 3 seconds it's head went back to normal and tried attacking me, I got a container, like one of those big paint containers, and tried to put it over the snake but it wasn't big enough. I did put it over his body and it's head was sticking out so I pushed down as hard as I could to try and decapitate it but couldn't, I then told my husband to bring a knife but he brought a scissor! Non the less he was able to cut his head of with the scissors, we put it in the plastic container and threw it out. I know, long and weird! The snake was bright green and I'm terrified of snakes, i was born in central america and we were always surrounded by snakes if that helps any. I'd really like to know what it means, my mom is very superstitious and says because it bit me its something bad.

Example: Meaning of dream: snake with three heads?

Just curious to know the meaning. Approached a hole I the ground, realized was snake, backed away. Snake came out and had about 3 heads. Then all over yard, a whole field of snake heads began popping out of ground. Snake was bright green and cartoon looking. I was freaked out in dream. It was a nightmare to me.

Example: What does it mean to dream about snakes?

I had a dream last night that confused me a bit. If anyone knows what it means, l will greatly appreciate any answers (that aren't dumb or rude obviously).

In my dream, I was in a large, empty white room, and there was this scary-looking woman with orange hair next to me. In the dream, for some reason or another, she wanted to kill me. She had a large tub of hissing snakes in her hands, but when she poured them over in an attempt to frighten me, she got scared too. We both ran through a door to escape from the snakes, and locked it. The room turned out to be a bathroom, which looked a lot like the bathroom in my grandmother's house. But the snakes seemed to be drawn to us, and creeped through a crack at the bottom of the door. They weren't ordinary snakes, they moved oddly and were in weird colors, like red, orange, blue, and yellow. The woman screamed and climbed onto the bathtub. I don't mind snakes, so in the dream I didn't scream, but I clambered onto the sink. In the dream, it felt like I was watching a movie, as in, I could see myself, even though I was still myself. My face looked...weird. My jaw was set, and my eyes didn't seem afraid, but rather like they were examining the snakes, which were slithering up the bathtub and towards me. The last thing I remember was the woman's piercing scream, then I woke up.

It was slightly disturbing and I really want to know what it means...

Thanks in advance!

Example: What does it mean to dream about snakes?

I had a dream the it was out side on my backyard in the other side Of the fence and there was a tall dead tree with a huge snake maybe on of those anacondas ...so my sisters where there and I had a knife nd cut the snakes head of it felt on the ground nod despaired the snake was still moving so I want inside nd they were about 4 little snakes the same color as the huge one black...
Can yhu help meh please

Example: What does it mean to dream snake?

i dream lots snakes in all colors and i saw a two headed snake i was burning them but they did not bitten me

Example: What does it mean to dream about snakes?

Example: What does it mean to dream about snakes?

my dreams always a snake dragging my baby away from me. my uncle's dream is always his nephew sitting in the floor surrounded by snakes and nobody being able to get to him.

Example: What does it mean to dream about snakes?

i had a dream that my neighbor's across the street were fighting in their front yard me and my mom were outside with our plants and suddenly they stopped fighting and disappeared. then 2 black snakes appeared then sudden they came after me and my mom and we were running and the snakes were chasing us ...then my mom got away but i was stuck and so the other snake came after me so i had to snakes after me then i killed one but then the other one died ... can someone tell me what this dream means cuz ii want to know

Example: Does anyone know what it means to dream about snakes?

i recently had a dream about 2 black snakes, they didn't harm me but i was slightly scared of them in my dream. in the dream, one of them appeared in the living room and the other in the kitchen. i've never dreamt about snakes before. it's been bothering me since and wondered if anyone knew what it means to dream about snakes.

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