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Dream About Snake Cucumber meanings

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i had a dream that a red n white snake was biteing my left big toe and a yellow n white snake biteing my right bog toe ? wth !

we have a belief that if you ever get bitten by any kind of snake means someone around you is pregnant. Only in dreams.. Or if you ever pick up any knives, meaning how many knives you pick up, you have hi possibilities of having that many baby such as twin or so on. And melons or cucumbers, meaning babies ibelieve. And also Gold fishys means Money. But if u ever dream of POOPING poop away, it means your going to lose money. but if you dream you are touch poop; depending on amount, you will get that certain amount of money. Also if you ever dream of holding money, it means you are going to lose money or is going to endure something sad. Another pregnancy dream is shooting a gun;any guns. And another money dream means LONG hair wherever. lol.. its weird but most of the time it is True.

or maybe if you dont believe in our beliefs..lol maybe that you were thinking of watching a movie that include snakes?

Example: I had my first dream about tons of snakes! What does my dream mean, is it the positive side or the negative?

SO I did some online searching and snake can mean in a negative way of someone trying to get you or you have lots of worries and fears in my life. Positive meaning is wisdom and you are looking at the world in a positive way. Usually when in reality is bad but if you dream about it it means the opposite. I am christian but go to a catholic school and I wear catholic necklace. snake in bible was sin. My dream was the following. so far I am doing well in my life but I have couple of Cs right now but hopefully I can raise it to an A. I have some friends and still ones who gossips about me.
My dream:
I was with my mom in a car at night then i left the door open but there was lots of light in the car so tons of snakes out of no where came into the car. mom wasn't freaking out she hates snakes she screamed at me saying its your fault for leaving the door open for a long time. THen I went into the house and There was a snake hanging on the sink staring at me and I stared back then I saw a cobra about longer than a yard on my desk lying down and I killed it with knife right when the head ends to the neck. But no blood squirted out just the head fell off and the snake was dead like as if I cut a cucumber. Then I went to my room and in this bag which belongs to my mom but in the dream it belonged to me and there was a snake in the bag and I quickly zipped it and the snake was scrambling and rolling around in the bag but I think it got out but went away and it did not attack me. THen there was one last one hanging staring directly at me. And a rattle snake that looked like a cobra dancing and rattling its tail and I shouted at my mom what should I do but it just danced but looked scary and dangerous but it did not attack. Never in the dream did the snake show its fangs just sometimes their tong. (knock on wood)

Oh and I looked up that whomever is in the dream with you, that person might help you get to a better step in life. I have troubles wiht my mom right now but I do love and care for her but we constantly fight.

PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE DREAM MEANs and after the dream I didn't feel scary or frightened I was normal without any pain (knock on wood)


Example: I had a dream that I had a pet shark/snake called zozo? ?

its so weird. The dream started off with a boy on my bus and I found out his name, and realised he was going through depression. Next thing you know I'm holding a cucumber and my pet shark which is called zozo switches right off and I felt my hand was cut off to but it wasn't, and then when I left and asked my mum if should I feed zozo more she said yes, there was a snake (i know it was zozo) its like he transformed from a shark to a snake and was following me..what does this dream mean?

Example: In my culture, we believe that . . . ?

We believe that if you're a female and you dreamt that you got bit by a snake, it means that you are pregnant or you will be pregnant soon.

We also believe that if you dreamt that you are at the garden and you steal any kind of fruit (cucumbers, watermelons, cantelopes, etc), it means that you are pregnant or you will be pregnant and will be having a girl.

Does anyone believe in superstitions like that? Or does anyone have or know any other superstitions. Please feel free to share.

Thanks to Yahoo Friends!

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