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Dream About Snake Bite meanings

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Example: Snake bite dream meaning?

Last night I had a dream that I was bitten by a snake multiple times on my hand. I was up in the mountains and an old man gave me a snake that kept biting me. It wasn't a scary snake but I remember in the dream saying to myself how cute the snake was. It was small and slim. I remember having to do a "quest" where I had to get the snake he gave me to put it into a take with another snake. But the snake in the other tank was too dangerous for that snake. After I put the snake in the tank I learned that the snake wasn't dangerous to the other one. The snake that bit me was not poisonous. What does this dream mean?

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. You are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream.

Snakes can mean many things as a dream symbol. Sometimes they mean nasty people who would harm and betray us; sometimes they symbolize sex and the male appendage; sometimes snakes symbolize transformation of a high and spiritual level.

This sounds like a spiritual initiation dream from the details; sometimes, we are initiated onto the spiritual path through painful experiences (symbolizes by the snake bite) that awaken us to who we really are.

Being bitten in our hands = hands=work i.e. life path

Example: What does snake bites dreams mean?

Ok so about two months ago I had a dream a very tiny snake like a coral snake bit me on my foot while I was walking bear foot in a small creek and I was trying to get to the hospital but was magically stuck in ny city traffic for house until I woke and just now I had a dream where there was three different types of poisonous a rattle some solid black one ive never seen before and a dimond back well the diamond back some how bit a girl I didnt know and was trying to bite again so I tried to stop on its head and it bit something else again while I was doing that and finally...somehow with shoes on venom slipped out its mouth to a cut on my left foot the ambo came to check me out some how I had a broken ankle and possibly a snake bite because it has bit two other things before me and didn't think there was any venom let in it to hurt me...but eventually the emts were procrastinating and making up reasons not to leave to the hospital so I got out of the ambo and there was no one anywhere!

Example: What does it mean to dream when a black snake bites you on your left arm?

I had this dream the other night, I was in a bedroom and all of a sudden a black snake bit me on my left arm I tried to go after it but I was to afraid. Any thoughts on what this might symbolize?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a yellow snake biting you?

ok so it started off in me sleeping. then when i wake up (in my dream) i see i cat staring at me with glowing green eyes meowing.

i cant remember the rest but when i was outside a yellow snake came out of nowhere and bit me
it also happened when i went inside the house (somehow it got in)

Example: What do snakes mean in dreams?

I've had two dreams of a snake biting me recently, i wanna know what it means

Example: Snake bitten in dreams mean?

Okay so I had a dream about snake and this is the second time and in both I get bitten. It was a waterpark and there were 2 snake swimming together; one black and one yellow or kinda orange. The black snake swam away and the yellow bite me. Then in the dream I had some kind of vaccine shot at the arm and blood came out.. anyway what does it mean? when I wake up the arm that get bitten kind of ache a little and right now it still does.

Example: What does it mean to dream of snakes and them biting me?

last night i dreampt that i was in bed with my boyfriend and a snake limbed onto the bed, it moved around for a bit then came back and bit my finger, i went down stairs then and there were more large snakes down there and piles of baby ones everywhere they were 2 different colour greens a bright green and a dark green and as hard as i tried i couldnt get rid of them, does anybody know what this could mean?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming of 3 snakes biting you?

i had a dream last night that i got bit by 3 snakes i could see and feel the bites & the color of the snakes one was green, the other blue, and the last green and yellow! any help?

Example: What dose it mean when you dream by a snake bites you?

I had a dream about a snake that bite me on my neck, it was in forest i guess and the color of the snake was a bright green :'(

Example: What does it mean to dream about a snake biting you?

i dreamed i found a snake in my garden, i picked it up and was holding it, but then it kept biting my knuckles and my dad (who has passed away before i was born) was trying to get it off me.

what does this mean?

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