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Dream About Snails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could these two dreams mean?

Dream 1:
I've had this dream quite a few times now, any ideas what it could mean?:

My dream starts out where i'm in the kitchen. The kitchen is in the house where i grew up, and although i only notice it when i wake up, there have been minor changes to the kitchen. like the table is in the kitchen instead of in the dining room. i am stood with my mum in the middle of the kitchen and i have paper in my hands. the paper is some exam results (not sure which ones).

i know this sounds stange, but i am two people in the dream. i am myself looking in on what is happening from the hallway, and then i am myself that is stood in the kitchen. if you can follow that.

i know that when myself-in-the-hallway is as i am now. as in the person who i am now. the person who is stood in the kitchen is slightly different, or even a mixture of different mes. for example, i know the characteristics, the attitude, the clothes are as i am now, but everything else such as my size, my hair cut etc. is as i was when i was 13/14 years old. which is strange, because we didn't live at that house by 14.

Me and my mum are arguing about my grades in school, and saying that i should be trying hard enough etc. but the thing is, we are arguing in FRENCH! now, neither me nor my mum can speak french, nor have we ever been to france. but there we are, speaking fluent french. and i understand it.

now, i can see where the argument may come into my life, because i am currently awaiting my exam results for my A-levels, also, when i was 13/14 i went through a faze where i hated school. i got really bad grades and basically made everyone's life at the school a misery whilst i was there. but my mum never argued with me over school, which i find quite odd from the dream.

Dream 2:

I'm at home alone because my parents and siblings have gone on holiday (this isn't unusual to happen since i am deemed to old to go on holiday with my parents in their opinion).

i'm in the kitchen and suddenly my dad comes in and starts to talk to me, which is unusual because we don't speak, especially actually being nice to each other. but then the pans start to catch fire. i notice that the stove and the units are filled with pans and baking trays etc. all of which are on fire (but just the inside, as if it is the food that is on fire), i then try to turn the stove off, but then i see that a)the stove is off, b)there is no food to catch fire in the pans and c)even the pans on the unit are on fire.in the end we throw them outside into the bin.

i then run outside, and i notice my house and everyone elses house (all my friends that is) are all grouped together like our own little estate, but in the car park of a shopping estate.

we all sit down and then i notice my best friend has turned into a slug and a snail (yes, i mean she is both the slug and the snail). now, i am petrified of both animals so i back away, but she comes closer to me. i start telling everyone that we have to be careful because she is ill (she has recently been diagnosed with a type of chrones disease and is in and out of hospital constantly), and that if anyone kills her, it will be the end of the world. but then i accidently kill her, i can't remember how, but i kill her. and then everyone starts paniking saying that it's the end of the world etc.

somehow i then go back in time so that i am stood where we are all talking again, and my friend (slug snail) is coming towards me. this time i am more careful, but this time another person sits on her and kills her. (i wake up at this point).

so, any ideas at all?

dream 1 i imagine would mean that you're going through a state of change at the moment. with your a levels i imagine you'll be going to uni (or getting a job) either way, you're becoming more independent, and subconsciously becoming a 'new person'. in this dream, as well as being the person that is changing, you are watching yourself change. this can give the idea that you are rather critical of yourself, but also you're watching the people around you change.

having dreams in a foreign language is more common than what you'd think. it could show your proficiency in what is going on around you, or since in real-life you are unable to speak this language, it could tell you that you're having trouble thinking in your situation i.e. whatever situation you're in - you have jumped in at the deep end.

as with the exam results, this could just be a case of pre-results jitters. it could also show a relationship bonding between yourself and your mother. since your mother can not speak the language either, this could show that she too is out of her depth. however, since you are arguing this makes me this the complete opposite. maybe showing that she is in an opposite situation to yourself, or she will be the person to help you through this - the person to help you understand.

With dream 2 this just sounds like you are worried over the health of your friend. your friend is depicted as your fear because at the moment she is your fear. this idea of 'the end of the world' is the childlike ideology that when something goes wrong, it is the end of the world. your dream is showing how you really feel, and showing you that you are thinking of the worst case scenario. the idea of time travel usually represents fulfullment, but in this case you haven't fulfilled anything and your brain continues to see your friend's situation as a great fear. with you killing her the first time it shows that your subconsciousness is thinking that you are to blame, and the time travel and someone else killing her is showing you that you're either shifting the blame onto someone else, or you're beginning to understand that her medical condition is not your fault.

Example: Dream with snails, scorpions and snakes?

I had a very strange dream last night. My family and I (my mom, dad, sister and some other people I didnt recognize) were staying at a hotel or lodge somewhere near the desert. There were very large snails inside-on the walls, floors and some were the size of a soccer ball. when we went outside there were scorpions all around the front door. Someone (not me) got stung by one. We went further out from the hotel and there were rattlesnakes everywhere so we went back inside the hotel. I looked out the window and saw a black hawk, a monitor lizard and a snake all perched together on a rock.
Lots of symbolism there, any idea what all this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been going thru a stressful time in my life recently and have had some restless dreams as a result. FYI: its kind of gross!
I had a dream that I was choking on a snail but I was able to cough it up before I swallowed it. I also remember trying to swallow it first but I changed my mind when I started choking. I remember laying in the grass feeling very relieved afterwards as I watched the snail slither away. There was someone else I knew there with me but I don't remember who. Im curious to read your interpretation. Best answer gets the points :)

Example: Lastnight i dreamt of snails coming out of my ears, anyone have an interpretation for what that means?

Example: What does this dream mean, it was about squids and snails being found in the hollow of a tree?

Maybe it was just a weird dream.

Example: Snake chase dream meaning?

I saw a dream in which I am following a paster, we are climbing kind of a mountain, I saw a snail that covers a hole, i was removing that with a wooden stick then there is a snake that comes out of that hole and started chasing me, then I run towards the paster who lead me but he got stuck bcos there is no further easy way to go to the next level bcos there are so many snakes.
I woke up from the dream.

Any dream interpretation?

Example: What does it mean to dream of finding an old pair of shoes with coins and snails in them?

I dreamed that I was in my old bedroom at my parents house. Suddenly I noticed that I had a pair of shoes sitting on the desk. They were and old pair of black Nike's but were in reasonably good condition... so I thought that perhaps I should wear them! (Though I noticed that perhaps they were one size too small)

Anyway, I took them outside into the back yard to dust them off and I looked inside the shoe for spiders and stuff... then I noticed something strange - the right shoe have some coins in it... mainly gold dollar coins! (probably close to 10 bucks worth!)

Then out of my left shoe I also found a similar amount of coins, but I also found snails! Yes! Sea Snails (not the kind that you get in the garden!) I shook them out and noticed about 5 or six of them fall out!

What do you think those symbols mean?

Example: Had scary dream (snails, hammock, Obama's cousin) then woke up to see 2 ghosts - what does this mean?

I had so many dreams last night - one was that I was at the opera house trying to purchase tickets but was given a hard time - i won't go into detail about that one, then dreamt that I was paying a woman continuously to get food for me and a little girl I was watching ( I don't have children).

But the scary one was, I was outside on a hammock. A large black man (who was Michelle Obama's cousin! I had seen him in the newspaper the day before so this is really weird), he climbed the tree above my hammock, he was getting honey but it was a thick black pasty substance, and it was surrounded by snails which I HATE. He was teasing me that he was going to throw chunks of it on me! I was SO SO SO SO disgusted, and in such shock - I couldn't believe anyone could do something this cruel. I kept saying stop, don't do this, but words wouldn't come out of my mouth! So I started getting off the hammock as he was throwing chunks of the snail/black paste, and I started screaming really hard but no sound was coming out, I got up and he was throwing pieces at me and missing me - I woke up screaming, sat straight in my bad, looked forward and at the head of my bed were 2 ghosts - the one on the left was tall and skinny but I was way too scared to look closly. I kept blinking and couldn't believe it, but for sure I was wide awake and they were right there. THe ghost to the right was a short woman who started laughing and I had the impression it was my dead aunt. I could see right through her and saw the red light of my cable button behind her. I lied back down in bed and thought maybe I was imagining it, so I sat back up and they were still there. I was SO SO SO SO scared. I went under my covers and started praying to myself until I fell asleep...


HI, does anyone know what my dreams means? in my dream i saw a pile of snails i think they are dead and at the front door of the house.

Example: What does dreaming of snails mean?

in the dream my mom and I were collecting snails to observe them for science.
we were not killing them. Then we gathered them and were going t let them back in the grass.
I was anxious about not stepping on them so i was careful.

I used to collect snails as a child to keep as pets LOL but i haven't thought of them in months.
Any idea what it can mean?

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