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Dream About Slot Machine meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

(Names have been changed) - The other night I had this dream where I was in this massive house trying to avoid zombies. I remember feeling so frightened and really wanting to see my best friend 'David' for comfort. I walked into this room with a huge staircase, like you see in mansions in movies, so I went to the top to see if I could see him, but the room was empty. Then my friend 'Elizabeth' came along so I asked her if she'd seen him, she said no but that she'd call him. After a little while his girlfriend 'Amanda', whom I don't particularly like and whom I know doesn't like me cz I'm such close friends with 'David', came along and said he'd left. I walked away feeling so upset. When I got to the bottom of the stairs the room transformed into an arcade. I walked towards the exit when I heard a voice shout "'Layla', 'Elizabeth' said you were looking for me" ... 'David' hadn't left, the b***h! I turned round and he was sitting in a little car next to 'Freddy' playing slot machine. 'David' got up and we walked out the building together into the night, him holding my hand to comfort me (never saw the zombies again, that confuses me). Again, like a movie, it skipped 3 days. We came back to what seemed to be his bedroom/dressing room? I mean there was a mirror with lights round it and a bed behind, but oddly there was a photo booth in the corner by the door. We walked in laughing and he sat me on his lap at the dressing table. The table was covered in papers!

"What are these?" I asked.

"These? Oh, I like to write things down when I have a good time"

Most of them started with 'Amanda and I ...'. He leaned over and pulled a new page out of his bag, it started 'Layla and I ...'

"I wrote this today, I've had such a great couple of days, thankyou Layla" And with that he went to hand it to me but dropped it on the table. I saw which one it was but he didn't ... and handed me a DIFFERENT ONE!

He's written something else about me? But this is the only time we've spent together for ages! I was surprised. I remember reading it, but I don't know what it said. All I know is that I was overjoyed, like he'd admitted feelings for me or something.

I got up and gave him a massive hug, but as I pulled away slowly, we kissed - another movie moment. I apologized and swiftly went to leave ...

"Wait!" I stopped and turned to face him "Don't go, please" I sat back down, instead on a chair opposite him.

"That kiss, it was like, I saw flowers and rainbows and fireworks! Lots of fireworks! I've never felt like that before ..."

"But what about 'Amanda'?" This shocked me.

"I don't think I feel the same for her anymore, I really like you Layla! You're my best friend and you're always there for me! We have such a laugh together!"

I smile bashfully. We stare into each others eyes and kiss again. I get up and go into the photo booth. 'David' smiles too, takes off his tie (he wears ties a lot, it's just his fashion and it makes him look so fit!) and follows me, closing the curtain behind him ...

Then I wake up!

Please help, I really wanna know what this one means, especially the papers!

Do you think it's partly to do with the fact that I've always had a soft spot for him? X

this is an amazing dream and thank you for asking about it yes you have more than a soft spot for him and the papers are probably what his emotions are like poems songs or journal entries you have a good time and wait you could end up dating i have alot of dreams that are de jovu moments and those are obe's (out of body experiences) where often times you goto a place or time that you will see later on good luck

Example: What does my dream mean?

A couple of nights ago I had a very long and vivid dream and I can't stop thinkink about it. In my dream a black hole was coming into our solar system and to get away from it a scientist developed a system that could teleport you into the far reaches of space. So myself and about 30 others went through and we ended up 2068 lys from earth. (I remember that number very vividly) We ended up on a tropical world full of vegetation and huge dinosaur like creatures(but none were actual dinosaurs). Then it turned out that the 30 others were part of the army and they wanted to cut down the forest to build huge cities. But I talked them out of it. As we walked through the jungle a I was shot with an arrow. And I ran in the direction it came and chased down a beautiful woman that I've NEVER seen before. And it was almost romantic for a second but then I became over whelmed with the feeling that she was Pure and I shouldn't harm her. When I brought her back to the camp the general and his army wanted to experiment on her and torture her but I told them not to. But they wouldn't listen and so we ran. This beautiful brunette with blue eyes and a gorgeous smile and I ran through the jungle and eventually lost the evil general. She took me to her home tribe and we had a huge feast. Then the general broke down the door and pointed a gun at the woman. I dove in front of the gun as he fired and then I wook up.

I don't usually have dreams this complex or vivid. Its all I've been able to think about for the last few days. What could it mean and why was that woman so vivid and so easy to love. It really was an odd dream.
Just a little back story to help you under stand what's happening in my life right now. I'm getting my GED and I'm probably going to join the Navy. But I'm not scared or worried. I'm single but its not a problem I have tons of friends I could date I'm just not feeling it right now. I also keep close tabs on the government. Please give any insight.

Example: I had this scary dream. what does it all means? help?

i was a guy in a tomboy's body. omfg how bad can it get? i wanna be a hot babe just like in my last few dreams. life is a ******.

ok, so i was this tomboy... was wearing a guy's teeshirrrt, knee length shorts, n nike sneakers, with a backpack slung on my shoulders. i had short spiky hair, without any cosmetics or perfume... oh plus unshaven armpits or legs... was wearing a sports bra n boxer shorts... a guy wannabe. (OHGODWHYUDOTHISTOME?FKINGME?MAKEMEINT...

so i was walking alone in orchard road...outside 313 mall... there was this big f21 store. So i stepped in, i decided i wanna have a new outlook n stop being a guy, n transform into a hot spicy babe.. so hell yeah... there were many nice women clothes inside, for me to buy n wear n become a fking chick.

i was walking around n saw many young babes, with slim tight fkable bodies. they were wearing skimpy minishorts to flaunt their sexy long licious legs, n tight t-shirts or tank tops.

some of the shoppers look at me in awe, n probably wondered why would a guy wanna buy girl clothes, but hey! i m a fking tomboy butch n i wanna be a girl ok?

so after looking around, i took a short minishorts, singlet tank top, a sundress n a bikini set, into the fitting room to try on. when i stripped off all my clothes including my bra, n tried on the bikini n shorts, i leaned hand on the mirror to balance myself. Suddenly it moved~! fk! its like a door... i got shocked. i quickly put back on my t-shirt... but was still wearing the f21 bikini top n minishorts.

i pushed the mirror opened, wow its a secret tunnel! i walked slowly, barefooted, it was so dark n dusty. the floor was filthy n i feel cockroaches or insects crawl on my barefeet n ankles. I jumped about n kicked them off, but was not afraid of them, coz i was a gutsy girl. i could feel the cockroaches or insects squishing under my bare feet.

then i saw some blinking neon lights, n a glass panel, i looked inside, its a small room, like big aquarium tank. There was a pretty babe, in tight spandex shorts n a sport bra.. i realized that there is a slot to insert a dollar bill into the machine, n she'll dance for a minute or so. so i put in a dollar bill, music n bright colorful disco lights came on, n she did a pole dance with sexy poses at me. I felt turned on but i didnt get a hard-on coz i was in a girl's body. Sh1t!

i decided i should go back to the fitting room n get changed, plus my wallet n mobile phone was still inside my shorts n my backpack still there. But i got curious n explored further down the dark tunnel. I saw the next room with glass panel, there was a chick too, who was more beautiful than the first one. It says to insert $5 for a sexy dance. The next one, was to insert $10 for a striptease dance where she will strip off all her clothes. N the next was, i think the babe was in a skimpy n tight nurse uniform, n she will strip too. N then the next one, it was very dark inside, i couldn't see a thing inside. I tapped on the glass, i heard barking sounds. Oh my, thats weird.

Without warning, 2 or 3 black dogs came out by the side of the room, n they were some rottweiler breed. They were barking n chasing me, n so the first thing i thought was to run for my life.

I ran n ran, n saw a door with exit sign. I enterred, it was a large ballroom with many tables n chairs laid out nicely. Probably for a banquet. There was no one, n the dogs were not after me anymore. I walked, n almost tripped over a warp in the carpet. Then i saw the grand piano on the hall exploded, as if some terrorist had planted bombs inside. Pieces of wood flew towards me. I hid under a table in case there would be more explosions. N suddenly, the floor caved in n i fell into a deep abyss. I would up screaming!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I get off the bus and dropped off at my house. Only my house isn't really something I am particularly familiar with. I start walking down a cobble stone path to my "home". My home apparently was a haunted castle with lightning striking above it. The wind blew across my shoulders.
"Brr...", I complained.
I heard what thought to be be a ten though folds of footsteps marching behind me. Turning around I saw a military formation stampede of gignormous Pacman Ghosts. They were all black and white with Darth Maul's Lightsaber.
"Oh crap..." I said under my breath. I bit my lip as I took off running towards my castle's entrance. Grabbing the handle I realized the doors were locked.
"Can't you see I'm busy?!" She replied annoyingly.
Looking behind me, they were getting a lot closer than before...
"KATHLEEN!" I hollared.
"ALRIGHT THEN, SHEESH!", She used some magical source and pulled me in as the door shut on it's own.
This was not the home I was familar with... The ground was medievil cobble stone like. It was unbelieveable. Kathleen was in a lazy boy chair next to the fireplace with her 3000 Cross-stitch machine. I watched her place a cross-stitch pattern through a slot and it stitched the patern out on fabic perfectly in less than 2 minutes. I was impressed.
"Kathleen, will you help me with some homework?" I paced towards her and placed my black backpack down besides my leg.
"Go ask your father... I'm busy." She said as she was placing another pattern in the slot.
"Ok then...", I picked up my backpack and paced to the corner of the room where lead a spiral staircase going up. When I got up I opened a door...it was so sudden...
"Oh baby... I would so leave you for my wife..." Steven said.
My jaw dropped open. He was talking to a red camaro...
Steven kissed his camaro affectionately. "Oh baby...let's make love!", He ran his fingertips on the camaro's side.
"VROOMM VROOOOM!" The camaro roared back.
I sank back leaning against the entrance.
"Baby...oh you're so sexy..." He cooingly said.
"VRRROOOOMMMMMM!" The camaro roared again.
"Oh really Sexy?...Well...I have been...you know...working out..hehe." He smirked. "Hey...how about you and me...lets make love baby... Don't worry...I'll be gen--" He turned and looked my way. My mouth was still hanging open.
"N-no..." I gasped...
He slammed the door in my face.
"Now...where were we..." He seductively said. "OH YEA!" He moaned.
I slowly walked down the staircase with my backpack in hand.
"Awkward..." I sung in my thoughts.
"Kathleen... Will you help me with homework?" I asked.
"I thought I told you to go ask your father!" She yelled.
"Uh...he's too busy doing something..." I said. "And by doing something I mean literally screwing...wow... I will never look at our car the same ever again...neither my father either...wow..." I thought inside my head.
"GO ASK YOUR FATHER!" She yelled.
"Hold up... I'm dreaming..." I said softly. I looked around and paced towards the 3000 Cross-stich maker machine. I picked it up and threw it in the fireplace.
"IDC YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOTHER ANYWAYS!" I punched her in the face knocking her out and woke up.

So what does this dream mean?

Example: Last night I dreamt of winning lots of cash.What does this dream mean?

It took place at a casino.

Example: What does this dream mean?

the dream I had last night was about this girl that I like and am planning on asking her out for a cup of coffee. The dream that I had was in a casino, whiile playing at a slot machine ,I seen the girl that I like with another guy on a date and they sat down next to me. What does this mean thanks.:)

Example: Markets/grocery stores, Slot Machines, and Arcade games? Constantly recurring in my dreams?

Nearly every dream I have has me in a grocery store (often near the lettuce), or in a large area with slot machines/old Arcade Game consoles, was wondering if anyone could tell me the significance of these

Example: Does anyone think they know the meaning to this dream?

So I was on a school field trip, but it was more like a graduation thing because we were in this giant arcade. So, there was this game there that I had (in my dream) played before and I could remember that I played it before. So my girlfriend is there, I we look up the high score list, and sure enough my name is on it. I insist on paying for it any playing it with her, but when we do, it is a different one then I remember. So we are walking along and we spot this really big claw machine, so I tell (by the way, I never act like this in real life) I am really good at this thing (which I actually sort of am), pick something out and I will get it for you. So she picks something out and the machine apparently costs 33 quarters, so
We look at it and realize that you put the 33 quarters each in their own slot, then you can play a slot machine type game and if you win that you can play the claw machine game. But the trick was, you could only use up to 33 quarters to improve you chances...

Example: What does a gambling dream mean?

I was having a dream that I was in what I think was Las Vegas and I was in the slot machines playing and winning ALOT of money, but i'm only 16 I never used them lol

Example: What does dreaming about money mean?

I had a dream where I was in a building , very small and hidden, and there were HUGE bags of money in front of me. The building felt like I was sent there before. So I looked in these cloth, garbage size bags and it had to be millions of dollars in there. So i ended up grabbing a few wrapped up bundles of 100 bills and 500 bills and 1000 bills. I was hiding it in my pocket. I then found myself walking to a bar/ restaurant/ casino. It was small, and had like 3 slot machines and a change machine. I went right to the change machine. While I was walking up to it i heard sirens and seen out the window a cop car flying past.
In the dream I felt I had to be quite and cautious.
What does it mean?

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